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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Amagami - Love Goes On! 4

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Apr 13, 2011 15:50 | Go to Amagami - Love Goes On!

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Amagami Love Goes On Chapter 04:

P1.VerticalText: A whole book full of Nanasaki Ai's charm. First Volume released on August 27th!!
P4.B1: It's just...
P1.B1: It's just... // that that I dropped out of the election for the free-style.
P2.Box1: Because I meddled needlessly, Nanasaki couldn't concentrate on her training....
P3.Box1: ...Nanasaki.
P5.B1: Senpai... // Please don't much such a face.
P5.B2: ...Eh?
P1.B1: ...It's alright.
P2.B1: Because...
P2.B2: I changed to the back-stroke.
P3.B1: Ba- // Back-stroke!?
P4.B1: Yes...
P4.B2: There aren't much people you use it, so I still might make it.
P1.B1: But can you switch your style that easily?
P1.B2: ....
P2.B1: Well... If I get elected for the tournament,
P2.B2: ... will you,
P2.B3: Mh?
P4.B1: ...Nothing.
P4.B2: I'll give my best.
P1.Box1: ...After that,
P2.Box1: she said she would give her best... But if I'm really a hindrance... // Then in the future...
P3.Box1: I totally don't want to break up with her...
P4.Box1: because of that...!!
P6.Box1: Damn... // What should I do...
P6.B1: Aw~~~
P1.B1: That was a nice bath.
P2.B1: Bro~ // The bath is free now---
P2.T1: Ag~~
P2.B2: *rumble* // *rumble*
P2.B3: *Bam*
P2.B4: ?
P3.B1: Hey, bro, the bath...
P3.B2: *clack*
P4.B1: ...// What are you doing?
P4.B2: Mh... Nothing. // Just some thinking...
P4.T1: Ouch...
P1.B1: I bet it was again some perverted stuff.
P1.B2: Geez, you're so...
P2.B1: Miya.
P4.B1: If you come any closer, even I, who has no interest in a child's body, will have no choice...
P1.T1: A... A child's body...
P1.B1: ~~~~~~~~
P2.T1: Stupid Bro~~~
P2.B1: Ouch, // It hurts, // Miya.
[no text]
P2.Box1: ...Nanasaki.
P3.Box1: Her training should be over by now...
P4.Box1: But she still trains together with Tsukahara-senpai till so late...
P4.B1: Yeah... // Your form just now was good, try now to concentrate on your fingertips.
P5.B1: Ok, // I understand. I'll try it.
P5.Box1: Nanasaki... // Such a determined expression.... You're really giving your best.
P2.Box1: Compared to that, I...
P2.Box2: I can't do anything for her...
P4.B1: I must say, // you're really working hard.
P4.B2: Eh?
P1.B1: You practice till so late, even though training was already over...
P1.B2: Yes...
P1.B3: You looked really determined... // You're amazing.
P2.B1: No, // not really.
P3.B1: Because you're there for me...
P3.B2: I...
P4.B1: Mh?
P4.B2: N- // Nothing...
P8.B1: Tachibana-senpai...
P1.B1: I... // I'll work even harder.
P1.B2: *grab*
P2.B1: With the back-stroke // I'll definitely go to the tournament...
P2.B2: Yeah...
P3.B1: But... // You're still a first-year, so don't overwork yourself.
P4.B1: Yes.
P2.Box1: I wonder if she's working hard today too...
P3.Box1: I wish there was something I could do for her...
P4.Box1: ...Huh?
P2.B1: You're alone here today?
P2.B2: ....Yes.
P4.Box1: ...?
P4.Box2: Somehow... She's strange...
P5.B1: Hey... // Just tell me if I can help you out with timing you or something else...
P5.B2: Thank you, Senpai...
P1.B1: I'm... happy.
P1.B2: Then what to start with...
P2.B1: ...But, // it's not longer necessary.
P3.B1: ....I
P3.B2: Also dropped out from the back-stroke election.
P1.B1: Just now... // the coach told me.
P1.B2: It can't be helped. It's not one suddenly gets a good time, just by changing the style.
P2.B1: But... // then...
P4.B1: *snap*
P5.B1: I... // realized something
P5.T1: Mm~~
P5.B2: Realized?
P5.B3: Yes... // I thought about it a lot.
P1.B1: I love // swimming after all.
P3.B1: It's like you told me, // I'm still a first-year. I still have more chances.
P3.B2: So... From now on, I'll continue to give my best, and hopefully get elected for the next tournament.... That's what I think.
P2.B1: If you... // back me up, I'm sure I can make it.
P4.B1: ...Nanasaki.
P1.Box1: Nanasaki... // Though it might have been my fault...
P1.Box2: ...She doesn't make any excuses.
P2.Box1: Why are you trying so hard...
P4.B1: ...But,
P1.B1: But... I really wanted to tell you,
P1.B2: that I got elected for the tournament.
P1.B1: *drip*
P1.B2: ....!
P2.B1: ....Nanasaki.
P4.B1: Na- // NANASAKI!
P1.Box1: Nanasaki was... // crying... just now.
P1.Box2: Wh- What should I do at a time like this...?
P2.Box1: I'm sure... She didn't want me to see her crying,
P2.Box2: so she jumped into the pool.
P3.Box1: ....No, wrong!
P4.Box1: Till now Nanaski always forced herself to smile,
P4.Box2: to not make me worry!!
P6.T1: This time I have to comfort her!!
P1.B1: Tachibana-senpai!
P2.B1: Nanaski, // are you okay?
P3.B1: Of- // Of course I'm okay.
P3.B2: More importantly, you jumped in with your clothes... What were you thinking!?
P4.B1: About you, of course.
P1.B1: ...Hey, // Nanasaki.
P1.B2: Mh?
P2.B1: When // I was always watching you, I came think...
P2.B2: ...Always?
P2.B3: Yeah.
P4.B1: I thought, you're trying to hard. // You should enjoy it more.
P5.Box1: But she sure has
P6.Box1: a small body...
P6.B1: ....Senpai.
P6.Box2: With this body // she always tried her best...
P1.B1: I don't want to see you suffering anymore.
P1.B2: I want to become your strength.
P2.B1: Senpai...
P2.T1: Haha
P2.B2: Though I might... not be all that reliable...
P3.B1: That's not true. // Because... you already became my strength.
P4.B1: I... // somehow cheered up.
P4.B2: It thanks to you. <3
[no text]
P3.Box1: It's Christmas, but she took me into the mountains. Would have never guessed our destination would be a hot spring...
P3.Box2: But this is good in itself.
P4.B1: Ah, // Nanasaki?
P5.B1: Senpai... // It's embarrassing, so please don't turn around.
P5.B2: Ah... // ok.
P1.Box1: It's a shame we're only sitting back to back... // But... right now I'm in a hot spring with her...
P2.Box1: And speaking of hot springs... Naked.
P2.B1: Ah! // I'm wearing my swimsuit, so you know.
P3.T1: How did she know...
P3.Box1: Yeah...// obviously.
P5.B1: Senpai... // I have something to tell you...
P5.B2: Tell me?
P7.B1: Yes... // My... feelings.
P7.B2: Ok...
P2.B1: I... // love... // you.
P3.B1: This feeling got so big, that I can no longer hold it down...
P3.B2: I can't hold it back, it's overflowing...
P5.B1: ...Nanasaki. // I'm happy.
P5.B2: That you love me so much.
P6.B1: Senpai...
P1.B1: I also...
P1.B2: love you.
P3.B1: Re- Really!? [lol, after the hut you still had doubts oO?]
P3.B2: Yeah.
P3.B3: Then, // please say it again.
P4.B1: Nanasaki,
P4.B2: I love you!!
P5.B1: Again.
P5.B2: I love you!!
P1.B1: Tachibana-senpai. <3
P1.B2: I'm... // so happy. <3
P2.B1: Eh... // Ah. // Na- Nanasaki!
P2.B2: Di- // Didn't you said you wore a swimsuit...
P3.B1: It was too embarrassing, so I lied.
P3.B2: Eh!? A lie!?
P4.B1: Uggg... // This is a bit...
P4.B2: It's okay. // It's no problem at all.
P1.B1: Because...
P1.B2: I love you so much.
P2.T1: They told each other their feelings. And Love Goes On----- Next chapter starts the new arc!!

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