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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Lost Seven 4

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Apr 13, 2011 15:57 | Go to Lost Seven

-> RTS Page for Lost Seven 4

Lost Seven Chapter 04:

P1.T1: Chapter 04: Der treue Johannes / Trusty John
P1.Box1: Rural Town Naht
P3.B1: Keep working!
P3.B2: Guh!
P4.B1: It's the stage for Braubart-sama's visit!
P4.B2: Don't you dare to drop the materials and dirty them!
P1.B1: Yeah, // you just have to continue to write your grandiose story like before.
P1.B2: Who cares about the daughter of a dead Queen at this point?
P2.B1: What should be writing down is my greatness.
P2.B2: Understood?
P2.B3: As you wish, your Highness.
P3.B1: Yay, yay. Tonight is my show.
P3.B2: Prepare a thousand campfires and a ten-thousand-person orchestra.
P4.B1: They villagers of Naht will fall on their knees in view of my gallant figure!
P1.B1: Put your heart into it!
P1.B2: You lowly scum of humans!
P3.B1: Fufu, look at that, // Garl and Gall.
P4.B1: The mob is working for my sake!
P4.B2: A truly magnificent view, your Highness.
P1.B1: A great idea fitting a great ruler,
P1.B2: your Highness.
P2.B1: Good. I'll grab a bite and nap until it's time.
P4.B1: Hey Gall, // why the hell is that freak royalty?
P4.B2: The book says it, doesn't it?
P5.B1: "With the death of the Mirror Witch, the Demons are freed of her yoke"
P5.B2: "And will give birth to what is shown in that Wish Mirror."
P1.B1: That's how the Mirror granted that cocky clown's wish for royalty.
P1.B2: What a foolish man. // We came all the way here with information on the Witch's daughter.
P2.B1: What does it matter.
P2:B2: We're just here to write down what happens. Even if it should be about his downfall.
P3.B1: Though I doubt it'll be any pleasant, no matter how much calamity befalls him.
P4.B1: It can't be helped.
P4.B2: Until we have atoned for letting that Bryer and the girl escape,
P6.B1: we cannot return to the castle.
P5.B1: Could you fix my boots?
P6.B1: Ah...
P1.B1: Hagen!
P2.B1: It's been a while!
P3.B1: What a mess.
P3:B2: You must have traveled far.
P4.B1: Yeah, I was chasing my wounded prey from long ago.
P5.B1: Prey...?
P6.B1: Don't tell me, you...!
P6.B2: Silence!
P7.B1: ....
P1.B1: ...I see. // No matter how good the boots, if you're chasing after a dream, they'll end up like this.
P1.B2: I'm sure the boots must have felt sad.
P2.B1: ....Sad?
P3.B1: Yep. // There are boots who don't want to leave the shoe-box.
P3.B2: And you shouldn't careless take them out.
P4.B1: ...I was told the same before.
P5.B1: Visiting an old friend?
P5.B2: Stop pulling such stunts.
P1.B1: ...Not you too...
P1.B2: Gamon and Mugok also said it's pointless.
P2.B1: But I can't accept that!
P2.B2: If we just give up like that, Snow White, Lakson and Tanlou will have died in vain!
P3.B1: I'll fight the Demons, even alone!
P6.B1: No need to pay them.
P6.B2: Just don't show your face again here for it.
P1.B1: ....Master.
P1.B2: I told you to shut it.
P2.B1: ....
P3.B1: Screw these!
P4.B1: As if I would wear boots created by a coward!
P5.B1: Hagen, what about a resting place?
P6.B1: The forest give me all I need.
P1.B1: Why did you do that, Master?
P1.B2: Aren't we friends? // It's been 10 years,
P2.B1: but you were so cold to him....
P2.B2: ...Renjou, why would you mention the ten years immediately?
P3:B1: That's...
P4.B1: We indeed defeated Queen Rose together and went our separate paths then, // but that's in the past now.
P4.B2: But here you are with "10 years" as the first words out of your mouths. Why is that?
P5.B1: That's because you can't forget that day ten years ago.
P5.B2: You're trapped in the past. Aren't you?
P5.B3. ....
P6.B1: Hagen is the same. // You call that regret.
P6.B2: Forget the past, Renjou.
P1.B1: ....It's been 6 months,
P1.B2: since we parted ways.
P2.B1: No, to be precise, it are 6 months and 12 days.
P2:B2: I can never forget the day where Snow White died, our fight became meaningless and
P3.B1: where we parted.
P3:B2: I'm living my days with regret of that day.
P4.B1: And you're telling me that's wrong...!?
P5.B1: ....Why do you think we came to this town?
P6.B1: Leave the past behind, Renjou.
P6.B2. But Hagen is going to fight! // All alone he's planning on killing the king!
P1.B1: Got nothing to do with us.
P1.B2: We changed our names and finally settled down here.
P1.B3: We fought against the Demons in the past, but we can now live this peacefully. Be grateful.
P2.B1: If not, get out.
P2.B2: .....!!
P3:B1: If you think you can make it alone
P3.B2: get out.
P4.B1: That...
P6.B1: As long as you understand.
P7.B1: ....
P2.B1: A south-east wind...
P3.B1: A bit more to the right...
P6.B1: Good.
P7.B1: I see you haven't rusted, Hagen.
P1.B1: ...Renjou.
P1.B2: Sorry for my Master.
P1.B3: Don't be.
P2.B1: I made those boots.
P3.B1: You said you don't want a coward's ones, but when you feel like it, wear them.
P4.B1: ....Thanks.
P5.B1: ....
P6.B1: Oh, you still...
P6.B2. Yeah, it's still no good.
P6.B3: I can't look people into the eyes.
P7.B1: So back then really...
P7.B2: Yeah.
P1.B1: Ever since I saw her eyes in her moment of death.
P1.B2: Whenever I look into someone's eyes, I'm reminded of that time and my body won't listen to my anymore.
P2:B1: Like you said, cowards alright.
P3.B1: ....
P3:B2: This....
P4.B1: is Master's special poison. I stole it from his shelf.
P4.B2: You...
P5.B1: You're after the King, right?
P5.B2: Please take on my part too.
P6.B1: ....Thanks.
P1.B1: See ya!
P1.B2: Renjou!
P2:B1: Tonight, be at the audience. Join the crowd.
P2.B2: Get in contact with people as much as possible, // so you wouldn't get suspected.
P4.B1: ....Okay.
P2.B1: Count Heinrich you say?
P3.B1: Demons playing royalty, huh?
P4.B1: Why are you bastards after Red Rose?
P4.B2: Mhm, let's see...
P5.B1: I don't like her.
P1.B1: How does that sound?
P3.T1: Good!
P1.T1: !?
P2.T1: W- What!?
P3.B1: !
P1.B1: Oh, I had to guard.
P1.B2: Didn't expect that.
P1:B3: Asshole, you're mocking me?
P2.B1: Of course.
P3.B1: !!
P4.B1: Bastard!!
P1.B1: !!
P2.B1: Just going against Demons
P4.B1: makes you an utterly fool!
P5.T1: He's strong!!
P2.B1: Kyaa!
P1.B1: Get way, Rose!
P2.T1: Another Demon!?
P3.B1: Shall we end it?
P4.T1: Shit...
P4.T2: He's coming fullpower!
P1.T1: ----I'm no match!
P2.B1: Die!
P1.T1: !?
P3.B1: ...He... disappeared?
P5.T1: Don't tell me...
P1.B1: Fufufu
P1.B2: Marvelous. [I totally love this dude :P]
P2.B1: A fitting stage for my speech that will go down in history!
P3.B1: ...What a waste of wood.
P3:B2: Indeed....
P1.B1: Fool...
P2.B1: your cheerfulness will cost you your life.
P1.B1: !?
P2.B1: Those two...
P4.B1: !?
P6.B1: Kyaaa!
P1.B1: !?
P1.T1: !!
P3.B1: Roooose!
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