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Translations: Gintama 609 (2) , One Piece 842 by cnet128

Otomari Honey 18

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Apr 13, 2011 16:00 | Go to Otomari Honey

-> RTS Page for Otomari Honey 18

Otomari Honey Chapter 18:

P1.T1: Cold, but still warm.
P1.T1: Open air bath <3
P3.B1: Been a while, since I could enjoy a good bath.
P4.B1: Wah! So beautiful!
P4.B2: Geh, so cold.
P5.B1: Class Rep!?
P5.T1: 's voice?
P5.T2: Isn't this the men side?
P4.B3: A Hot Spring amidst snow... // So wonderful-
P4.B4: Whatever, let's get in!
P1.B1: Ahh, so warm~~
P1.B2: So slippery~
P1.B3: Mh~ Good for the skin~<3
P1.B4: I'm in heaven.
P1.B5: Cl- Class Rep is over there?
P1.T1: Ug, don't look.
P2.B1: Matsuda isn't all that useless. At least for his grandpa.
P2.Banner: Matsuda Family Visit Plan
P2.Vertiacaltext: Summer: Beach // Swimming // Fireworks // BBQ // Winter: Mountains // Skiing // Onsen // Hotpot~
P2.Box1: Father Side
P2.Box2: Mother Side
P2.B2: Thanks to that we're here now <3
P2.T1: Ahaha
P2.B3: It's already natural that we tag along.
P2.T2: Get ready.
P2.T3: Okay--
P3.B1: Though Yanagikawa isn't around this time.
P3.B2: Seems he has a date with Sasanaka,
P3.T1: Nothing to worry about then~~~
P4.B1: Though Yukino-san should have a bit to worry.
P4.B2: Yeah, I wish she would be more considerate towards us.
P4.B3: Yeah, right!
P4.B4: ?
P1.B1: What a damn eye-catching body you have ---!
P1.B2: Kya!?
P2.B1: And you don't even let boys fondle them---
P2.B2: That treasure is wasted on you.
P2.T1: Treasure tool.
P3.B1: Let me fondle them too.
P3.T1: Oh, god, so big.
P3.B2: Me too~~
P3.T2: Get bigger~
P3.B3: Hey... Stop it, girls!
P3.B4: Wh- What's going on?
P3.T3: I want to see it! But I can't!
P4.B1: Yanagikawa, if you were here...
P4.T1: You go see what you want to see!
P5.T1: No, not good.
P5.T2: Been in for too long...
P6.B1: Don't cause a ruckus at a public place---!!
P1.B1: It's troubling the other guests!!
P1.B2: There is nobody else here though.
P1.T1: All right, we'll stop.
P2.B1: Not much people come here into the mountains.
P2.B2: I thought there would be more because of the mixed bath, but not at all---
P3.B1: It's my first time in a mixed bath, and I was worried other people would compare me to Yukino-san.
P3:T1: Same for us.
P4.B1: Though the entrances are separated.
P4.Box1: Entrance
P4.PicTop: Men
P4.PicBottom: Women
P4.Box2: Changing Room
P4.T1: Wouldn't it be fun coming with a boyfriend here?
P4.PicText1: Hot Spring
P4.T2: Huh...
P4.B2: That's how it was!
P5.B1: At home, we never bumped into each other in the bath...
P5.B2: so why now here!?
P5.T1: At home would have been more likely, or!?
P6.B1: Ac... // Ach-
P6.T1: Damn...
P7.B2: Who's there!?
P1.B1: WAH! I don't see anything! I haven't my glasses on, so I don't see anything!
P1.B2: Matsuda-kun!?
P1.B3: Matsuda!?
P2.B1: Why were you hiding then----
P2.B2: You damn peeping tom!
P2.B3: All secretly, so disgusting...
P2.B4: I didn't know it was mixed...
P2.B5: Liar--
P3.B1: Till now I always skipped on the family visits. // I can take baths at home too. // What a waste.
P3.B2: I was surprised, when girls came in, // so I hid...
P3.B3: ....
P4.B1: Ev- Everyone, let's believe him! It was just an accident!
P5.B1: Thank you, Class rep...!
P5.T1: Protecting me...
P6.B1: Mh?
P6.T1: Where are you Class Rep?
P6.B2: Eh?
P7.B1: KYAAA!!
P7.B2: S- Sorry!!
P1.T1: Ahahaha
P1.B1: Don't worry, Yukino.
P1.B2: We aren't serious here.
P1.B3: And he can't see after all.
P1:B4: And it's a mixed bath.
P1:B5: So going in together is a given, right?
P2.B1: C'mon, relax. How long you wanna stay with eyes closed like a good boy?
P2.B2: Don't touch me!
P2.B3: Wash my back, Matsuda---
P2:B4: ....
P3.B1: Hey, look, the snowy landscape looks beautiful.
P3.B2: Uhhh.
P3.B3: And over there are Yukino's white mountains!
P3.B4: Ug...
P4.B1: Cut it out already, or I'll get angry!!
P4.B2: !!
P4.B3: Kyaa!!
P5.B1: Huh? // Wa- Wha-!?
P5.T1: I'm going out!
P1.B1: Eh?
P1:B2: Fuh....
P2.B1: Eh? Who is it?
P2.B2: Ah.
P2:B3: Class Rep!?
P2:B4: Umm...
P3.B1: I don't want this---!!
P1.B1: Geez, stupid Matsuda-kun!
P1.B2: He didn't have to flee that fast!
P2.B1: And I thought we were pretty close...
P2.B2: And now he says he doesn't want me...
P3.B1: Geez, what an exhibitionist.
P3.B2: I'm scared of when he might snap.
P4.B1: Noones knows what he will do then.
P4.B2: Guh....
P5.B1: So... cruel...
P6.B1: Cl- Class Rep...
P1.T1: It's a special occasion to go on a trip with Matsuda-kun... and I thought we could get along some better...
P2.B1: Stupid Matsuda-kun...
P5:B1: ....
P6.B1: Wha-
P1.T1: What am I doing!?
P2.T1: This trip certainly is a chance to get closer to him!
P2.Box1: Hot spring
P2.Box2: Snowy mountains
P2.Box3: Trip
P2.Box4: Tangerine
P2.Box5: Skiing
P2.Box6: Heated Table
P2.Box7: Snowboarding
P2.Box8: Hot pot
P2.T2: I can't let this go to waste, by leaving it at him hating me!
P3.T1: I have to fix it!
P3.T2: Even more if you hates me now!!
P4.B1: Matsuda-kun,
P5.B1: Isn't it cold sitting by the window?
P5.B2: Come into the heating table.
P5.B3: No, I...
P5.B4: We were only teasing you. // Okay?
P1.B1: I made a fool out of myself in front of Class Rep!
P1.B2: Don't worry about it anymore.
P1.B3: It's such a good occasion... I was hoping I could advance our relationship a bit---- // But now....
P1.B4: We still can make some memories now.
P2.B1: Though everything would turn into a precious memory, if it's with you...
P2.B2: I shouldn't have come... // Then it wouldn't have come to this...
P3.B1: I shouldn't have come here...
P4.B1: Matsu-
P4.B2: Matsuda-kun?
P5.B1: I- I'm // gonna board a bit outside!
P1.B1: I can't stay with them anymore!
P2.B1: That idiot...
P2.T1: Can't watch that...
P3.B1: Uum, as a bystander, I'm just trying to follow up,
P3.B2: but I don't think Matsuda hates being around you.
P4.B1: But at the bath, he said...
P4.B2: Yeah, normally, when getting into the bath with someone like you, one- // Ouch!
P4.tool: Follow up.
P4.B3: He was just embarrassed to be seen naked by you.
P4.B4: Yeah!
P1.B1: But saying "I shouldn't have come", sounds like a child depressed of puberty.
P2.B1: But I'm sure, even Yukino-san thought something like "I want to disappear", or?
P3.B1: Well, it's nothing serious.
P3.B2: You'll recover soon, too, right Yukino?
P3.B3: He'll be back, when he left out some stress.
P3.B4: Mm....
P4.B1: Thanks.
P4.B2: I can talk with a smiling face to him again now.
P5.B1: ....
P2.B1: It got pretty dark... // I went pretty far, time to go back.
P2.T1: Grandfather's house.
P2.T2: Hot spring they went to in the morning
P2.T3: Matsuda-kun
P2.B2: But what face should I make when I meet Class Rep again.
P3.B1: What am I doing!?
P3.B2: The trip is ending tomorrow, and I'm here boarding alone!
P4.B1: Damn!
P4.B2: !?
P5.B1: !!
P1.B1: Ouch...
P1.B2: Good, Nothing seems to be broken. // !
P2.B1: My glasses...!
P3.B1: .....
P3.B2: What am I doing.....
P4.B1: Your son isn't back yet?
P4.B2: I wonder where he went off to...
P4.B3: He doesn't know his way around here, // and there are a lot of cliffs...
P5.B1: It's already night, so we can't send out a search team.
P5.B2: Since it's him, I bet he'll just suddenly pop up again.
P6.B1: You can go back to your rooms, // it'll be alright. Don't worry.
P6.B2: ~~~
P6.B3: I'll try asking if someone around has seen him.
P1.B1: Damn that Matsuda. Always so reckless.
P1.B2: But accidents in the mountains aren't rare...
P1.B3: Hey... Stop that~~~
P2.B1: ~~~~
P3.B1: We don't know our way around too.
P3.B2: If we go search for him, it'll just increase the victims... We can only wait here.
P4.B1: I said stop saying stuff like that~~~
P5.B1: ....
P5.B2: Yukino?
P1.B1: Matsuda-kuuuun!
P2.T1: I have to find him, before the traces of his board in the snow disappear...!
P3.T1: Please be safe, Matsuda-kun...!
P3.T2: If something should happen to him, while we're still on a misunderstanding, I...
P4.T1: It's my fault.
P4.T2: It's my fault, Matsuda-kun wanted to flee....
P5.B1: Haa
P5.B2: Haa
P5.B3: .....!
P6.B1: No way... The traces end here...
P7.B1: Matsuda-kun....
P1.B1: *clack*
P2.B1: Matsuda-kun's glasses...!
P5.B1: Matsuda-kun!
P6.B1: Cl- Class Rep? Why...
P6.B2: I'm so glad I found you!
P6.B3: Are you hurt? // Here, your glasses!
P1.B1: It got so cold...
P1.B2: but don't worry!
P1.B3: It seems this room is the changing room of the open air bath.
P1.B4: Let's go into the hot spring!
P2.B1: Yeah, then you first please.
P2.B2: What are you saying? You're already frozen!
P3.B1: Let's go in together!
P3.B2: Eh!?
P3.B3: But that...
P3.B4: It's an emergency, right!?
P4.B1: I'm gonna undress!
P4.B2: Wah!
P1.B1: C'mon, you hurry too.
P1:B2: Ug.
P1.B3: Y- You don't mind going into the bath with a boy?
P3.B1: I don't mind going in with you.
P3.B2: You can't see without your glasses, right?
P4.B1: ~~~
P5.B1: ... // I can't undress if you keep looking.
P5.B2: Sorry.
P7.B1: So- // So cold!
P7.B2: Don't let go of my hand.
P1.B1: Watch your steps.
P1.B2: Slowly.
P3.B1: Mhm~~ So warm~~
P4.B1: Matsuda-kun, you okay?
P4.B2: I'm literally back to life...
P4.B3: Ahaha
P5.B1: ....
P5.B2: I'm sorry. All because of me...
P1.B1: A bit longer and you would have died...
P1.B2: No, that's alone my fault...
P2.B1: Besides we aren't saved yet... I dragged you into it. // Sorry, Class Rep.
P3.B1: Don't worry!
P3.B2: If we're together, we'll be fine whatever happens!
P4.B1: ~~~
P4.B2: Or...
P5.B1: do you not like being with me?
P6.B1: Not like? No way. Just the opposite!
P6.B2: But earlier you said "Don't want" in the bath...
P6.B3: That was towards my unsightly act...
P1.B1: I want to always stay together with you.
P1.B2: And I'm really glad I came on this trip with you...
P2.T1: Aha...haha
P2.B1: I see! Because I was over worried, I got you into this mess.
P2.T2: But I'm glad.
P4.B1: Thank you. // I...
P4.B2: really like // that part of yours.
P2.B1: ....
P3.B1: Mh? // What do you mean by that?
P3.B2: Eh?
P4.B1: Well basically, that you're so thoughtful and kind...!
P4.B2: Ufufu. You're welcome <3
P5.B1: Oops. I went with the flow to much.
P6.B1: I'm glad you don't dislike me.
P6.B2: I'm also extremely happy to travel with you <3
P1.B1: [big text] HEY! [/big text] What are you two doing there!!
P1.B2: Your mum is worried about you!!
P2.B1: Gi- // Girls!
P3.B1: We followed Yukino's footsteps and we find this!
P3.B2: Wow, so erotic!
P3.B3: N- No. It was an emergency...
P3.B4: Yeah, I nearly froze to death.
P3.B5: Let's get back already!
P4.B1: Good for you, Class Rep.
P4.B2: That you can talk with him with a smiling face again.
P5.B1: -----
P5.B2: Yeah <3
P6.T1: What!? A hot spring? I should have gone with Miyuki!
P6.T2: Geez, senpai you perv <3
Side: Fantastic memories in the snow... Good for you, Class Rep.

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