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Otomari Honey 20

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Apr 13, 2011 16:01 | Go to Otomari Honey

-> RTS Page for Otomari Honey 20

Otomari Honey Chapter 20:

P1.T1: Together with, even rainy days are.....
P1.T1: The never ending rain.... makes you melancholic?
P2.B1: What's up, Matsuda-kun?
P3.B1: Do don't seem all that focused on the studies....
P3.B2: N- // No!
P3.B3: That's not true....
P3.B4: Really?
P4.B1: Just ask me everything, if you don't understand it!
P4.B2: "Ev- Everything"....
P6.T1: let's give our best together <3
P6.T2: Why isn't she wearing a bra!?
P1.B1: ....
P2.B1: Ah.
P2.B2: I see!
P3.B1: With the room in this state, no wonder you can't concentrate.
P4.B1: Geez these girls... // Sorry, I didn't notice.
P4.B2: I'll pack them away now.
P2.B1: There we... go.
P2.T1: Better notice your own appearance!
P3.B1: I'm!
P3.B2: I'm going to the toilet for a bit!
P4.B1: ....
P4.B2: Matsuda.kun...
P1.B1: Well... I feel sorry for him with this situation.
P2.B1: Your getup up is clearly wrong!
P3.B1: Wh- What are you doing, Kudou-san!?
P3.B2: They're bigger than I thought.
P3.B3: Her boobs might flash any second or even pop out completely.
P4.B1: Wh- What's with you?
P5.B1: It's not like you're dressed all that different.
P6.B1: My top has firm straps.
P6.T1: Big difference
P6.B2: Your's is a oversized sale good camisole right?
P6.B3: Uggg
P1.B1: I also didn't want to wear this in front of anyone...
P1.T1: I had to buy it. // So cheap!
P1.Sign: Sale!! // All 100 Yen!
P1.B2: But... it's no good?
P1.B3: Obviously.
P1.B4: That's not something you wear in front of the boy you love.
P1.T2: Yeah, yeah.
P2.B1: Well, // I can understand that you have nothing else to wear because of this rainy season,
P2.T1: The stuff doesn't dry at all
P2.B2: but aren't you slacking a bit too much lately?
P3.B1: Eh?
P3.B2: Yeah---- You're way too relaxed.
P3.B3: It's not like this is the room of your boyfriend....
P4.B1: What was it you said when you came here? // Monitoring us?
P4.B2: Right now, the one who needs monitoring the most, is you, Yukino.
P4.B3: Humans fall so easily-----
P1.B1: With this you don't look like a "Class Rep" at all----
P1.B2: You're just a shameless girl acting like his wife...
P1.B3: I'm sure Matsuda-kun would be troubled with such a wife-----
P2.T1: ~~~~Now that they say it, they have a point.
P2.T2: I was so happy to come here...
P3.T1: There's no way Matsuda-kun will love a slobby girl.
P3.T2: I didn't like how Kudou-san and the others selfishly barded onto Matsuda-kun....
P3.B1: Somehow I felt a chill!?
P4.T1: I have to get a grip!
P4.T2: Matsuda-kun, I'll give my best!
P1.B1: Anyways, the problem right now is that top of yours. // Let's try binding it at the back.
P2.B1: Ouch... // Kouda-san, it hurts.
P2.B2: Endure it, it's for Matasuda-kun.
P3.B1: This should do.
P3.B2: Get me a cord.
P3.B3: Okay~
P4.B1: Now... all set.
P4.B2: I'm back, Class Rep.
P4.B3: Let's get back to our homework.
P5.B1: Ye- // Yeah.
P5.B2: You feel better now?
P1.B1: ..... // I'll go watch TV downstairs....
P1.T1: It's time for the world's 100 most beautiful places, yeah.
P1.B2: Ma- // Matsuda-kun~~~~~~~!?
P1.T2: No good after all!?
P2.Box1: Next day-----
P2.B1: It rains again....
P2.B2: Huh... Where's Class Rep?
P2.B3: Seems she went ahead alone.
P2.B4: Well, we are a bit later than usual----
P3.B1: ?
P3.B2: She didn't tell us, how rare....
P4.B1: Ah, there she is!
P4.B2: Hey~ Class Rep~~
P5.B1: Let's go together, Class Rep.
P5.B2: Don't act so cold.
P5.B3: ....The morning is the start of the day.
P5.B4: Eh?
P1.B1: Your tumult is proof of your laziness.
P2.B1: You all should put yourself together a bit more.
P3.T1: Arti-
P4.T1: Artificialness glasses!!???
P4.B1: 10minutes until the bell. // Let's hurry.
P4.B1: The Class Rep... entered another weird mode.
P4.B2: She's so "Class Rep-Like" now....!
P4.B3: Well she is one.
P5.B1: Hey, Matsuda. // As her "boyfriend" do something about it!
P6.B1: Bo- Boyfriend? What do you mean!
P6.B2: Was I wrong?
P6.B3: And why is THAT surprising him? [emphasize on that, and referring to the boyfriend part]
P1.B1: Well, // you're the only one capable of appease her.
P1.B2: So please.
P2.B1: .....
P3.T1: Preparing
P3.T2: Reviewing
P3.T3: Poster student!
P4.B1: Then, Matsuda-kun,
P4.B2: Let's get those to the student council room.
P5.B1: Ug...
P5.B2: You can give me some more.
P6.T1: Matsuda-kun, you're so nice <3 // Kyaa <3
P6.B1: Ah....
P1.B1: No, I can handle this.
P1.B2: As the Class Rep I have to do this.
P2.B1: What's with her? She doesn't need to be so cold...
P3.B1: ... // What happened to you? Suddenly wearing glasses and all.
P3.B2: Eh?
P4.B1: This
P4.B2: Umm
P5.B1: I kinda got into the spirit...
P5.B2: or better I felt I was lacking things before....
P6.Sign: Student Council Room
P6.B1: ?
P7.B1: Hello----
P1.B1: My, // Hello.
P1.B2: You brought the questionnaires of the third-years, I see.
P3.B1: You aren't wearing your glasses------!?
P3.B2: So what?
P3.T1: Sometimes I feel like wearing contacts.
P4.B1: No... No way... Even though I put on my glasses to mimic her proper style... // And now she's that slobby... Then the mimicking me....!!
P4.T1: Because of that?
P4.B2: You only judge me because of my glasses?
P4.T2: That's rude
P5.B1: I... I mean, this totally defines your style...
P5.T1: [top] Forehead // Glasses
Like a strict Vice-president.
P5.B2: Though you aren't such a shallow girl normally...
P1.B1: Even without glasses, I am me.
P1.B2: I won't be slobby.
P1.B3: You're getting dragged into Yukino-san's weird ways.
P1.T1: What's with that pose?
P2.B1: Well, I love both sides of you.
P3.B1: ~~~~~
P3.B2: Oops.
P4.B1: Then, Yukino-san, the questionnaires of the first and second years are over there,
P4.B2: so please evaluate them.
P6.B1: Okay! Let's get this over in a bang!
P1.B1: It's fine...
P1.B2: Eh?
P2.B1: You don't need to help! // This is my duty!
P3.B1: Ah...
P5.B1: ....
P5.B2: It's important to do your work as a Class rep properly...
P6.B1: but you can't do this all alone, right? // You won't let it go with a "I tried, but I couldn't finish it", right?
P6.B2: The vice-prez would easily get some people help on this. // That's how a Class Rep is supposed to handle it, right?
P1.B1: Even this morning, not telling us you went head....
P1.B2: And refusing all help at school-----
P2.B1: That's.... not how a Class Rep should be....
P2.B2: !
P3.T1: That's not how Class Rep should be. // A Failure. [intentionally leaving the "A" class rep out here, since it could all be understand that he meant her personally, since she's always addressed as Class Rep.]
P3.T2: Not a poster student. // Slobby
P1.B1: I don't understand it, even if you tell me that....
P1.B2: How should I pull myself together then....?
P2.B1: Just be like always.
P2.B2: You just said "That's not how Class Rep should be."! [same as on page 17, leaving out the "a"]
P3.B1: No, that was referring to a normal Class Rep....
P3.B2: And I don't know how I to become a normal Class Rep!
P3.T1: Is it teamwork!? Or the methods!?
P3.B3: You don't have to be so conscious of it, just be yourself...
P3.B4: I'm telling you I can behave like a "Class Rep" so naturally like the vice-prez!
P4.B1: It's impossible.
P4.B2: Class Rep!?
P4.B3: It's impossible for me!
[P5: WEEE~~ What are those two doing there????]
P6.B1: Yukino-san?
P6.B2: Wait, Class Rep!
P1.T1: I tried to pull myself together....!!
P1.B1: Class Rep!
P1.B2: Wait!
P1.T2: I tried my best, so Matsuda-kun would like me.
P2.T1: But instead I made him hate me!
P3.B1: Wait... What about an umbrella?
P3.B2: Don't follow me.
P4.T1: I'm such an idiot! It got even worse than before!!
P5.T1: I never thought it would turn into this....!!
P5:T2: Dear God, help me!
P1.T1: Dear God....!
P2.B1: .....Ah.
P2.T1: I ran this far....
P3.B1: Dear God...
P4.B1: .........
P4.B2: It's all.. my own fault.
P5.B1: Asking for help now, is....
P1.B1: Geez... You ran all the way out here....
P2.B1: All so suddenly, I don't get you...
P2.B2: Matsuda-kun....
P3.B1: ~~~~~ // I-
P3.B2: I'm....
P3.B3: No!
P4.B1: Let me go first.
P4.B2: It's my fault, // I'm sorry.
P5.B1: You surely thought through in what you were doing. // But I forced my thoughts onto you.
P5.B2: That's just....
P1.B1: But... I kinda hated it.
P2.B1: It was as you were rejecting me.
P3.B1: Matsuda-kun....
P4.B1: That's not true.
P4.B2: How could that ever be.
P5.B1: ....
P5.B2: The rain... // became stronger.
P7.B1: Matsuda-kun,
P7.B2: come here.
P1.T1: I can see through her clothes!!
P1.B1: See, in the back it's not windy. // Let's take shelter from the rain here.
P1.T2: Why is she always so defenseless!!!
P4.B1: Even if it's June, it's cold if you're drenched.
P4.B2: I hope the rain stops soon.
P5.B1: .....
P6.B1: Take that <3
P6.B2: !?
P6.T1: Does she plan to take me down with a non-defense tactic-----!!?
P1.B1: What? What's she doing to my back!?
P1.B2: Is it a bit warmer like this?
P2.T1: Warming----
P2.B1: Something.... very soft is....!
P2.T2: Warming Matsuda-kun----
P2.B2: Shit... The blood is going to my head and I'm getting dizzy.
P3.B1: Ah... Your body is amazing.
P3.B2: In what way?
P3.B3: Compared to your, mine is just....
P4.B1: You're very warm....
P4.B2: It's me how gets warmed.
P1.B1: Huuuh?
P1.T1: Awww... I want to be in a world where I won't be punished for pushing her down now....!!!!!!!!
P2.B1: By the way, those glasses.... How long do you plan on wearing them?
P3.B1: Mh... // Maybe I should take them off now... // Eh? Was it weird?
P3.B2: Well, the glasses itself suited you... or better looked really cute on you.
P4.B1: I see....
P4.B2: Then shall I keep wearing them?
P5.T1: Cl- Class Rep~~~<3
P6.B1: Ah.
P1.B1: The rain!
P1.B2: Stopped, Matsuda-kun<3
P2.B1: What a beautiful setting sun~~~~<3
P2.B2: The ground is slippery, so be careful----
P3.B1: Uh....!
P3.B2: Kyaaa!
P4.B1: I'm drenched till my underwear~~~~
P4.T1: Though most of it was already wet because of the rain.
P4.B2: Is today the end for me?
P5.Box1: Next day.
P5.B1: So?
P6.B1: That's why you aren't wearing panties today?
P6.T1: I can't believe you. // What a stupid girl
P6.T2: Don't say it!
P6.T3: What did I just heard!?
Side: End.

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