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Translations: Gintama 589 (2) , One Piece 826 by cnet128 , Bleach 674 by cnet128

Otomari Honey 21

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Apr 13, 2011 16:01 | Go to Otomari Honey

-> RTS Page for Otomari Honey 21

Otomari Honey Chapter 21:

P1.B1: You're slow, Yukino~
P1.Sign1: Female Changing Room
P1.B2: We're going ahead.
P1.Sign2: Male Chang [cut off]
P1.T1: If you Speak of summer....
P2.B1: Please wait! I'm nearly done!
P3.B1: I know! Let's take the boat and take Matsuda-kun far away~?
P3.B2: !
P3.B3: And leaving Yukino behind? Evil~
P4.B1: Aww~ Don't do that~~~!!
P1.Sign: Male Chang [cut off again oO]
P1.B1: Oh, // Class Rep!
P2.B1: Ah? // Matsuda-kun.
P2.B2: Good, you're still here....
P3.B1: Want to swim together?
P4.B1: Ah, // Y- Yeah.
P4.T1: it means SWIMSUITS of course <3
P5.B1: Man, // I gotta say I at least want to bumped into these breasts once.
P5.T1: Just a little bump is fine!
P5.B2: Right, Matsuda?
P5.T2: I already did that!
P1.Box1: Summer holiday!
P1.Box2: We all came to the beach.
P2.B1: At the beach with Matsuda-kun!
P2.B2: I'm so happy <3
P2.B2: And my fortune was great too. Could this be a chance!?
P2.Sign: Today's fortu [cut off] // Lucky spot: // Beach - Pool // The beginning of summer can got you closer with your love. // Try to be bold!
P3.B1: But maybe I went a bit overboard with my swimsuit?
P3.B2: I wonder if Matsuda-kun likes it...
P1.B1: What's wrong, Class Rep? // Did you forget something?
P1.B2: Eh? No. // Umm, that...
P2.B1: What do you think, Matsuda-kun?
P2.B2: Does this... swimsuit look weird?
P3.B1: Eh?
P3.B2: Swimsuit....
P4.T1: Ar!
P4:T2: Now that she asked me, I can't take me eyes off it!
P5.T1: What am I looking at?
P5.B1: Rather than weird.... I would call it overwhelming....
P5.B2: Eh?
P6.B1: What you mean??
P6.B2: HEY. Hurry and come here!
P1.B1: I meant you look very cute in it, Class Rep.
P1.B2: Now, let's go. // Time for some action!
P1.B3: Ah... // Okay.
P2.B1: Eh.... H- Huh? Did he says "cute" just now....
P2.B2: It makes me happy, but he didn't have to say it so plain.... [small text] It's strange. [/small text]
P3.B1: And why couldn't he tell it to my face?
P3.T1: Though that would have been embarrassing in it's own way.
P3.T2: Geez! Stupid Matsuda-kun!!
P4.T1: But I'm so happy <3
P1.B1: Good!
P1.B2: I handled that pretty smoothly! [small text] ---I think. [/small text]
P2.B1: That's also thanks to Yanagikawa.
P2.B2: Why are you already acting all flustered? // You still haven't seen the Class Rep in her swimsuit!
P2.Sign: Male Changing Room
P2.B3: W- Well...
P3.B1: Since that rainy day, I'm kinda over conscious of her breasts...
P3.B2: And today I'll get to see her swimsuit!
P4.B1: Since it's you,
P4.B2: I guess it's her breasts again....
P5.B1: Then be sure to get a good look.
P5.B2: Of her white exposed skin too. // It might be your last time.
P5.B3: Eh?
P1.B1: Just think! // How many student gets to see naked skin of a girl in their normal life? Almost none!
P1.T1: At best they get to see some panties!
P1.B2: And here you get a swimsuit! That's nearly no different from underwear! // And limited to summer only!
P1.B3: Ah, that you mean...
P2.B1: Things like tripping and bumping into a girl's breasts, or coming in when she changes, such things straight out of manga don't happen in real life!
P2.B2: That's why chances like this are rare! So we have to savor this!
P3.T1: Now that he says it.... It's only obvious too get over conscious of the rare event of getting to touch them.
P4.B1: No, no, no! Only thinking about her breasts makes me just a pervert!
P4.B2: As usually, you're giving it too much thought...
P1.B1: Listen, which do you love, the Class Rep or breasts? // It's the Class Rep, right?
P1.B2: Thinking about the girl you love is a given. And so is thinking about her breasts.
P1.B3: You don't have to feel guilty about it.
P2.B1: Though looking at a girl that's not your girlfriend, with such eyes, will only get you labeled as a stalker...
P2:T1: No way!
P3.B1: Well, // today is about swimsuits.
P3.B2: Girls like to dress up, but it's normally only the same uniform. // That's why they go all out in their private time with swimsuits for example.
P4.B1: You have to be considerate of these feelings and get a proper look.
P4.B2: Y- Yeah....
P4.B3: Your worries are just secondary!
P1.B1: Thanks, Yanagikawa. // How should I say... you're amazing!
P1.B2: I don't have a girlfriend just for show!
P1.T1: And I also got a sister.
P3.B1: KYAAA---- // Matsuda-kun, move aside----!
P3.B2: Eh?
P5.T1: Don't tell me... breast bumping!?
P6.B1: Kyaaam
P6.B2: Fhum.
P1.B1: Meh, you suck, Class Rep----
P1:B2: That makes 10 points.
P1.B3: You too Matsuda, don't stand there like a pole, play properly----
P1:B4: Ah...
P1.T1: It was only water.
P1.B5: Are you okay?
P2.B1: Yeah... Sorry.
P2:B2: I got you all wet.
P3.B1: No worries. // It's the beach after all.
P3:T1: Haha... Guess bumping into breasts really doesn't happen. Well, that's just obvious.
P4:T1: That's why I have to look properly at her.
P4.T2: I can do it!
P4.B1: No.
P4:B2: Kyaa!
P1.B1: Hey... Matsuda-kun, that's too much!
P1.T1: Take that.
P1:B2: Uwa, what's with him? He totally snapped.
P2.B1: The battle is on! Let's pay them back!
P2.B2: It's like we're kids all again.
P3.B1: There----!
P3.B2: Fuah.
P4.B1: Ganging up on me, that's unfair!
P4.B2: You started it. No complains now.
P4.T1: Ahahaha
P1.B1: Everyone----! How about we have lunch now----?
P3.B1: Let's go, Class Rep.
P4.B1: Yeah!
P3:B1: Aw, I'm hungry---!
P3.B2: Been a while since we had so much fun----
P3.B3: We got pretty excited.
P3.B4: After food it's back to playing----!
P3:B5: Please rest a bit before that, Senpai,
P1.B1: It's really been a while....
P1.B2: Mh?
P2.B1: That I saw you like this. // Since you always look worried... I'm really glad we came to the beach today <3
P3:B1: Class Rep...
P3.T1: She was worried about that?
P4.B1: You're right. I feel great today.
P4.B2: I wish it could always be like this. // A Matsuda-kun without worries.
P4.T1: She's so kind....
P4.T2: and really cute.
P1.T1: That's right, // I
P1.T2: love times where we chat like this the best.
P2.T1: That the Class Rep who puts me into such a relaxed state, is who I-----
P3.B1: Aww!
P4.B1: This curry is really spicey~~~
P4.B2: Wah. // Drink this.
P4.B3: Thanks.
P1.T1: Sec.
P1.T2: Matsuda-kun's drink!?
P2:T1: That would be an indirect kiss!?
P2.T2: W- What should I do, am not ready for this!
P3:T1: But thank you God!
P3.T2: I won't waste this chance <3
P4.B1: UWRAAAR!!!!
P5.B1: Uhaa. Matsuda, give me that!
P7.B1: Thanks, Matsuda!
P7.B2: Mh, what's up Class Rep?
P1.B1: I saw you hesitating... // I forgot to tell you that I haven't drunken from it yet.
P1.T1: Sorry.
P1.B2: EH!? // Ah, // No, it's fine!
P1.T2: It was like that!?
P2.B1: I though for sure...
P2:B2: Getting ahead on by myself, how embarrassing~~~~!
P1.B1: What a peaceful day....
P1.B2: Matsuda-kun is cheerful too. Really a nice day <3
P2.T1: Matsuda, let's have a race in the water----
P2.T2: Okay, bring it on, Yanagikawa~~~
P3.B1: If wish though we could be alone <3
P4.B1: Yukino come over here---
P5.B1: Don't you want to ride it too----?
P5.T1: Rather, someone push me already.
P5.B2: Yeah, coming----!
P6.B1: Looks there is no problem with them today.
P1.B1: -----Geh! Is what I thought...
P2.B1: Everyone, get on----!
P2.B2: It's sinking----!
P2:B3: Kudou-san always goes over board!
P3.B1: Okay-----!
P3.B2: Guh! // You're heavy, Asakawa.
P3.B3: I'm suffering the most here~~~
P1.B1: Hey. They're other people too, so don't make such a ruckus----
P1:B2: Meh, here comes the party pooper.
P2:B1: Don't be like that. Have a look at Yukino's fine ass!
P2:B2: Wha-
P2.B3: No.. Don't look-----
P2.B4: You won't get such a view every day-----
P2:B5: Then, do you want on it instead, Matsuda-kun?
P3:B1: Yes, I want.
P3.B2: Wait. Don't say nonsense!!
P4.B1: I forbid this! No more dangerous things!
P4.B2: Meh, he's back to his usual self.
P4.B3: I'll put 400 marine borers in your bag!!
P4.T1: Just wait!
P1.B1: Man....She knows no modesty----
P3.B1: Are you okay, Class Rep?
P3.B2: Maybe I went out of my way?
P5.B1: Eh....
P5.T1: Today from the front!?
P5.B2: Class Rep? Were you scared?
P1.B1: Don't look over here!
P2.B1: What should I do.... I lost my top in that ruckus earlier.
P2.B2: S- So don't go away, Matsuda-kun.
P3.T1: Today from the front!
P3.T2: And all raw!!
P4:B1: Raw package! // A raw package came in!
P4.B2: Understated, it's raw~~~
P4.B3: Yay, Raw here we come!
P4.B4: Wah.
P5.B1: No, I'm still underage.
P5.Arm: Sanity
P6.B1: Then why are you hugging me!?
P6.B2: I have to hide them! 'Cause I don't want you to see them!
P6.B3: I cant see like this indeed. // Wait, not that.
P1.B1: You could just hide them with our hands or under water.
P1:B2: Ah, // That's right. // I didn't think of that...
P2.B1: But what now... I can't get out of the water like this....
P2:B2: I'll search for it.
P2:B3: We're going to move to somewhere deeper, hold on tight.
P3:B1: O- Okay, but slowly so we won't get separated.
P3.B2: On my command.
P3.B3: Ready, go!
P1.B1: Ah wow, we're totally in synch!
P1.T1: We're... practically clued together.... This is no longer a question of close!
P1.B2: Foward. // Right. // Left.
P1.T2: Every time we move, her nipples.... touch me...
P2.B1: You won't ever feel this sensation through clothes....
P2.B2: Right.
P2.B3: Left.
P2:B4: Right.
P2.B5: To be honest.... It feels so soft. [small text] How would it feel to fondle them? [/small text]
P3.B1: Right.
P3.B2: Left.
P4.B1: ! // What!?
P5.B1: .....
P5.B2: The top!?
P1.B1: Sasanaka-san!?
P2.B1: Those eyes!! [small text] Why? [/small text]
P3.B1: I'm glad! // I was really worried for a moment there.
P3.B2: We cooled down quite a bit, so let's get out <3
P4.B1: N- No, I'll swim a bit more.
P4.B2: Hmm... You really love the sea, huh. Like a kid.
P1.B1: But that's lovely too.
P1.B2: Next time, let's go with just the two of us <3
P2.B1: Kyaa, I said it!
P2.B2: C- Class Rep...?
P3.B1: I can't believe it---- I heard you had an accident?
P3.B2: Yanagikawa!?
P3:B3: You two aren't dating, are you, Matsuda-senpai?
P4.B1: Tell me how I can get that too, Matsuda! // Please!
P4.B2: W- Well, that....
P4.B3: Yanagikawa-senpai!?
P4.B4: I want to have that with Miyuki too!
P4.B5: What are you saying?
P4.B6: ....!
P5.T1: Raw~ Raw~
P5.T2: Wonderful raw~
P5.T3: Hello raw~
P5.B1: Uwa. // Now he's singing!?
P5.T4: How did it come to this?
P5.T5: What a great day <3
Side: For those two it was an exciting beach trip.

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