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Translations: Gintama 678 by kewl0210 , One Piece 900 by cnet128

Otomari Honey 22

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Apr 13, 2011 16:02 | Go to Otomari Honey

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Otomari Honey Chapter 22:

P1.T1: Having you wake me up.
Side: Morning~~~
P1.B1: I'm sorry for having you help you, Yukina-chan.
P2.B1: No, no. You let us stay here, so it's the least I can do.
P3.B1: But it's certainly worth waking up so early preparing food for the growing ones.
P3.B2: You're so reliable, Auntie.
P4.B1: Morning----
P4.B2: Good morning, Matsuda-kun. // Breakfast is ready.
P1.B1: Okay... // Thanks.
P2.T1: So...
P2.T2: nice <3
P3.T1: Class Rep standing in our kitchen...
P3.T2: nearly as she is my wife.
P4.B1: As if... We aren't even going out.
P5.B1: My, this surely feels like I got a daughter-in-law.
P5.B2: Eh!?
P1.B1: But I guess our bump isn't good enough for you, Yukina-chan---
P1.T1: You gotta get your act together~
P1.B2: S- Stop it, Mom.
P1.B3: N- // No.
P1.B4: That's not true...
P2.B1: I think Matsuda-kun is a splendid boy... // yeah.
P3.B1: Eh?
P3.B2: Class Rep... // Hey...
P5.B1: Ahaha. That makes me happy---!
P5.T1: Geez Yukina-chan~~
P5.B2: ........
P1.B1: Hey, Takayama, Asakawa... // don't we seem like a bother here?
P1.B2: Ssh! // Don't say it!
P1:T1: Keep it in your heart.
P1.B3: Read the atmosphere, Kudou!
P2.B1: Actually it's our duty to run wild!
P2.B2: Great how we can be ourselves.
P2.B3: Basically, we are a BIG bother.
P3.B1: Seconds~~~!!!
P4.B1: Sure, sure. Wait a minute. // Good that you're so energetic in the morning already.
P4.B2: It's that kind of season~
P4.B3: Besides, Auntie, your food is low on fat, so no worries.
P4.B4: No matter how low on fat it is, if you eat so much, you will gain weight.
P1.B1: Speaking of, aren't you getting a bit fat lately, Yukina~~
P1.B2: !
P2.B1: Th- That's not true..
P2.B2: Really? // You seemed to have problems changing earlier---
P3.B1: You saw!?
P4.B1: Besides, I'm surprised you can stuff yourself so much in front of a boy.
P4.B2: You lack too much self-awareness---
P5.B1: ~~~!
P5.B2: Ugg
P6.B1: What nonsense are you spouting?
P7.B1: More and more people are skipping breakfast nowadays. So isn't it a good thing we're sitting here and eating together?
P1.B1: As long as that's healthy, okay.
P2.B1: But I'm afraid your appetite isn't.
P2.B2: More like out of stress or things piling up within you.
P2.B3: Guh.
P4.B1: Well, I'm piling up for sure...
P4.T1: Not sure about the stress...
P5.B1: Besides, aren't you guys stuffing yourselves too!?
P5.B2: Getting back at that?
P5.B3: Not that we can say anything against that.
P5.B4: So cruel---
P5.B5: [big] Hey! [/big] Don't fight at the dinner table! // It's time for you to go, get ready!
P7.B1: Umm...
P7.B2: Say, Matsuda-kun.
P7.B3: Mh? // What?
P8.B1: Do you dislike... // the fat type?
P1.B1: Eh?
P1.B2: I don't have any reason to dislike them.
P2.B1: Class Rep isn't fat, right?
P2.B2: If I had to say, I would say I like the well build type.
P3.B1: I- // Is that so...
P4.B1: What's with the sudden question?
P4.B2: No, nothing.
P4.B3: Let's hurry or we'll be late.
P5.Box1: That night----
P6.B1: ~~~
P4.B1: ....Th-
P4.B2: The hell!?
P5.T1: Oh god!
P5.T2: I plumped up!
P6.B1: That's not on the level of well build anymore...
P6.B2: The food was so delicious lately, I couldn't stop myself...
P7.B1: Oh, I like her---! // She's cute.
P7.B2: Yeah?
P1.B1: I totally like the chubby type~~
P1.B2: Ho... // I like them more lighter.
P2:B1: I can't bring myself to accept those fat types.
P3.B1: You had that kind of fetish, huh---
P3.B2: ~~~~
P3.B3: .....
P3.B4: ...
P5.B1: So cruel...
P5.B2: So cruel, Matsuda-kun.
P6.T1: You damn liar!
P7.T1: Idiot! Big idiot! And you even said you liked the well build type!
P8.B1: Uh...
P8.B2: ....
P9.T1: No... Matsuda-kun isn't at fault...
P9.T2: I can't do anything about his preferences....
P1.T1: This morning he was just being considerate to the fat me...
P1.T2: Well build~
P1.T3: It's me at fault for being fat..
P2.T1: Right! But this time the challenge is easy!
P2.T2: I just have to loose weight to match his preferences!
P3:B1: Just wait, Matsuda-kun!
P3.B2: I'll give my best at dieting! // Wait for my new me!
P4.B1: Oh! // How about her? // That your type?
P5.B1: Yeah, quite cute.
P5.B2: I see--- Dogs have to be all fluffy and round, don't they---
P6.B1: Which brings me to Yukina-chan. She's all round too.
P6.T1: If you know what I mean.
P6.B2: Eh! // Don't compare the Class Rep with dogs!
P1.B1: ---Thanks for the food.
P1.B2: Eeh? // You're already done?
P2.B1: You haven't rarely eaten anything for the last few days.
P3.B1: Yeah, you have to eat properly.
P3.B2: Else it's not healthy.
P4.B1: I'm fine. Don't worry.
P4.B2: Women have their circumstances.
P4.B3: Eh.
P5.B1: Now then, // time to get ready.
P6.B1: I- // Is that so?
P6.B2: Eh? // Well..
P6.B3: Right?
P6.B4: Mm---
P7.B1: Uh...
P7.T1: What's with this atmosphere...
P7.T2: Left out
P2.B1: Wah!
P2.B2: What a cute lunch box~~~
P3.B1: But isn't it a bit too few?
P3.B2: No.
P3.B3: Miniature lunch boxes are in trend now. <3
P3.B4: Ah, I know. // That boom really exist.
P3.B5: ...
P3.B6: Ehehe
P4.T1: -----As if...
P4.T2: This is barely enough to keep me alive!
P5.T1: For 3 days... Only for 3 days, I have been giving my best, but I'm so hungry~~~
P5.T2: But I cannot give up! I HAVE TO ENDURE!
P1.B1: Then, Yanagikawa-senpai, let us eat too <3
P1.B2: Oh, I have been waiting for this~
P2.B1: Here, Ahh~~
P2.B2: Ahh <3
P3:B1: Miyuki, you eat too!
P3.B2: Okay.
P3.B3: Eating together with you, Senpai, makes it more delicious <3
P4.B1: Q- Quite a big box you have there, Sasanaka-san...
P4.B2: Will you be fine eating all that?
P5.B1: It's a bit painful, but it's all for my beauty.
P5.B2: Beauty?
P5.B3: Yep, Miyuki is aiming for a nice body.
P5.T1: Mimicking the Class Rep!
P1.B1: I have a small body and therefore not much of an appetite, so I'm not really growing...
P1.B2: Like... my breasts...
P2.B1: Since she's worried about that, we decided to increase her menu!
P2.B2: Senpai helped me with a beauty menu. I'm giving my best.
P3.B1: The autumn's appetite plus the growth period, it'll surely work out!
P3.T1: Let's give our best---
P3.T2: Yeah---
P4.B1: Well, // though I have nothing against her size at the moment, which fits so nicely into my palms.
P5.B1:Geez, Senpai <3
P5.B2: Guah.
P1.T1: Sasanka-san isn't at fault...
P1.T2: She isn't at fault... // But... // But...
P2.B1: Waaaa
P2:B2: Just put on weight, Sasanaka-san!
P2.B3: Class Rep!?
P3.B1: Ah... // yes.
P3.B2: Thank you.
P3:T1: I'll give my best.
P4.T1: What's with her... // She clearly got trouble.
P5.B1: That's why women on a diet are so...
P1.B1: What's with you.. You sound like you understand...
P1.B2: Yeah. // I have seen my sister on a diet various times.
P2.B1: It's terrifying how they force themselves on a diet.
P2.B2: Not loosing weight where they want to... // but loosing where they don't want to...
P3.B1: In their health... // in smoothness of skin...
P3.B2: at their breasts...
P4.B1: B- Breasts!?
P4.T1: For real?
P4.B2: Yep..
P4.T2: For real.
P4.B3: Their breasts shrunk quite a bit...
P5.B1: Would you like such a Class Rep?
P5.B2: Uh...
P6.B1: I wouldn't mind if her breasts get smaller!
P6.B2: But... I can't just stand by and watch her forcing herself and suffering!
P1.B1: I see... Then hang in there.
P1.B2: Yeah! // There should be something you can do for her!
P2.B1: T- Thanks.
P2.B2: I'll think about something.
P2.T1: Fight, Matsuda!
P2.T2: Yeah---
P2:T3: Y- Yeah...
P3.T1: But what...
P3.T2: Just what can I do?
P4.T1: ...
P4.T2: ~~~~
P6.B1: Thirsty...
P2.B1: Eh!? What's this!?
P2.B2: Even going so far!?
P3.B1: It was Class Rep, huh!?
P3.B2: She's overdoing it!
P4.B1: Human die without water!!
P4.B2: She's too reckless!
P5.B1: Cl--
P5.B2: ...!
P6.B1: Mm....
P6.B2: Ung....
P1.B1: Fuh.... // Guh...
P1.B2: Ugg....
P2.T1: What drives you to suffer so much?
P2.T2: Where does her resolve come from...?
P3.T1: Is a diet really something that serious?
P3.T2: Is it my duty to stop her?
P4.T1: Can't be...
P4.T2: What I can do for her...
P4:B1: ....
P4:T3: What I can do---
P5.B1: Time for my special lunch box <3
P1.B1: .... // Time to eat.
P2.B1: Wait a minute, Class Rep!
P3.B1: Won't you eat my special lunch box today?
P4.B1: Eh? Such a big one...
P4.B2: You're going to force it into me?
P4.B3: Wrong!!
P5.B1: It might look a lot, but it's all food with low on calorie.
P5.B2: And it got also enough nutrients.
P1.B1: It was my first try, so it might not look all that appealing,
P1.B2: but that's all I could come up with.
P2.B1: Matsuda-kun...
P3.B1: Thank you, Matsuda-kun... // I'm so happy...
P3:B2: I'll gladly accept it <3
P3.B3: O- // okay.
P4:B1: Also.. can I ask you to make up yourself for what is lacking in optics?
P4.B2: Mh? // What?
P5.B1: Can you feed me
P5.B2: with "Ahh---"?
P1.B1: How the hell would that make up for the optics!?
P1.B2: It does! // C'mon, hurry.
P2.B1: Ahhh--- <3
P3.B1: Uh...
P4.T1: Uwaaa....
P4.T2: What's this? What's going on!?
P6.B1: Mm <3
P6.B2: Tasty <3
P1.B1: By the way...
P1.B2: Going on a diet... Did you really gain that much weight?
P2.B1: You don't look fat to me at all...
P2.B2: D- Don't look at me, you perv.
P2:B3: S- // Sorry.
P3.B1: I gained weight...
P3:B2: A lot...
P4.B1: *** kilo more than last year...
P4.T1: Last year!?
P4.T2: Crazy way to measure!
P4.B2: That much is normal!
P5.B1: Nothing to do a diet for, is it?
P5.T1: I only heard kilo though.
P5.B2: Y- // You think so?
P6.B1: But we still have to think about our health.
P6.B2: We're eating too much lately!
P7.T1: I can't deny that...
P1:B1: So let's give our best with healthy food.
P1:B2: I'll help you with the lunch boxes from tomorrow on <3
P1.B3: O- // Okay.
P1.T1: We gotta wake up early.
P2.T1: Low on calorie, but still simple.
P2:T2: Yeah---
P3.Box1: Later---
P5.T1: Yay!
P5.T2: I lost weight, Matsuda-kun!
P5.T3: The diet is a success <3
P1.B1: Okay, Yukina-san, // Your bust grew by 3 cm.
P1.B2: ....!
P2.B1: Mh--- Those two must be heavy---
P2:B2: Problem with clothes too----
P2:B3: Truly a heavy weight.
P3.B1: Also, you're underweighted, Yukina-san!
P3:B2: You have to eat properly! // Don't force a diet, you hear!
P3:B3: U... // Ugg...
P4.B1: Looking at them for so long, the round types get quite cute too<3
P4.B2: You see?
P4:B3: Yukina-chan, what's your type?
P4.T1: Dogs!?

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