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Translations: One Piece 786 by cnet128 , Bleach 626 by cnet128 , Gintama 542 (2)

Smash! 77

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Apr 14, 2011 14:28 | Go to Smash!

-> RTS Page for Smash! 77

Smash! Chapter 77:

P1.B1: Second game won by Toyama Teitou High School... One win each!!
P1.T1: #77: Weakness
P2.B1: They won the second game...
P2.B2: Damn, it was so close...
P1.B1: Short break!
P3.B1: You can't decide it with one shot! Keep the rally going. // Concentrate and don't make any misses, got it?
P4.B1: Yes!!
P5.B1: Hey, Anan.
P5.B2: Mh?
P1.B1: Will you confess to Miwa if we win?
P2.B1: Why would I?
P2.B2: Huh? // Wasn't it about that?
P3.B1: You know... I just want to kick the ass of that arrogant Yamato!
P3.B2: I definitely don't want to remember losing to him, until we play again!!
P4.B1: Stop thinking about useless stuff and concentrate on the game! // We already lost 1 game.
P5.B1: Yeah,
P6.B1: I'll. Don't worry.
P6.T1: Again with that...
P7.B1: We two are stronger.
P7.B2: Hey,
P7.B3: say that after we won.
P1.B1: Then let's win.
P2.B1: Yeah.
P3.B1: Please get back on the court.
P4.B1: Last game.
P4.B2: 0 - 0. Play!
P5.T1: Yamato is also really concentrated.
P6.T1: We both can't afford to lose here.
P1.T1: We'll definitely win!!
P2.B1: ....
P1.B1: They're pretty much even...
P1.B2: What concentration... // Both side don't let loose.
P2.Black1: <First Game>
P2.Row1: Azuma Shouta (Tokyo)
P2.Row2: Hashiba Anan (Tokyo)
P2.Row3: Toba Yamato (Toyama)
P2.Row4: Ueno Haru (Toyama)
P2.Black2: <Second Game>
P2.Row5: Azuma Shouta (Tokyo)
P2.Row6: Hashiba Anan (Tokyo)
P2.Row7: Toba Yamato (Toyama)
P2.Row8: Ueno Haru (Toyama)
P2.Black3: <Third Game>
P2.Row9: Azuma Shouta (Tokyo)
P2.Row10: Hashiba Anan (Tokyo)
P2.Row11: Toba Yamato (Toyama)
P2.Row12: Ueno Haru (Toyama)
P3.B1: And they each score points in long rallies.
P3.B2: They're rarely doing any mistakes.
P4.B1: With this we don't know who'll win, until it's over. [yeah obviously....]
[no text]
P1.B1: !!!
P2.B1: Geh.
P2.B2: He read his return!!
P1.B1: Yea
P1.B2: aah!
P2.B1: 11- 10. Change sides.
P3.B1: We took the lead just now,
P3.B2: but now it'll get hard.
P4.B1: Damn... That stupid Yamato. Running around that wild...
P4.B2: Anan,
P5.B1: that's just fine for us. // I'll outwit him.
P5.B2: You pay attention to Haru.
P6.B1: Let's go, the final part!!
P2.T1: Yamato is making use of his reflexes.
P2.T2: He attacks by ignoring any theories.
P3.T1: If I can hinder him from that----
P2.B1: Ugg
P3.T1: Then the rally will go on.
P4.B1: ! I see.
P4.B2: With that their formation will break,
P6.B1: and we aim for the gap!!
P1.B1: Yay!!
P1.B2: 11 - 11!
P2.B1: Mh! // Not good.
P2.B2: What's wrong, Coach?
P3.B1: They trapped Yamato!
P4.B1: Yamato is pestering the opponent with tricky shots.
P4.B2: And since they're so fast, the opponent can't cope with them well.
P4.B3: But
P5.B1: against someone who can match his speed
P5.B2: and break his flow...
P2.T1: Damn.
P3.T1: I can't end the rally!
P4.T1: Even if I aim for gaps,
P4.T2: Shouta is sure to get them.
P1.B1: Damn.
P5.B1: Yaaaay!
P6.B1: Sorry.
P6.B2: You alright?
P7.B1: Yeah, I'm fine.
P8.B1: At least I'm proud of my stamina! // I can still go.
P1.B1: Now that we came this far
P2.B1: it's just a contest of stamina.
P2.B2: The one who loses concentrating first, loses.
P3.B1: We'll keep on attacking!
P7.B1: Wow....
P7.B2: They both keep on attacking.
P9.T1: Damn, they're so persistent.
P9.T2: I want to decide this in one shot!
P2.T1: The left side is open!!
P5.B1: !!
P6.B1: Gah----
P6.B1: The net!!
P7.B1: 18 - 17.
P7.B2: Yay, lucky.
P7.B3: Just 3 more points.
P8.B1: [side text] Damnnnn~~~ [/side text] I thought it was the perfect chance~~!
P9.B1: Be strong, Yamato! // We have to keep going.
P9.B2: Yeah.
P9.B3: Concentrate!
P9.B4: Yeah.
P3.B1: !!
P6.B1: !!
P7.B1: Anan!!

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