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Translations: One Piece 777 by cnet128 , Bleach 616 by cnet128 , Gintama 531 (2)

Smash! 78

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Apr 14, 2011 14:28 | Go to Smash!

-> RTS Page for Smash! 78

Smash! Chapter 78:

P1.B1: Anan!!
P2.T1: #78: Trusting
P3.B1: Can we treat him?
P3.B2: Ah, yeah. Go ahead.
P1.B1: Since you closed your eyes immediately...
P1.B2: It only head a bone.
P1.B3: Yeah... Nothing injured.
P2.B1: What about the game...?
P2.B2: I'll play.
P3.B1: It's a given. Just 3 more points.
P3.B2: We'll definitely get them.
P4.B1: Right, Shouta?
P5.B1: ...
P6.B1: Yeah!
P7.B1: ...
P8.B1: Okay, I get it.
P8.B2: Then go!
P1.B1: Ah.. It seems they'll resume the game.
P1.B2: Seems he is fine.
P4.T1: Anan-kun...!!
P5.B1: Play!
P1.T1: He was hit by a drive counter.
P1.T2: That shot nearly reaches the same speed as a full accelerated smash, with 300km/h.
P2.T1: And that hit his eye...
P3.T1: Shit, my vision is blurry.
P3.T2: Though I still can make out the course.
P6.B1: 19 - 18.
P6.B2: Ho- How dirty...
P6.B3: They're aiming for Anan.
P7.B1: Understandable. It's common sense to aim at the weakest spot.
P1.T1: But what if the other side would have been hit?
P1.T2: You would also aim for him then, right?
P2.T1: Just how heartless
P3.T1: can one get in a match-----
P4.B1: !
P5.B1: 19 - 19.
P6.B1: Good, lucky!!
P7.B1: Is it worrying you?
P7.B2: Well...
P7.B3: A bit...
P7.B4: It's not your fault. Accidents like that happen all the time.
P1.B1: We all could have faced the same situation. Don't let it get you.
P1.B2: Therefore, // only think about winning!!
P3.B1: Is it alright to continue this match?
P3.B2: Mh? Why not? The Ref said it was alright.
P4.B1: But it's really interesting.
P4.B2: It's a given that it'll be a fierce match if even player face each other,
P5.B1: but those four are specially fierce!
P5.B2: Imada-san seems to be in a good mood.
P6.B1: Their accuracy, their tricky plays and their persistence in chasing the shuttlecock,
P6.B2: like they're born to play badminton.
P1.B1: What Japan needs are player like them!!
P4.B1: 20 - 19, match point!
P5.B1: Yay! One more!
P6.T1: He can't see well after all...
P7.B1: Damn.
P7.B2: Anan.
P8.B1: Are smashes the only shots you can't see?
P8.B2: ...
P1.B1: Yeah....If they aren't fast I can manage....
P1.B2: Then let's do it like this:
P1.B3: You'll take the front and I the back. Even if we play high out, we stay like that. [Note: Usually you switch to side-to-side play when you are on the defense. And playing high sets your opponent on the offensive, therefore yourself on the defense.]
P2.B1: ...!
P2.B2: How about that? Wanna try?
P3.B1: Well, that's our only hope...
P3.B2: Okay, then it's decided.
P5.T1: I can't measure the distance to the net.
P5.T2: Before I do a mistake...
P6.B1: Damn!!
P2.B1: !?
P3.T1: They aren't switching
P3.Box1: Defense formation
P3.T2: to side-to-side!?
P4.T1: You're wide open!
P1.B1: A straight return.
P2.T1: You plan to defend by yourself!?
P3.T1: Then another!!
P4.B1: I'll return it close to the net...!!
P1.B1: Kyaaa!!
P4.B1: Damn....
P5.B1: 20 - 20!
P1.B1: So friggin close~~~~!
P1.B2: Really lucky~~
P1.B3: That was bad for my heart...
P2.B1: Ahahaha, nice one! // They can't return that.
P2.B2: *thump* // *thump*
P2.B3: Wow, that was close....
P3.B1: Now it's extension. // Those with two points ahead, win.
P4.B1: Leave the back to me. // You only worry about short plays.
P5.B1: ....
P6.B1: We'll be fine! // I'll get them all!!
P6.B2: ...
P7.B1: He totally isn't doubting, // that I would make a mistake...
P7.B2: Okay, let's go!
P8.T1: And I also
P1.T1: believe that Shouta
P1.T2: will pull it through.
P4.B1: Ug... // Meh~~~
P5.B1: I thought the game was set when he got hit,
P5.B2: but those two are quite persistent.
P5.Above: *Top-back: Offensive formation where to player stand vertically in a row.
P6.B1: I think it's pretty reckless just to play with top-back*.
P6.B2: Though by cutting down the role of the injured one, returning got easier,
P1.B1: it increases the burden on the other one instead.
P2.B1: Not good. He's oppressed.
P2.B2: A smash return!
P2.B3: Another point!
P2.B4: Hang in there! [small text] Ah! [/small text]
P3.B1: Wow---!
P4.B1: I have decided! // I'll enter Toujo Daini!!
P4.B2: Eh!?
P6.B1: Wah!
P6.B2: Shit, that was close.
P8.B1: Damn.
P1.B1: Shoot, Shouta!!

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