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Smash! 95

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Apr 14, 2011 14:32 | Go to Smash!

-> RTS Page for Smash! 95

Smash! Chapter 95:

P1.B1: You got a cute face for sure.
P3.B1: I bet you're popular with the girls.
P3.B2: N- No, not really.
P4.B1: Such a lie.
P4.B2: Hey,
P5.B1: have you kissed before?
P6.T1: Eh---!?
P7.T1: Uwaaaa
P1.T1: Wait a min----!!
P1.T2: #95: Reasons
P4.B1: ...
P1.B1: Yu- Yuuhi!!
P3.B1: I was just teasing him.
P3.B2: Like with a younger brother.
P4.B1: Why are you cowering!?
P5.B1: Yuuhi asked me
P5.B2: to get you, since she wanted to talk.
P6.B1: Eh...
P1.B1: ....
P3.B1: You met the sports writer Sasano-san, right?
P3.B2: Ah, yes. // Him.
P3.B3: Yuuhi is being chased by him for a while now.
P4.B1: He says he's collecting data concerning badminton,
P4.B2: but it seems he has taken a fancy to Yuuhi.
P6.B1: OF course Yuuhi doesn't want to resurrect her past, // nor does she want to make a big deal of it.
P6.B2: But somehow he got wind of Yuuhi's family circumstances.
P1.B1: He wants to make her a tragic heroine.
P3.B1: So she was worried it would cause you trouble, if it gets out that you're dating.
P4.B1: I also thought it would be better for you not to know,
P4.B2: so I told her not to speak with you in public.
P5.B1: And why isn't her cellphone connecting...?
P6.B1: Ah! It broke, since I washed it. // And then we thought we might as well get her a new model.
P6.B2: But we were pretty busy and haven't gone to the store yet, right Yuuhi?
P7.B1: Then...
P8.Box1: Sorry for keeping it from you.
P2.B1: I- I'm so glad..! // That you didn't come to hate me me..!!
P3.B1: I thought you wanted to break up...
P3.B2: I had lost my will to live...!!
P4.B1: M- My heart...!!
P4.B2: Ahahaha
P5.B1: Good for you, Yuuhi! // He isn't angry!!
P5.B2: Eh.
P1.B1: Yuuhi was also worried that you would start hating her, if she acted so cold. // She wanted to resolve this fast and begged me.
P2.B1: Okay,
P2.B2: now that the misunderstanding is cleared,
P3.B1: I'll go get something to drink for a bit.
P4.B1: Just for a bit, you know.
P4.B2: Y- Yes.
P5.B1: ...
P6.Box1: I'm really sorry...!!
P6.B1: Don'T worry.
P7.B1: But...
P8.B1: Next time, I wish...
P8.B2: you come to me first...
P1.B1: I might not be all that reliable, // but I still want you to come to me.
P3.B1: If not...
P3.B2: I feel a bit lonely.
P10.B1: Wah!
P2.B1: ...
P3.B1: This is risky!
P3.B2: Hey... Yuuhi.
P3.B3: I understand. I understand, so...
P6.T1: This is really...
P1.T1: risky!!
P1.B1: *knock* *knock*
P1.B2: !!!
P2.B1: Done with reconciling?
P2.B2: Y- Yes.
P2.B3: All done.
P2.B4: Perfectly.
P5.B1: *smirk*
P6.B1: You're in a really good mood.
P6.B2: Eh, Wh- Why?
P7.B1: You were laughing in your sleep.
P7.B2: Ehehehehe
P7.B3: Eeeeh.
P8.B1: Considering how miserably we lost yesterday, quite arrogant...
P1.B1: Take it a bit more serious. // We have to be fully concentrated to advance our techniques.
P1.B2: Do you really understand why we're here?
P1.B3: Yes, sorry...
P1.B4: I'll do so.
P3.B1: Ah, morning, Ryuunosuke.
P4.B1: Fast-Eating-Battle!!
P5.B1: Eh!?
P5.B2: Anan-kun, give the signal.
P6.B1: What? Eh? You're doing it?
P7.B1: Ready---
P2.B1: Go!!
P4.T1: Mhm... Ryuunosuke is being rather fair.
P4.T2: He took the same menu as Shouta.
P4.T3: Well, not like I even care a tiny bit about this.
P6.B1: *burp*
P7.B1: Victory!!
P8.B1: Uwa, disgusting. He vomitted.
P2.B1: Aww--- Damn, that was horrible...
P2.B2: Just wait, Shouta~~ THe real battle starts now~~
P2.B3: Eh~~~
P3.T1: But I have no choice.
P3.T2: I can't go easy on him.
P3.B1: Sorry, Ryuunosuke.
P4.B1: Ah, Yuuhi-chan!
P4.B2: ...
P4.B3: What a simpleton...
P1.Box1: Boy's singles: Azuma Shouta Vs.
P1.Box2: Sawamoto Shou.
P3.B1: Good game.
P4.B1: You're Azuma-kun... right?
P4.B2: Why weren't you at the last interhigh?
P5.B1: Ah, I was injured, so...
P6.B1: Mhm.
P7.B1: To me you look fairly avarage,
P1.B1: so what did you do, to make Koga so angry? // It's nearly like he's ready to attack you any time.
P2.B1: Well~ I don't really know.
P3.B1: If you want to get friendly with him, you'll have to let him win.
P3.B2: I don't really want to get friendly with him...
P4.T1: Anyway,
P4.T2: I need to accumulate wins---!!
P1.B1: We'll have them all play each other. // Make sure to record it all.
P1.B2: Okay.
P2.T1: He was the runner-up in the Interhigh...
P2.T2: If I can't win against him...
P2.T3: I'll be removed from the U-19 Team...!
P3.T1: I'll win!!
P3.B1: 0 - 0, Play!!

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