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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Smash! 98

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Apr 14, 2011 14:33 | Go to Smash!

-> RTS Page for Smash! 98

Smash! Chapter 98:

P1.T1: Tears
[no text]
P1.T1: She's
P1.T2: really fast.
P2.T1: Her plays are precise and bold.
P3.B1: That's out.
P4.B1: *plop*
P5.T1: It was in!
P6.T1: It wasn't such
P6.T2: an awesome play, but I still didn't get it.
P8.T1: That's what you call----
P8.T2: talent, huh.
P1.B1: Yamato.
P1.B2: *Mpf* // *Mpf*
P1.B3: *Mpf* // *Mpf*
P2.B1: Been a while.
P3.B1: "Been a while"? I greeted you before.
P4.B1: That was just greeting. // I meant it's been a while since we talked properly.
P4.B2: Were you avoiding me, 'cause you were afraid I would tell you again that you're noisy?
P4.B3: No, not really...
P5.B1: When you went back home, you didn't even contact me, nor came to see me. // If you hate me, just say so.
P5.B2: That's not the case!
P6.B1: Then why didn't you contact me?
P6.B2: Eh--- [small text] Well... [/small text]
P1.B1: Yamato is in trouble.
P1.B2: Nah, that's fine.
P2.B1: They know each other since middle school. // They're always like that.
P2.B2: Mhm.
P3.B1: She's Hayasaka-san, one year older. // She was the strongest player in the club in middle school.
P3.B2: At that time, Yamato pretty much sucked, so she trained him a lot.
P4.B1: Together with Yamato's sister, we four often played together.
P4.B2: Mhm.
P5.B1: Sounds fun.
P6.B1: Eh?
P6.B2: Because you were smiling.
P7.B1: ...
P7.B2: Haru, do you have a spare grip tapes? // If so, can you give me one?
P1.B1: No, I haven't.
P1.B2: Ah, I have some.
P2.B1: I'll give them you later.
P2.B2: Thanks, Sawamoto-kun.
P3.B1: Hayasaka-senpai....
P3.B2: teased me again...!!
P4.B1: Why is she always like that. // Does she hate me....
P5.B1: Isn't it the opposite?
P5.B2: Basically, her teasing you means,
P5.B3: Stop it, no use. Like Yamato would understand such complex things.
P6.B1: She's snuggling onto you.
P6.B2: You call that snuggling!?
P1.B1: She's always lecturing me!! // And scolding!!
P1.B2: She won't let go until I apologize---!!
P1.B3: Hey, got a minute?
P3.B1: I brought the grip tape.
P4.B1: Oh, thanks.
P4.B2: You saved me.
P6.B1: Hey, Sawamoto, // are you in the same school as Koga?
P6.B2: No, I'm not.
P7.B1: Since elementary school, we played often against each other in tournaments. // Since we were both in the best 8.
P7.B2: And our fathers played doubles together in the past.
P7.B3: Ohhh.
P1.B1: Whenever we played against each other, Koga got all fired up, // and cried when he lost.
P1.B2: Eeh!? // That Koga was!?
P3.B1: In my second year of middle school, I lost to him for the first time.
P4.B1: How's that? // Now you know my skill.
P6.B1: That was a gag...?
P6.B2: No, he was pretty serious.
P7.B1: At that time I was in bad condition and pretty shocked, // but when I saw Koga was even more shocked, my spirit lifted.
P7.B2: You sure got friendly, Sawamoto.
P1.B1: My very first impression of him was the worst!! // Totally unsocial and cold.
P1.B2: What are you saying, it was your fault.
P2.B1: Because you were making fun of badminton by calling it "Battledore and Shuttlecock" at our first encounter.
P2.B2: I was still inexperienced back then.
P3.B1: Shortly after that, you requested a game, // and lost miserably.
P3.B2: Ah-- You really got me back then. [small text] A total fail. [/small text]
P4.B1: Shouta!!
P4.B2: Next battle.
P5.B1: Uwa. He came again.
P6.B1: What is it this time...?
P6.B2: Fast-Drinking-Battle!!
P1.B1: I'm pretty stuffed though...
P2.B1: Eh.
P2.B2: Eh.
P2.B3: Ready---
P3.B1: GO!!
P4.B1: Ohhh! They started simultaneous.
P4.B2: Their speed is the same too.
P5.B1: Go, go, go! // Fight on, both!!
P7.B1: Yes!
P1.B1: It's Shouta's win!!
P1.B2: What!?
P1.B3: ...
P2.B1: I emptied it earlier!
P2.B2: But Shouta raised his hand faster.
P3.B1: You're being favorable here!
P3.B2: I'm not.
P3.T1: Please be...
P4.B1: Yeah, Shouta was faster.
P4.B2: You were a bit slower since you were gulping.
P4.B3: ......!!!
P5.B1: Damnit....!!
P6.B1: I don't know what you're battling over...
P7.B1: but wouldn't be a badminton match the best?
P1.B1: ...You got a point there.
P1.B2: Why did he say that...
P3.B1: I'm bored of games, // so we'll compete in lifitng up the shuttleock.
P3.B2: ...Okay.
P4.B1: I wanna sleep~~~
P4.B2: And I can't lose on purpose~~~
P4.B3: Be grateful I stick around.
P5.B1: Ready---
P6.B1: Go!!
P2.B1: ?
P3.B1: What are they doing?
P4.B1: Seeing who can hold on longer.
P5.B1: ...
P6.B1: Good timing.
P6.B2: Haru, play a bit with me?
P7.B1: Just shot from the center.
P7.B2: Okay.
P1.B1: ...
P2.B1: Ah.
P3.B1: !!
P4.B1: Wah.
P6.B1: ...
P6.B2: A draw!!
P6.B3: ...
P3.T1: Ahahahaha
P1.B1: Sorry for interrupting you.
P2.B1: Why did you came to the gym?
P3.B1: Somehow, I couldn't calm down.
P4.B1: A boy younger is better than me, my grades aren't that good,
P4.B2. and I don't seem to make any progress.
P4.B3: Nothing good is happening.
P5.B1: You sure are lucky. You seem to have fun.
P6.B1: You'll immediately tease me like that.
P8.B1: You're alwys acting high, just because you're older, // I don't know if you're relieving stress,
P9.B1: but if it pisses you have seeing me, then avoid me. // I'm sick of you nagging at me.
P1.B1: !!
P2.T1: Who do you think you're talking to!?
P3.B1: ...
P4.B1: Huh?
P5.B1: You... // always get better at anything...
P6.B1: You don't understand the feelings of someone who can't get better,
P6.B2: despite a lot of training, do you?
P7.B1: ~~~~
P8.B1: How could I, with you saying stuff like that.
P9.B1: Yeah, // I understand.
P9.B2: That I'm pathetic...
P10.B1: I was just
P10.B2: releasing my stress onto you.
P1.B1: Sorry....
P4.B1: ...
P5.B1: No way...
P6.B1: How can this be~~~!?
P7.B1: Hey, Shouta!
P7.B2: Next battle is Shogi!!
P7.B3: Just leave me alone already~~!!

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