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Smash! 100

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Apr 14, 2011 14:34 | Go to Smash!

-> RTS Page for Smash! 100

Smash! Chapter 100:

P2.B1: Shouta--- // Then hit some balls during lunch break.
P2.B2: Good idea.
P3.B1: You come too, Miwa.
P5.T1: Azuma spotted!! [small text] Kya~~~ It's been a while~~ [/small text]
P1.T1: #100: Youngesters
[no text]
P2.B1: How was the training camp?
P4.B1: Why did invite her too?
P4.B2: Why not?
P5.B1: If I'm a bother, I can leave.
P1.B1: Now, now.
P1.B2: Let's practice some hairpins together.
P2.B1: *plop*
P2.B2: It was a training camp, but it was fun. // We made new friends too.
P3.B1: I'm envious
P3.B2: *plop*
P3.B3: Being around so many strong players.
P4.B1: But it was pretty tiring.
P4.B2: Not for me.
P5.B1: Yamato and Haru were there too, right?
P5.B2: Were they well?
P9.B1: Of course, he was energetic as always.
P9.B2: Same goes for Haru.
P1.B1: ...
P1.B2: I'm glad.
P2.B1: ....
P3.B1: I bet you keep in touch per mail with him.
P3.B2: Why didn't you asked him directly?
P4.B1: I'm not keeping in touch with him.
P4.B2: If you're worried about his wellbeing,
P4.B3: how about you pay him a visit?
P5.B1: Why? I was just asking.
P5.B2: I wonder.
P6.B1: What's with that tone?
P3.B1: Aww, I wanna be there too~~~ // But still...
P4.T1: him entering the U-19 team makes him
P5.T1: even more handsome~~~~ <3
P1.B1: Calm donw, you two. Don't fight.
P2.B1: [small text] Ah, [/small text] He- Hello.
P3.B1: Huh? // All first-years.
P3.B2: What brings you here?
P3.B3: Ah, yeah, well.
P4.B1: We're practicing during lunch break too.
P4.B2: We want to get better fast.
P5.B1: Great.
P5.B2: Then, let's give you some pointers.
P6.B1: Eh? // Really?
P6.B2: Wow.
P6.B3: Kyaa, amazaing.
P1.B1: Damn I'm too late.
P1.B2: I missed my chance to join.
P5.B1: Mhm. // Let's see.
P6.B1: You're controlling the game. // You play good courses and to good places.
P1.B1: You think of your partner when you shot, // that's good.
P1.B2: So carry more confidence.
P3.B1: If you're more aggressively at the front, the opponent can't attack. // So don't be scared, and go with all you have.
P4.B1: ...
P4.B2: Okay.
P4.B3: I understand.
P5.B1: Thank you.
P2.B1: You two react to slow to the shuttlecock.
P2.B2: If you don't react faster, you don't have the advantage.
P3.B1: ....
P4.B1: Umm...
P5.B1: What do we need to do...
P5.B2: to make our reaction faster?
P7.B1: Think about that yourself.
P7.B2: Don't ask others for everything.
P1.B1: Once you enter the court, you can only rely on yourself.
P1.B2: If you don't think for yourself, you can't win!!
P2.B1: ...
P3.B1: S-
P3.B2: Sorry...
P4.B1: ~~~
P5.B1: U-
P5.B2: Ugg.
P6.T1: He made her cry!!
P7.T1: ...
P8.B1: Ahh--
P1.B1: Crying now,
P1.B2: or crying after you lost a game, what do you think is better?
P2.T1: He's a devil----!!
P3.B1: !!
P4.B1: I-
P4.B2: I don't want to // lose.
P5.B1: I-
P5.B2: I want to win!!
P7.B1: Then I'll teach you a trick at the net.
P7.B2. But just some hints.
P7.B3: Y- Yes.
P1.B1: Grr~~~ I'm so envious~~~
P1.B2: They getting teached by Shouta-kun~~ [side text] Not fair!! [/side text]
P2.T1: I just need to go in casually....
P3.B1: Okay, here I go!!
P4.B1: Ah---
P5.B1: Azuma-senpai....!?
P6.B1: Why are you teaching the girls?
P6.B2: "Why".... ? // It just happened....?
P1.B1: That's not fair!!
P1.B2: Please teach me too!
P2.B1: Well....
P2.T1: "Not fair"...
P2.B2: You don't need to shout, I'll do it.
P3.B1: I missed my timing again...
P4.B1: Umm, well, // then how about we play a singles?
P4.B2: Y- Yes. // Please!!
P4.T1: Shouta's
P4.T2: movements became even smoother.
P4.T3: Since he has more time, his shots get preciser too.
P5.B1: Wow.
P5.B2: They're all barely inside.
P5.B3: Virtuosity!!
P1.T1: Shouta
P1.T2. manages to master plays in a few days
P1.T3: that take me a year to master.
P2.T1: He's amazing...
P6.B1: You got better, Taiyou-kun.
P6.B2: No... / I lost...
P6.B3: Your classic mistakes decreased too.
P7.B1: Really?
P7.B2: Yeah, specially your persistence. // You're letting the opponent a hard time.
P8.Sfx: *Ding Dong*
P9.B1: Then, see you later.
P9.B2: Thank you very much!!
P1.B1: GWAAR. I didn't go in~~~~!!
P2.B1: Shouta is really amazing. // He got even stronger.
P3.B1: At the training camp, // he realized something.
P3.B2: It seems he has found his resolve.
P4.B1: At the interhigh he'll lead our team,
P4.B2: as the ace.
P6.B1: I bet we'll met the Yamato and the others at the interhigh, // if they made it there.
P1.B1: Who are you going to cheer on?
P4.B1: Of course you and Shouta.
P4.B2: We're on the same team.
P5.B1: Why are you asking that? // I already told you I would always cheer for you.
P6.B1: I wonder about that.
P8.B1: If you're doubting me that bad, // then I'll give you a kiss if you win!!
P2.T1: Argh, what am I saying---?
P3.T1: As if I that would be proof, Idiot!
P3.T2: Is what he will say!
P4.T1: Geh, so embarrsing. I feel stupid~~~
P5.B1: ...
P5.B2: ?
P6.B1: You're serious!?
P6.B2: !?
P1.B1: You said it!
P1.B2: It's a promise!!
P2.T1: Wh-
P2.T2: What with him!?
P3.B1: Don't go back on it later!!
P3.B2: Got it!?
P4.B1: ...
P6.B1: Y-
P6.B2: Yeah.
P1.B1: ...
P1.B2: Okay----!!
P2.B1: ...
P5.T1: N-
P6.T1: No way----!!
P1.B1: I didn't thought I would to have to play a singles...
P1.B2: I swearted quite a bit---
P1.Box1: His bad is stored in the locker.
P2.B1: *wash* // *wash*
P2.B2: *wash*
P4.B1: Mh? Thanks.
P4.B2: Huh?
P6.B1: You...
P7.B1: Thank you...
P7.B2: for teaching me earlier.
P1.B1: I- I need to speak at least a word with Shouta!
P1.B2: I have to find him.
P2.B1: Mh?
P4.B1: Gah, why am I always too late today?
P5.B1: You're amazing, Azuma-senpai.
P5.B2: Just with seeing me play once, you pointed out so much...
P6.B1: Eh? // Well.
P7.B1: It was pretty obvious...
P7.B2: so I don't think it was such a big deal.
P7.B3: No!! It wasn't obvious at all!!
P1.B1: I was
P1.B2: a bit aware of my mistakes.
P2.B1: So I was always a bit lost about my shots.
P3.B1: So when you told me I played good, I was happy.
P4.B1: You were the first one to tell me so.
P4.B2: Can I come ask you for advice again?
P5.B1: Of course.
P6.B1: Can we play together next time?
P6.B2: Yeah.
P7.B1: ....
P8.B1: Can I...
P1.B1: fall in love with you?
P2.B1: !!!
P4.B1: Th- // That...
P2.Box1: Interhigh qualifications starting.

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