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Translations: Bleach 640 by cnet128 , Gintama 556 by kewl0210 , One Piece 796 by cnet128

Smash! 103

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Apr 14, 2011 14:34 | Go to Smash!

-> RTS Page for Smash! 103

Smash! Chapter 103:

P2.T1: #103: Elite
P4.B1: Grr.
P4.B1: They solely aim for him.
P4.B2: Yeah.
P5.B1: With things like that, he can only solve it himself.
P5.B2: He needs to be persistent.
P1.B1: 14 - 14!
P2.B1: Hell yeah, we can do it!
P2.B2: We just have to aim for the first-year.
P3.B1: I had my worries when I heard we're against their first doubles,
P4.B1: but it's not their usual Azuma - Hashiba pair, so no problem.
P4.B2: We might really win this.
P7.B1: ~~~~!!
P8.B1: What is Kaito doing, that idiot! // Tons of simple mistakes!!
P8.B2: He might be pretty distressed.
P1.B1: Why is he doing so bad? He's pairing up with Azuma-senpai!!
P1.B2: Especially now he has to play full power, right?
P2.B1: ...
P3.B1: Well...
P4.B1: Logically seen, that's true...
P5.B1: It's... worse than I thought.
P5.B2: Yeah.
P6.B1: Why did you pair those two up?
P7.B1: While Kaito is good player,
P7.B2: he still does basic mistakes.
P1.B1: Meaning?
P2.B1: He has a wall called "no self-confidence" before him.
P2.B2: It happens often, or?
P3.B1: Good players are always seeking quality.
P3.B2: But no matter how much you raise, there'll be a next level.
P3.B3: To others it may seem like you're already perfect, // but you know better yourself. You think subconsciously "I can't win".
P4.B1: That's a really problematic thought and can only be rewritten // by yourself and no one else.
P5.B1: So... how you do that...?
P7.B1: Your true mind that awaits you behind those thought,
P1.B1: can only be found when you're cornered.
P2.T1: Damnit!!
P3.T1: It shouldn't be like this!
P3.T2: I'm way better.
P4.T1: Way stronger.
P4.T2: At least stronger than those two.
P1.T1: So why am I doing so much mistakes!?
P2.T1: Since my parents were playing badminton,
P2.T2: I also got training since elementary school.
P3.T1: I trained and trained, became number one of my team
P3.T2: and produced good result in games.
P4.T1: I never played games I was bound to lose.
P4.T2: Why bother if I can't win.
P5.T1: There is no value in loses.
P5.T2: That's right,
P6.T1: I love badminton, because I win.
P1.B1: Game set!!
P1.B2: 21 - 17, 15 - 21, 21 -19. // Winner: Seijou High School!!
P3.B1: Don't kid me, Kaito!!
P3.B2: What was that pathetic game!?
P4.B1: ...
P5:B1: You betrayed everyone's expectations.
P5.B2: It was a total mental lost.
P5.B3: Reflect right now!
P6.B1: ...
P7.B1: You have it nice.
P7.B2: With no expectations on you.
P8.B1: So you can shout like that. How easy-going.
P1.B1: ....!!
P3.B1: ...
P4.B1: Till now
P4.B2: I always respected you.
P4.B3: You're strong...
P5.B1: and have talent. I was jealous of you.
P5.B2: But
P6.B1: you're no use in crucial times.
P7.B1: I clearly understand that talent is not everything.
P8.B1: I'll
P8.B2: definitely
P1.B1: become stronger than you!!
P4.B1: ....
P4.B2: Damn...
P4.B3: Stupid Taiyou...
P5.B1: Saying what he wants...
P5.B2: Not considering my position.
P6.B1: Just putting hopes on me. // Telling me to win.
P6.B2: And badmouthing me if I lose.
P7.B1: .... // Damn.
P7.B2: I won't ever...
P1.T1: play such a disgusting game again----!!
P1.B1: Winner: Toujo Daini High School!!
P2.B1: First point!!
P3.B1: You did well, Kawaguchi-kun. Nice!!
P3.B2: Ehe, thanks.
P4.B1: You're tall, so I can leave both the front and the back to you with ease. //It was pleasant to play with you!
P4.B2: It's thanks to your game making that we won!!
P5.B1: Captain...
P6.B1: Th- Thank you.
P6.B2: First time I was praised like that.
P7.B1: Okay, I'm next!
P7.B2: Here I go!!
P1.B1: He seems in good form.
P1.B2: Yeah.
P2.B1: The girls won both doubles. // Miwa is playing the next singles.
P2.Box1: Mail with Ebisawa.
P2.B2: ...
P3.B1: Point!
P3.B2: Nice one!!
P4.T1: Till now she always played in a safe way.
P4.T2: But this year, she came to play more daring.
P5.T1: She doesn't lose her concentration
P5.T2: and is even more persistent.
P1.T1: This summer
P1.T2: she will be our ace.
P2.B1: Yay!
P3.B1: Now the score is 2 - 1.
P3.B2: One more!!
P4.B1: Will he be fine?
P4.Box1: Warming up
P4.B2: At least he's fired up.
P5.B1: *Ring*
P6.B1. Anan.
P1.B1: Miwa won. // That's their third win, so they advances to the next round.
P2.B1: I see.
P3.B1: Shouta.
P3.B2: Mh?
P4.B1: Just to make sure, // there is nothing between you guys, right?
P4.B2: Huh?
P5.B1: Ah! You mean Miwa?
P6.B1: Well, yeah. We're just childhood friends, why?
P7.B1: ...
P7.B2: I have a promise with her.
P8.B1: ?
P8.B2: About?
P1.B1: I love
P1.B2: her.
P3.B1: Ahahahahaha
P5.B1: Seems like it will be decided in the third singles.
P5.B2: Yeah...

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