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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Smash! 106

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Apr 14, 2011 14:35 | Go to Smash!

-> RTS Page for Smash! 106

Smash! Chapter 106:

[no text]
#106: Jealousy
#107: Mile stone
#108: Last Interhigh
#109: Serious
#110: Mental
#111: Ace
#112: Rival
#113: Temper
#114: The top
#115: Photo
P1.T1: #106: Jealousy
P2.B1: Ah.
P3.B1: Morning, Kaito-kun.
P5.B1: Good morning.
P6.B1: Tomorrow it finally starts, // are you fit?
P1.B1: Well, // guess okay.
P1.B2: Good.
P3.B1: ...
P4.B1: For you first-years it must be hard, // but it'll be a good experience.
P5.B1: Give your best!!
P7.B1: *plop*
P8.B1: Ah.
P2.B1: Next one!
P2.B2: Taiyou, get on the court!!
P3.B1: Yes.
P7.B1: Hasn't // Taiyoi's play changed?
P7.B2: Mh?
P1.T1: He changed.
P2.T1: Until now,
P2.T2: he only relied on power.
P3.T1: But now
P3.T2: he aims precisely.
P4.B1: I'll decided it with a flashy smash!
P4.B2: It's way cooler this way.
P4.B3: ....
P5.T1: I thought he would never get better with that crude way of his.
P7.T1: Even if it means to copy a style
P1.T1: he'll do everything that's necessary to win.
P2.T1: He's serious----!!
P2.B1: Is Nasu here?
P3.B1: Ah,
P3.B2: Yes.
P4.B1: Uwaa~~ He came for her~~
P4.B2: Hashiba-senpai is scary~~~
P5.B1: Here I wrote what you need to pay attention to in normal training and in matches. // Read it properly.
P5.B2: Y- Yes.
P6.B1: And instead of using the dryer forever, better eat breakfast.
P6.B2: Eh!?
P7.B1: Wh- Why do you know I haven't eaten breakfast?
P1.B1: Just look at what you ate for lunch.
P1.B2: Too much for a normal appetite.
P2.B1: If you don't eat properly, you can't perform 100% in the afternoon. // Games normally start in the mornings.
P3.B1: And if you continue like this,
P3.B2: you'll get fat.
P4.B1: He said the unthinkable to her...
P4.B2: Scary... He's really scary...
P5.B1: I- I'll be more careful from now on.
P6.B1: Why are you so serious about this?
P6.B2: This is just normal.
P1.B1: ...
P1.B2: I don't actually have one caring for me,
P2.B1: so I came to do everything by myself.
P5.B1: Anan-kun is with Nasu-san?
P8.T1: He's laughing...
P1.B1: Shouta!
P1.B2: Mh?
P2.B1: S- Say,
P2.B2: Those two...
P2.B3: Mh? Who?
P3.B1: They...
P4.B1: Ah!
P4.B2: Anan and that first-year.
P5.B1: They're interesting---
P5.B2: It seems Anan is worried about her.
P5.B3: And training her.
P5.B4: Mhm----
P6.B1: He's...
P6.B2: close to her...
P8.B1: *Mmpf* // *Mmpf*
P8.B2: ...
P9.B1: Does it bother you?
P10.B1: It doesn't!
P1.T1: "I love her"
P1.T2: It surprised me that Anan suddenly declared that.
P2.T1: I'm sure he told me it
P2.T2: because Miwa and I are childhood friends.
P3.T1: Seeing him so dutiful, made me really laugh.
P3.B1: Still funny, thinking back.
P4.B1: If it bothers you that much, talk with him about it.
P4.B2: I told you it doesn't bother me!!
P5.B1: Okamoto-senpai.
P6.B1: Kaito-kun.
P7.B1: You dropped this in the morning.
P7.B2: Eh?
P1.B1: A stuffed animal like that...
P1.B2: Eh? Really?
P1.T1: Ultra rare mini mascot
P1.Box1: Badminton Rabbit-kun
P2.B1: You picked it up?
P2.B2: It's my favorite one.
P2.B3: I'm so glad----!!
P3.B1: It's in my bad right now, // I'll give it to you later.
P4.B1: Then I'll wait for you at the vending machines. // Thanks----
P4.B2: ....
P7.B1: What you need?
P1.B1: Huh?
P2.B1: Wh- Why are you...
P3.B1: You wanted something from me, right?
P3.B2: Eh? // Eh!?
P4.B1: Miwa has something to say to you.
P4.B2: ?
P6.T1: Shouta-----!!
P6.B1: How could he----
P6.B2: Good luck.
P1.B1: I-
P1.B2: I don't... really have anything....
P2.B1: HUH!?
P3.B1: ....
P4.B1: You're rather...
P4.B2: close with Nasu-san...?
P6.B1: Idiot.
P6.B2: She's just a junior.
P7.B1: She's like a sister to me. // A sister who need strict education.
P9.B1: You don't have a sister! // And you ignore all the male juniors!
P9.B2: What was that?
P1.B1: Don't misunderstand. I'll teach every idiot, be it a girl or a boy!!
P1.B2: You say that when you only teach a cute girl?
P2.B1: Is that how you see me?
P3.B1: ....
P4.B1: Sorry, I'm a bit late, // Okamoto-senpai.
P6.B1: !!
P7.B1: We're not done yet.
P8.B1: Okamoto-senpai?
P1.B1: Mh?
P1.B2: Did she leave already...?
P3.B1: Whatever. Another time then.
P4.B1: ...
P4.B2: *clack*
P3.B1: Ah...
P3.B2: Anan...-kun...
P1.B1: Umm.... // I....
P1.B2: have to go...
P2.B1: to training...
P2.B2: So?
P3.B1: Your answer is?
P5.B1: Eh...
P6.T1: No way...

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