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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Smash! 115

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Apr 14, 2011 14:37 | Go to Smash!

-> RTS Page for Smash! 115

Smash! Chapter 115:

P2.B1: My hair isn't sticking up. // My lips aren't coarse.
P2.B2: And not pimples either.
P4.B1: [side text] Ah--- [/side text] I'm nervous.
P1.T1: #115: Photo
P1.B1: Since Anan-kun gets angry if I'm late,
P1.B2: I'll just get there ten minutes early.
P3.T1: ----Dun, he's already here-----!!
P3.B1: !!
P1.B1: Mo-
P1.B2: Morning.
P2.B1: Yo.
P3.B1: You're early.
P3.B2: Yeah?
P5.T1: Ah, good.
P5.T2: He's in a good mood today.
P6.B1: Then let's go.
P6.B2: Ye- Yeah.
P7.T1: Uwa-- What should I do?
P7.T2: I'm so nervous----
P7.B1-5: *thump*
P1.B1: Morning---- // Shouta-kun<3
P2.B1: Good morning.
P2.B2: You recovered yet from yesterday?
P2:B3: Yeah. I'm back to 100%!!
P3.B1: Good thing the weather is great today. // I brought my own camera so we can take a lot of pictures.
P3.B2: She's so energetic.
P4.B1: Look!
P4:B2: A digital monocular reflex camera!?
P1.B1: She's.... all fired up~~~
P1.B2: Shouta-kun, face this way----
P1.B3-4: *thump*
P2.B1: Kya-- Nice---
P3.T1: Well---
P3.B1: Strike some pose--
P4:B1: Show me your smile---<3
P5.B1: You're too close, Senpai.
P1.B1: Th- Th- Th- Th- Then, // you take some now, Shouta-kun!!
P1.B2: Okay.
P2.B1: Here I go.
P2.B2: It's a digital one, so take as many as you want!
P4.B1: Umm,
P4.B2: that's all fine, but...
P4.B3: Mh?
P5.B1: Weren't... we going to take one of us together?
P5.B2: Ah.
P6.B1: So we need to ask someone to take it for us.
P6.B2: ....
P3.B1: This is a date, right?
P3.B2: First time he invited me so directly.
P3.B3: And I mean, he....
P3.B4-6: *thump*
P4.B1: I'm serious.
P6.B1: He didn't say he likes me, // but I can take it that he does, right...?
P6.B2: U- Umm, // then that means....
P1.T1: It's mutual love!!! [small] right? [/small]
P3.T1: GYAAAAA What should I do----
P4.B1: Arg, what now, // that made me even more nervous.
P4.B2: *thump* // *thump* // *thump*
P1.B1: That movie,
P2.B1: was utterly incomprehensible!!
P3.B1: Why did the Aliens suddenly attack and kidnapped the children?
P3.B2: And that thing with the demon didn't help either.
P3:B3: Was that even necessary?
P3.B4: ...
P4.B1: And why was it the president who defeated the demon!?
P4.B2: He has that much time to spare?
P4:B3: What's the meaning of all this?
P4.B4: Better change the topic.
P4.B5: Do you need to do some shopping? [small text] Like for the coming matches...[small text]
P6.B1: Mhm, if you ask like that...
P6.B2: there are some things I need...
P6.B3: Th- Then let's go buy them,
P6.B4: okay?
P2.B1: Wah.
P3.B1: Ah.
P3.B2: Wait.
P3.B3: Anan-kun.
P3.B4: H- // Hey.
P4.B1: Why are you getting separated?
P4.T1: You a kid?
P4.T2: But...
P4.B2: You walked so fast. // Slow down a bit.
P5.B1: Let's go.
P6.B1: Eh.
P2.T1: Uwa-- What now?
P2.T2: We're holding hands for the first time~~~
P3.T1: S- So embarrassing----
P3.B1: I have no strength in hand left~~~
P6.T1: But...
P7.T1: I'm happy...
P1.B1: We bought quite a lot.
P2.B1: Well I had to. // Still,
P3.B1: there aren't much opportunities for us to be alone.
P3.B2: Huh?
P1.B1: Kyaaa----
P2.B1: Wh- What are you doing so suddenly----?
P2.B2: That scared me----
P2.B3: Oh, she hit him.
P2.B4: He tried to kiss her and gets a hit, huh.
P2.B5: HUH----- // Remember what you said about when I win? That's why we're here today....
P2.B6: Hang in there, boy.
P3.T1: Won the prefecture tournament. Advanced to the Interhigh
P4.B1: It wasn't...- // referring to the nationals....? [lol, way to go]
P6.T1: Number one in the nation....?
P6.B1: .....
P7.B1: Huh!? Aren't you setting the hurdle way too high!?
P7.B2: That's already more like a pole vault than a hurdle!!
P7.B3: Eeeh.
P1.B1: For now.
P3.B1: Purika all fun, but... // something is missing.
P4.B1: I want that kind of picture I can set up on my desk~~
P4.B2: Senpai.
P5.B1: Let's try taking one with the cell phone. Cheese!
P6.B1: Again, something is missing...
P6.T1: I'll save it though.
P6.B2: Then let's try this too.
P8.B1: With two people is so cramped here~~~
P8.B2: Ahahahahaha
P1.B1: Ah, it's starting.
P1.B2: Look here.
P2.B1: It takes four?
P2:B2: Ah, my eyes are closed.
P3.B1: Get a bit closer.
P3.B2: Eh
P3.B3: Come here.
P4.B1: Ouch.
P8.B1: Please wait 3 minutes.
P2.B1: Ah....
P2.B2: I- I'm sorry....
P2.B1: ....

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