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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Smash! 118

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Apr 14, 2011 14:38 | Go to Smash!

-> RTS Page for Smash! 118

Smash! Chapter 118:

P1.Box1: High School Individual Prefecture Qualification
P2.Box1: Individual Doubles winner: Azuma - Hashiba
P3.Box1: Individual Singles winner: Azuma Shouta.
P4.Box1: Runner-ups: Nohara - Kugayama
P5.Box1: Runner-up: Hashiba Anan
P1.T1: #118: Go, Training Camp!
P3.B1: It's our first time here.
P3.B2: Quite the nice place.
P3.B3: Everything looks new.
P3.B4: Hoo----
P2.B1: Just leave your bags here and assemble outside---
P2.B2: Yes.
P3.B1: Our goal this time is----
P4.B1: besides to train the basics, // to eliminate your weakness by more individual training.
P4.B2: Basically
P1.B1: when this training camp ends,
P1.B2: you all will have become stronger. [obviously.....]
P2.B1: Yes!!
P3.B1: Okay, Power up---!!
P3.B2: You're always so idiotic optimistic...
P5.T1: I have to
P5.T2: get even stronger.
P6.B1: Doesn't it sound exciting, // to get even stronger?
P6.B2: I'm scared of what we have to face before that.
P7.B1: He'll work us to the bone.
P1.B1: Let's get some jogging done while it's still fresh now.
P1.B2: You can rest and drink whenever you want.
P2.B1: Don't overdo it----
P2.B2: This might be easy.
P5.B1: I hate...
P5.B2: the slope of a mountain...
P5.B3: Geh----
P2.B1: Down-slope...
P2.B2: isn't any better...
P2.B3-5: Geh
P2.B6: I can't anymore~~~
P3.B1: I'll take a small break.
P3.B2: Me too.
P4.B1: Ah, I forget to mention---
P5.B1: the last three will have to run the same course again----
P1.B1: Oh--- Keep it up.
P2.B1: Coach, what distance is our running course?
P2.B2: Mh?
P3.B1: Well, it's one round around the mountain,
P3.B2: so about 20km, I think----
P4.T1: Tw- TWENTY KM!?
P5.B1: Hey! You're slacking!
P6.B1-4: Haa
P7.B1: The goal is near.
P7.B2: Yeah.
P1.B1: How about the one who comes in last of us, does the laundry of the others?
P1.B2: Huh?
P2.B1: Aah!
P3.B1: Uwaa--- // Please wait---
P4.B1: Waah.
P5.B1: Goal!
P5.B2: Waar.
P6.B1: Okay, good job.
P7.B1: Azuma, 2:10:15. [2 hours. HOLY COW]
P7.B2: Hashiba, 2:10:20.
P7.B3: Taiyou, 2:10:25.
P7.B4: Remember your own time----
P8.B1: If you aren't faster tomorrow, // you'll run the course again.
P4.B1: *pull*
P4.B2: *pull*
P1.B1: Then do the usual side step dashes.
P5.B1: You're too slow!!
P5.B2: Faster! Faster! FASTER!
P6.B1: Go, go, go, go, go, go!
P3.B1: All this and it's just lunch....
P3.B2: I fear the coming...
P3.B3: I have no appetite... [small text] But I need to eat something. [/small text]
P3.B4: I'm dead...
P4.Box1: 30 minute break
P4.T1: Pile of corpses
P5.B1-2: *chirp*
P2.B1: Look at this, Taiyou.
P3.B1: This your game at the qualification.
P4.B1: It's a back hit.
P5.B1: Here the same again.
P6.B1: And a third time.
P1.B1: Every time your form is messed up.
P1.B2: Yeah.
P2.B1: And this is from an Indonesian player.
P3.B1: The hit.
P4.B1: Same hit.
P5.B1: Another.
P7.B1: They're all the same, right?
P7.B2: ....
P8.B1: This precise form allows you to shot with easy. // Your stamina and reflexes are good already.
P1.B1: You can't win in a tournament with stamina and persistence alone.
P2.B1: That's why I'm going to teach you techniques.
P3.B1: Understood?
P4.B1: Yes!!
P5.B1: First comes the knock! // Feel every shot!!
P1.B1: You play singles, Kaito.
P2.B1: You will play against your seniors. Record all matches.
P2.B2: Yes.
P3.B1: You aren't allowed to rest,
P3.B2: until you win.
P4.B1: ....Eh?
P5.B1: Go it?
P6.B1: Y--
P6.B2: Yes!!
P7.B1: First game is against Azuma. // Get on the court, you both!
P7.B2: Yes!!
[no text]
P2.B1: Geh~~~~~~
P2.B2: I'm all sore~~~~
P3.B1: And this is gonna continue for 5 days.... despair.. // It's hell!!
P3.B2: You ran the same course again, Kugayama-senpai?
P4.B1: I did!!
P5.B1: What happened to Kaito?
P6.B1: He didn't win even one game.
P6.B2: Seems he took a shower and fell asleep. // He was pretty depressed.
P6.B3: I bet he was...
P1.B1: So scary...
P1.B2: I have no confidence I'll survive this...
P1.B3: Me too.
P1.B4: I should escape....
P1.B5: Ah, it seems the girls will be joining us tomorrow.
P3.B1: What---- // For real!?
P3.B2: Y- Yes.
P3.Box1: Heard from Miwa.
P4.B1: Great----
P4.B2: Suddenly I'm all fired up!!
P4.B3: I can pull this off!!
P4.B4: Me too---!!
P4.B5:Th- That's good...

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