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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Smash! 124.5

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Apr 14, 2011 14:40 | Go to Smash!

-> RTS Page for Smash! 124.5

Smash! Chapter Extra:

P1.T1: #Extra
P1.Box1: 40th
Arch: Tou-jou-Dai-ni-Culture-Festival
P2.B1: Wow, so lively.
P1.B1: Everyone put so much effort in the stands.
P1.B2: Since they got to show off today.
P2.B1: The events look interesting too.
P2.B2: Let's take a look later.
P3.B1: So, what are we doing?
P4.B1: The class rep said just to be // on time.
P5.B1: Ah.
P5.B2: The sports members came.
P6.B1: 'Sup---
P7.B1: I'll immediately put you to work.
P7.B2: Go to the kitchen on the first floor.
P7.B3: You baseball guys too.
P1.B1: Please cut all these.
P2.B1: Our class is doing a curry house.
P2.B2: You didn't know?
P3.T1: We didn't....
P4:B1: First you remove the skin with the peeler.
P4:B2: Peeler?
P4.B3: Pee-Pee?
P5.B1: This one.
P6.B1: Like this.
P6.B2: OHH.
P1.B1: Once you removed the skin----
P1.B2: cut them bite-sized.
P3.B1: Gyaaa
P3.B2: Hey---
P4.B1: Please don't hurt yourself.
P4.B2: The teacher will get angry.
P4.B3: How could you say that!
P5.B1: I'm a pitcher, you know.
P5.B2: I never used any cutting utensils.
P7.B1: No matter how famous our school is for sports,
P7.B2: aren't our athletes way too spoiled!?
P8.B1: Every student is obligated to participate in the school events.
P8.T1: Truth!!
P8.B2: Ugg...
P9.B1: You got a complain? You think you win your games, if you skip work?
P9.B2: Shuttup.
P1.B1: Just think of it has hard training, and give your best.
P1.B2: Yea, yeah. I'm doing it.
P2.B1: ....
P2.B2: *stare*
P2.B3: Ah, // Be careful.
P3.B1: You hold the knife like that.
P3.B2: And make the other hand a cat-pawn.
P5.B1: Somehow it turned into a lovely scene.
P5.B2: Wow, amazing, Anan-kun.
P6.B1: Better use your fingertips. Don't hesitate to use your head.
P6.B2: What am I? A kid?
P1.B1: We're done~~~~
P2.B1: That went faster than I thought.
P2.B2: Well, since we were so much.
P2.B3: My eyes because of the onions...
P3.B1: Thanks for the help. Cooking will be done by others.
P3.B2: So, please go and eat lunch.
P4.T1: Okay~
P4.B1: [small text] Aww [/small text] Finally done.
P5.B1: Rally thanks, // you were a great help.
P6.B1: That was kinda fun.
P6.B2: Like a camp.
P7.B1: Mh?
P8.B1: Ah, that looks interesting!
P8.Sign: Cosplay Cafè
P8.B2: Let's go in.
P2.B1: Hey, Rin----- // Are you serious about this----?
P3.B1: I might trip any minute....
P3.B2: Of course I am, Cosplaying sells.
P1.B1: But where did you get this costumes from?
P1.B2: My sister is a cosplay maniac.
P1.B3: She's a broad collection.
P2.B1: Say-----
P3.B1: Doesn't Suzu look too plain?
P3.B2: Yeah---
P1.B1: Wear this!!
P1.B2: Gyaa---
P2.B1: No way.
P2.B2: I'll never wear that!!
P3.B1: Guys, do you want to see her in it?
P3.B2: We want!!
P4.B1: I said I'll never wear it!!
P4.B2: It's way too embarrassing!!
P5.B1: Too bad.
P5.B2: Then at least wear this.
P5.B3: Ug~~
P5.B4: The skirt is cute...
P5.B5: Well, this should be fine.
P1.B1: This is embarrassing too----!!
P2.B1: Yay, hat looks good---
P2.B2: Fantastic----
P2.B3: Her breasts...
P3.B1: I'm opening now.
P4.B1: Welcome~
P5.B1: Wah~~~~
P5.B2: So many different cosplays-----!!
P1.B1: Welcome~
P1.B2: Wah.
P2.B1: ....
P3.B1: Umm, I'll take a coffee.
P3.B2: I'll go with a cake and black tea.
P4.B1: My, Okamoto-san.
P5.B1: Takayanagi-senpai!?
P6.B1: So this is your class!?
P6.B2: It's a fantastic idea!!
P6.B3: Ufufu
P6.B4: Thanks <3
P6.B5: We have plenty of costume, wanna try too, Okamoto?
P6.B6: Eeehhhh.
P7.B1: Okay, come this way.
P7.B2: Eh, Umm.
P8.B1: ....
P8.B2: You can't turn her down...
P1.B1: .....
P1.B2: See, it looks totally cute on you----<3
P1.B3: Ohhh, // not bad.
P2.B1: [side text] Waah. [/side text] It suits you, Miwa----!!
P2.B2: Right, Anan?
P2.B3: ....
P3.B1: Uwa! // Why is Shouta-kun here?
P3.B2: "Why"... He's a guest...
P4.B1: Senpai!?
P4.B2: Kyaa----
P1.B1: Nice timing, first-years. Time to cosplay <3
P1.B2: Eeehhh----?
P2.B1: So embarrassing~~~
P3.B1: Excuse me, can I take a photo?
P3.B2: Eeh.
P4.B1: Sure, go ahead.
P4.B2: Hey.
P5.B1: You can't.
P5.B2: It's just a photo!
P6.B1: Ebisawa-senpai looks cool.
P6.B2: She's so popular.
P1.B1: Look here.
P1.B2: Yay <3
P1.B3: Strike a pose.
P1.B4: ...
P1.B5: Why a bear?
P1.B6: Show a smile---
P1.B7: So cute----<3
P2.B1: Umm, this...
P2.B2: We can cosplay here?
P2.B3: Sure, we have a lot of costumes.
P2.B4: 100 yen for each.
P3.B1: Aren't we missing our original plan?
P3.B2: Who cares, it's fun.
P3.Box1: Cosplay photo shooting
P1.B1: Ah, Miwa is popular too.
P2.B1: So cute---
P2.B2: I'm embarrassed~
P2.B3: Please smile.
P3.B1: Hey.
P4.B1: Change already.
P4.B2: It doesn't suit you at all!!
P6.B1: Rin---- I want to change--
P7.T1: The business is booming.
P7.T2: I have no intention to stop now.
P8.B1: Azuma-kun was praising you // and saying he wants to see more.
P8.B2: Eh!!!!
P9.B1: Really----!?
P9.B2: So, try on some different ones.
P1.B1: He might fall for you.
P1.B2: What a simpleton.
P1.B3: I'll do it!!!
P2.B1: So embarrassing~~~~
P2:B2: We- // Welcome~
P3.B1: Yay! A big success!!
P4.B1: Huh? Where's Shouta-kun?
P4.B2: Ah, well.
P5.B1: He got a mail,
P5.B2: and left like the wind.
P1.Box1: A while ago
P1.B1: !!!
P1.Box2: We're having a culture festival over here too. I made sweets for a candy stand. I made some for the first time, but they're delicious. I want you to taste them too. Yuuhi
P2.B1: I- I'm going to Osaka right now!!
P2.B2: Eh!?
P4.B1: I'll be back tonight!!
P4.B2: Tonight----!?
P6.T1: I lost to an apron.....
P1.B1: Nothing to lose now-----
P1.B2: Bravo, Suzu!!
P1.B3: Wonderful-----!!
P2.B1: !!
P2.B2: The curry is delicious!!
P3.B1: You made it?
P3:B2: With some others, yes.
P3.B3: I was in charge of flavoring.
P3.B4: Cooking is my specialty as a chemistry club member.
P4.B1: Make me a lunch box next time!!
P4.B2: Well, I don't mind.
P4.Box1: Half a year later, those two will be dating.

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