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Translations: One Piece 847 by cnet128 , Gintama 615 (2)

Smash! 151.5

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Apr 14, 2011 14:47 | Go to Smash!

-> RTS Page for Smash! 151.5

Smash! Special:

P1.T1: Special: Our Crybaby teacher
P1.T1: April----
P5:B1: Kenta, one more.
P5:B2: Eh~~~ Please spare me~~~ // Let's take a rest.
P1:B1: By the way, // did we get new club member?
P1:B2: No~~~ No one joined.
P1:B3: What are we going to do? Without them the club's going to be suspended.
P2:B1: Well, isn't it? // Taking care of rookies now would be a pain.
P2.Box1: 3rd year
P2:B2: Right?
P2.Box2: 2nd year
P2:B3: It's easy for you to say that, but we're going to stay here, you know.
P2.B4: Hahaha, good luck.
P3.B1: We might not have a coach, // but we can manage training on our own.
P3.B2: Last year we even reached the semi-finals of the regional tournament.
P3.B3: Aww----!! // That was too bad.
P4:B1: This year I want to go
P4.B2: to the Interhigh.
P5.B1: Ha-
P5.B2: hmpf.
P6.B1: ....
P7.B1: Don't say anything more.
P8.B1: Kyaaa
P1.B1: Ow...
P1.B2: www~~~
P2.B1: I- // I can't stand up~~
P2:B2: My leg...
P3:B1: Who is that who tripped just now on a even floor?
P3:B2: A new teacher in charge of a freshman class.
P4:B1: My? What's wrong teacher?
P7.B1: Starting today, I'm your advisor. // I'm Manabe Sakura.
P7.B2: Nice to meet you all.
P2.B1: You heard of this?
P2.B2: Not at all.
P2.B3: Teacher, could it be you're knowledgeable in badminton?
P3.B1: I played it once in the park!!
P4:T1: She's no good-----!!
P5.B1: I'm the captain, Suda Masato.
P5.B2: Nice to meet you.
P6.B1: Let's get along, Suda-kun. // Please teach me a lot.
P1.B1: Instead of me teaching you, why don't you research it yourself? // We don't have that of spare time.
P3.T1: !!!
P4.B1: There goes he's warrior spirit. // Super--- strict.
P4.B2: ...
P6.B1: ....
P8.B1: [side] Uwaaaaaa [/side] She's crying! He made her cry!!
P8.B2: What're you doing Suda!!
P9.B1: Let's start training!!
P9.T1: A devil!!
P9.B2: He ignored it!
P5.B1: ....
P6.B1: ....
P9.B1: Now some practice games----
P9.B2: ....
P1.B1: Masato---
P1:B2: What now, the teacher was crying---
P2.B1: Not my problem.
P3.B1: So you claim, but aren't we in trouble without an adviser?
P3.B2: I'm aware that you hate that ignorant to badminton type the most, but...
P4.B1: ....
P6.B1: You're our ace and captain.
P6.B2: You set our training schedule and that's why we came so far.
P6.B3: You don't get me.
P7.B1: You see,
P7.B2: I only accept those that love badminton as much as me!!
P7.B3: You're really
P7.B4: one hell of a badminton freak~~~
P2:B1: After the basic training we're playing games.
P2.B2: Okay.
P3:B1: Umm, Suda-kun, do you have a minute?
P4:B1: What!?
P5.B1: ....
P6.B1: Is this score okay like this?
P6.B2: Eh?
P8.B1: ....
P9.B1: You did that by yourself?
P9.B2: Ah, yes.
P1.B1: I though I had to remember the rules first, // So I read books and watched some DVD. // But writing this was really difficult.
P2.B1: I'm sorry, I'm interrupting your practice, right?
P3.B1: ....
P5.B1: You got it mainly right.
P5.B2: Really?
P5.B3: But it's all about experience.
P6.B1: How about you umpire that match?
P6.B2: Eh?
P6.B3: Okay! I'll do it!!
P7.B1: I brought a lot of them.
P7.T1: Copied them.
P8.B1: On my right, Uesugi-kun. On my left, Fukui-kun. // Uesugi-kun to serve to Fukui-kun.
P8.B2: 3 game match, first game.
P8.B3: 0 - 0, Play.
P1.B1: You got great pronunciation, teacher. [previous text by her was in english]
P1:T1: Ahahaha
P1.B2: But you can skip that during practice. [small text] Just say "0 - 0, Play" [/small text]
P2:B3: Really?
P4.Box1: Umpire
P6.B1: Inside!!
P7.B1: Teacher, you only need to say when it's outside. // You can ignore the inside.
P7.B2: Eh, really?
P1.Box1: Prefecture Preliminaries for the Interhigh
P2.B1: E- Everyone, give your best!!
P2:B2: J- Just relax!!
P3.B1: You're the most nervous one here, Teacher.
P3:B2: We'll be fine.
P4:B1: 'Cause we have Masato.
P6.B1: 0 - 0, Play!!
[no text]
P1.B1: H- He lost a point.
P2:B1: Is his opponent strong?
P2.B2: Don't worry.
P2.B3: It starts now.
P3.B1: He's persistent.
P3:B2: Our ace.
P6.B1: Kyaaa--- // He won----!!
P1.B1: Amazing.
P1:B2: Congratulations.
P2:B1: I'm so moved~~~~
P2:B2: What's with you? That was just the first round.
P3:B1: No, you're really amazing.
P3:B2: Badminton might have some difficult to lean rules,
P3.B3: but you're all so skilled. Really amazing!!
P4.B1: ....
P5.B1: I made some rice balls, so help yourselves!
P6.B1: I really came to love badminton!!
P2.B1: ....
P2.B2: That was foul play....
P3:B1: She's our teacher, but why is she so damn cute!!
P3.B2: Damn, she got me.
P3.B3: I see heaven.
P3.B4: Wrar, I'm all pumped up.
P4:B1: ....
P5.B1: Changed your opinion of her?
P6.B1: Hmp.
P6.B2: She still has a long way to go. // She's more like our manager than our advisor.
P1.B1: And she's five years older than us!!
P1:B2: He's totally minding it.....!
P2:B1: No advances, you hear!!
P2:B2: Yes.
P2.B3: Roger!!
P3:B1: Next are the finals next week.
P3:B2: Yeah.
P4:B1: I want to win....
P5.B1: ...
P6.B1: Let's win! This year for sure!
P6.B2: For our teacher!
P6.B3: Eh!?
P6.B4: Okay!!
P2.B1: Huh?
P3:B1: What are you doing, Teacher?
P3:B2: Kyaaa
P4.B1: Ah... Umm, // Well....
P6.B1: Could... it be, you...
P6.B2: Kyaa
P6.B3: No, I'm not doing anything.
P7.B1: It's just... seeing you practice every day
P7.B2: made me want to play a bit too...
P8.B1: ....No kidding?
P8.B2: Kyaaaa [small text] Embarrassing. [/small text]
P2.B1: Ahahahaha
P2.B2: Aw, don't laugh~~~
P3.B1: It's okay. I'll teach you.
P4.B1: Mm.
P5:B1: Teacher, your leg is raising.
P6.B1: You have to have both feet on the ground while serving.
P6.B2: And you're holding the racket to high.
P6.B3: Eeh!?
P7.B1: So----
P7.B2: Like this----
P1.B1: *thump*
P4:B1: Wow // It went over!!
P4.B2: Show me once more. I want to be sure I got it down.
P5:B1. Look,
P5:B2: your hand....
P7.B1: Uhh.
P8.B1: Like this, Suda-kun?
P1.B1: ?
P2.B1: What's wrong, Suda-kun?
P3:B1: ...
P4:B1: No,
P4:B2: It's nothing.
P4.B3: I'll try once more.
P6.B1: What's with me?
P6.B2: What happened?
P7.B1: 'Sup----
P8.B1: Okay, let's start practice!!
P1.B1: Last year, we lost at the semi-finals, even if it was closely.
P1:B2: This year for sure----
P2.B1: We're going to the Interhigh!!
P3:B1: Yeah!!
P6.B1: You're all really working hard, Fukai-kun.
P1.B1: That's because it's our last summer.
P2.B1: Actually, in the beginning, no one of us was serious. // But Masato said
P3:B1: "If we're going to do it, then right".
P3:B2: First time, we lost at the 3rd round of the preliminaries. // And last year at the semi-finals. // He was our all pillar.
P4:B1: He truly // loves badminton.
P1.B1: I'm home.
P2:B1: Sorry!!
P3:Box1: Brother A
P3:Box2: Brother B
P4:B1: What's up, Dad? Out of the blue......
P4.B2: I did something
P4:B3: I have to apologize to you for....
P5.B1: Forgive me!!
P5:B2: My company went bankrupt!!
P1.B1: B- Bankrupt....?
P2:B1: We still have our savings, // so we aren't in trouble right now....
P3:B1: But there is the lease on the house, the school fees for you younger brothers...
P3:B2: and the fee for Masato's university....
P5.B1: Sorry!!
P5:B2: Calm down.
P6.B1: It can't be helped with times like this.
P6.B2: Right?
P6.B3: Y-
P6.B4: Yeah...
P6.B5: ....
P7.T1: Guess university is impossible....
P8.T1: I wanted to play badminton there though...
P9.B1: ....
P9.T1: I can...
P10.T1: forget that...
P2:B1: Kyaa // We won----!!
P3:B1: Amazing, next one is the finals! // Do did really well!!
P4:B1: I made some herb tea for recovering! // And no worries, this will pass a doping test.
P4:B2: Teacher, this isn't the Olympics.
P5.B1: My? // Where's Suda-kun?
P2.B1: Suda-kun?
P4:B1: The finals are starting soon!
P4.B2: Give it your all! Since everyone is counting on you!!
P5.B1: .....
P5:B2: Useless.
P6.B1: Our next opponent always ranks in the best 4 in the main round. It's a powerhouse.
P6.B2: We can't match them. // It's already a miracle we made it this far.
P7.B1: ....
P8.B1: What happened, Suda-kun....
P10.B1: Nothing.
P1.B1: My eyes just opened to reality. That's all.
P2:B1: In the end....
P3:B1: dreams don't come true.
P3:B2: You only watch at them. It was pointless. [suddenly he goes all emo oO]
P4.B1: Everything what I did until now...
P5.B1: ....
P6.B1: That's not true...
P6.B2. That's so not true....
P6.B3: You gave it your all...
P7.B1: This is your strength, isn't it?
P8.B1: So you'll surely win!
P2.B1: What the hell do you understand!?
P4:B1: You don't know anything about the opponent,
P4.B2: so don't spout such nonsense.
P5.B1: It's no good.
P5.B2: Everything is pointless!!
P7.B1: It's not nonsense!!
P1.B1: It's true that I don't know much about badminton,
P1:B2: but I know that you're trying your hardest.
P3.B1: And
P3:B2: the others too.
P5.B1: You're playing so serious,
P5.B2: not wavering // and win...!!
P1.B1: I'm.....
P1.B2: moved....
P1.B3: by that courage....
P2:B1: I think you're all amazing...
P2:B2: for trying so hard.
P3:B1: I never though
P3:B2: that it was all pointless!!
P3:B1: So please.... win!!
P1.B1. We're relying on you.....!!
P1.B1: Hell yeah! We cornered them!
P1.B2: Just one more point!
P3:B1: We're counting on you!
P3.B2: Just one more win.
P3.B3: Do you best!!
P4.B1: Good luck!!
P6.B1: I'll be
P6.B2: watching you.
P1.B1: I'm going.
[no text]
P5.T1: Right
P5.T2: It's always
P1.T1: worth watching a dream.
P1.Sign: Graduation Ceremony
P2:B1: Teacher.
P4.B1: I heard about your employment. // Congrats.
P6.B1: Sensei,
P6.B2: I'll continue to play badminton.
P1.B1: If I had won back there, I could have retired without regret, // but since I lost I'm not willing to end it now.
P2.B1: There are a lot of companies with a strong team.
P2:B2: I'll practice with them.
P3:B1: ....
P6.B1: Okay....
P7.B1. You're always so quick to cry.
P7.B2: Are you really older than me?
P8.B1: But... // you're so fantastic....
P9:B1: What are you saying.
P9.B2: When that truly will be the case
P1:B1: I'll come for you.
P1:B2: Please wait until then.
P4:B1: Eh?
P5.B1: Eh--------!!?
P6.B1: W- Why me? W- Why not someone younger....
P6.B2: It's a promise.
P3:B1: Is it no good?
P2:B1: Gwa~~~ Teacher~~~
P2.B2: Don't cry guys! // Let's cheer him on!
P3:B1: ....
P4:B1: Are you fine with me? // I'm such a klutz....
P5.B1: Will you wait for me?
P3:B1: ....Yeah,
P3:B2: I'll wait.....

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