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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Kaitaishinsho ZERO 19

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Apr 14, 2011 14:55 | Go to Kaitaishinsho ZERO

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Kaitaishinsho Zero Chapter 19:

Vertical: Sharp your blade and hear!
P1.T1: Packed with extras, the long awaited first volume goes on sale on 16/7!!
P1.T2: Chapter 19: Soutarou and Rei
P1.Box1: It was when I was six. I was taken from Iwakuni to Nagato.
P5.B1: Soutarou!! Come out!!
P5.B2: If you skip lessons, you get it from me later!!
P6.B1: Mh?
P1.B1: Gwaar!!
P2.B1: Shit.
P2.B2: Soutarou!!!
P3.B1: Huh!? These books...!! He had them hidden in the ceiling...!?
P3.B2: Even though I told him to stop reading so much....!!
P4.B1: Soutarou...
P4.B2: you're an embarrassment to the Narutaki Family...!!
P2.B1: Hehehehe. Like I would let him catch me.
P2.B2: Now, time for my books....
P5.B1: Okay,
P5.B2: play is over.
P6.B1: Musashi-niisama!
P6.B2: Hey, Kyousuke, it's your duty to look over them. So do it properly.
P7.B1: Geez! Niisama!! Please call me Kyouka!
P8.B1: -----...
P8.B2: Mpf
P1.B1: Man... You're always so much trouble...!!
P2.B1: I'll beat some sense into your body....!
P4.B1: Kyousuke...
P4.B2: When you're done with him, let's go pick up "him".
P4.B3: Yes, Niisama.
P4.B4: Also...
P5.B1: don't kill him.
P6.B1: You don't have to tell me.
P3.B1: Footsteps... Kyousuke again?
P3.B2: He doesn't hold back at all. I can't stand him...
P5.B1: How cruel... // They beat you up so much...
P1.B1: Are you okay?
P1.B2: Soutarou-kun...
P2.B1: Who... are you?
P2.B2: Why do you know my name...
P3.B1: This is Rei...
P3.B2: Starting today, he'll live here and receive lessons alongside you.
P4.B1: From today onwards, going outside, // or reading books without permission is forbidden...
P4.B2: If you break the rules, Rei's going to get punished too. // Vice versa applies too...
P1.B1: It's to prevent me from running away, huh...
P1.B2: Be obedient to avoid punishment.
P2.B1: Let's get along, Soutarou-kun.
P2.B2: Can you stand?
P3.B1: They say we'll be together from now on,
P3.B2: so let's be friends... // Okay?
P2.B1: Okay, you're dead---
P3.B1: It's my win.
P4.B1. Geez, you're so strong.
P4.B2: So are you, I mean you won once against me out of 10...
P4.B3: Huh!? Being ironic here!?
P5.B1: Then, for the next lesson....
P6.B1: Take that!! Tickling attack!!
P6.B2: Gwahahahaha!! Stop it, Soutarou!!
P7.B1: !!
P8.B1: Hey... you two...
P8.B2: What about the lesson...?
P2.B1: Ouch---
P2.B2: He's so frigging strong... // It was two against one and still... Ouch...
P3.B1: Hey Rei, what's your family like? // I have three older brothers...
P3.B2: Is your family kinder?
P3.B3: Mhm---- // Not so different from here.
P4.B1: I had lessons from morning till night to get stronger...
P5.B1: But since I'm the youngest one,
P5.B2: I was the weakest.
P6.B1: Same for me!!
P1.B1: My brothers are like monsters!!
P1.B2: I could never match them!!
P4.B1: Ahahahaha!!
P4.B2: Hahahaha!!
P5.B1: We two are alike.
P6.B1: Yeah.
P6.B2: We are.
P1.Box1: And like that, 5 years passed----
P5.B1: !!
P2.B1: It's my win.
P3.B1: -----Tch.
P3.B2: Just a fluke.
P5.B1: Seems like Soutarou wins more often now...
P5.B2: Is Rei being weak?
P6.B1: No...
P7.B1: He just couldn't keep up with Soutarou's talent.
P2.B1: Hey Rei...
P3.B1: you think we exists?
P4.B1: Day in, day out, we only train with the sword.
P4.B2: You never wondered what will become of us?
P5.B1: Mhmm---
P6.B1: You know, I think we get stronger and stronger...
P6.B2: so that we can save people with our sword.
P7.B1: Save----?
P1.B1: It was in one of your books, remember?
P1.B2: A story about a samurai defeating evil guys and protecting the weak... // I want to be like that.
P2.B1: Sounds good!! I'll aim for the same!!
P2.B2: Then, let's beat up the bad guys together!!
P3.B1: ---I knew you would say that.
P4.B1: You think my family will be happy about it? // Will they think better off me?
P4.B2: I bet so!! I want them to acknowledge me too!!
P1.B1: Good thing I went to the toilet.
P2.B1: Mh? Someone's up at this hour....?
P3.B1: I'm pissed.
P3.B2: Calm down, Kyousuke.
P3.B3: It's Kyouka!!
P5.B1: We don't need that guy anymore, now that he loses, do we?
P5.B2: It might be time to get rid off him.
P2.B1: To begin with, Rei was...
P2.B2: just a pawn to help Soutarou in his training.
P3.B1: It was really difficult to find a guy with the same talent and age as Soutarou.
P4.B1: Yeah, we had to kills his whole family, since they were against it.
P5.B1: But I guess, like father so the son.
P5.B2: He can't hold a candle to us.
P7.B1: !!
P7.B2: Who's there!?
P1.B1: ....// Rei... huh?
P3.B1-2: Haa
P5.T1: I was abducted and my family was killed...!!
P5.T2: All for Soutarou...!?
P6.T1: We are alike.
P6.T2: A lie! A fat lie!! We aren't alike at all...!! We're completely opposites!!
P1.B1: Rei...
P2.B1: Ma- // Master...
P4.B1: If it weren't for Soutarou, this all wouldn't have happened.
P5.B1: !!
P6.B1: I- I'm...!!
P7.B1: Your family wouldn't have to die either.
P1.B1: Kill Soutarou.
P1.B2: Rei....
P2.B1: Wha....
P3.B1: Who's there!!
P5.B1: You're really weak...
P5.B2: You noticed us way too late---
P7.B1: !
P7.B2: This is...the penalty room...
P8.B1: Why am I suddenly here...
P2.B1: We locked Soutarou into the penalty room.
P2.B2: ----...
P4.B1: The time has come to crop.
Side: Cut the small branches, to let the bigger ones grew. That's cropping...

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