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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Kaitaishinsho ZERO 36

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Apr 14, 2011 14:59 | Go to Kaitaishinsho ZERO

-> RTS Page for Kaitaishinsho ZERO 36

Kaitaishinsho Zero Chapter 36:

P1.T1: Where is // Soutarou going...
P1.T2: Chapter 36: Botan and Momo
P1.T1: Soutarou and Mukade are swallowed by a big tide... Will they be dragged to the bottom of the sea!?
P2.B1: *gulp*
P3.T1: Shit... Mukade has not enough strength left to surface himself after his crazy technique...!!
P3.T2: I gotta help him..!!
P5.B1: W- What!?
P1.B1: L- Let me go!!
P2.T1: N- Not good...!!
P2.T2: I'm out of breath...!!
P3.B1: Guah....
P6.T1: The Disease Demons in the sea...!! So they had a separate core...!
P6.T2: I was naive...
P7.T1: Momo...
P1.T1: I'm sorry...
P3.B1: Sensei!!
P3.B2: Sensei!!
P4.B1: W- What should we do? He fell into the sea!!
P4.B2: ---..
P5.B1: !? Botan-san!! // What are you doing?
P6.B1: I need to save young master...!!
P6.B2: Hey...!!
P1.B1: It's too dangerous to go into the night sea!! Besides, take a look down.
P1.B2: I don't know what they're are, but there are still Disease Demons around!! // It won't do any good if you jump into it now!!
P3.B1: I'm sorry. I panicked...
P4.B1: Botan-san...
P6.B1: Let's wait until they grab on the rope...
P6.B2: If that's no good, we'll contact the association...
P7.B1: Botan-san....
P1.B1: Where are we...?
P1.B2: What the hell happened...?
P2:B1: The passengers...
P2.B2: So the fog disappeared.
P3.B1: Check if the ship is moving!!
P3.B2: Hey!! This is a different ship! We didn't board this!!
P4.B1: The ship you boarded is over there.
P4.B2: !? // Where?
P7.B1: It's sinking.... Just what happened?
P7.B2: We'll explain. Who's the captain?
P8.B1: ?
P1.B1: Who are....
P1.B2: you two?
P4:Box1: Trading city Osaka----
P2.B1: Momo-san, I told the crew about the two. I also contacted the association....
P2.B2: Botan-san...
P3.B1: They'll contact us when they find them.
P4.B1: Y- Yeah, I hope they find them fast!
P4.B2: Mukade-san looked pretty strong and it's just unbelievable that Sensei would die.
P5.B1: That he would....
P5.B2: Huh...?
P6.B1: I- I'm sorry. J- Just thinking about the possibility made my tears come out..
P6.B2: Though I don't even believe in such!
P7.B1: Don't worry.
P7.B2: I'm also worried about Young master.
P1.B1: Botan-san....
P2.B1: I see he's really important to you.
P2.B2: Are you long time friends?
P3.B1: Friends....
P3.B2: Not such a thing...
P4:B1: Before I meet him, I thought the world would be better off without me.
P4.B2: Eh!?
P5.B1: My parents died when I was very young and only left me this Kaitaishinsho----
P5.B2: I lived with various adults from then on.
P6.Box1: Since I was passed on so often, I was felt out of place.
P6.Box2: I had no place to belong to.
P1.B1: Sorry..
P2.B1: We can't look after you anymore.. Forgive us...
P4.B1: ---This time, they got rid of me....
P4.B2: I'm all alone again...
P5.B1: Will I...
P5.B2: die at this rate...?
P6.B1: --...
P7.B1: An avalanche?
P1.B1: Move it---!!
P4.B1: Uwaaaa!! Close call!!
P2.B1: Ah---!! I thought I'm dead!! // And who're you?
P2.B2: Botan....
P3.B1: What were you doing there? It's dangerous!!
P3.B2: Okay...
P4.B1: Eh?
P6.B1: Kyaaaa!!
P6.B2: Yahoo!!
P2.B1: See ya. I'm lurking the mountain a bit more.
P2.B2: Be careful on your way back!
P6.B1: Hey!! Why are you squatting down? You'll die here!!
P7.B1: I have no home to return to...
P7.B2: Just leave me alone...
P2.B1: Can you write?
P2.B2: Mh? Yes...
P3:B1: Write "bear" here.
P3.B2: "Bear"? Okay...
P4.B1: Ohhh---!! What a neat handwriting!!
P4:B2: I was searching for someone like you!! Amazing!!
P6.B1: Come with me.
P6.B2: Eh?
P7.B1: I'll surely be a bother if I come with you.
P7.B2: I have never been of use to anyone...
P1.B1: That's not for you to decide.
P1.B2: But for me!
P3:B1: U- Umm...
P4.B1: Let's go,
P4.B2: Botan.
P5.Box1: He was so forceful, but when he strongly grabbed my hand, // I felt that he won't let go of me.
P5.Box2: That's why I belong to his side, as he's the only one who needs me.
P1.B1: Fantastic!! So you're together with him since then!?
P1.B2: Yes.
P1.B3: Then we have even more reason to search for him now!
P4.B1: You're quite interesting, Momo-san.
P4.T1: I think I'm normal though...
P4:B2: Eh!?
P5:B1: Your feelings are plainly written on your face.
P5.B2: ? // R- Really? I didn't really meant to, though...
P6.B1: Let's us search for Soutarou-san and Young master...
P6.B2: If we're doing it together, we'll surely find them.
P7.B1: Y- Yeah!! You're right!!
P7.B2: Kweak!
P3.T1: Soutarou stranded onto an unknown coast...Where is he... Next time, new stuff!!

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