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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Focus on Your Color 12

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Apr 24, 2011 20:02 | Go to Focus on Your Color

-> RTS Page for Focus on Your Color 12

Kimiiro Focus Chapter 12:

P1.T1: Photo012 Enemy at the Gates
P1.T2: Which
P1.T3: should I take?
P1.T1: A crowd unfit for peeping!
P3.B1: Wah----
P3:B2: What's with this crowd?
P4.B1: Mh
P4:B2: Mh.
P4.B3: Hey, please let me through.
P1.B1: Please line up.
P1.B2: I'll take // photos in the order.
P2.B1: Oojo!!?
P1.B1: Hanazono-senpai is so popular.
P1.B2: What's going on here!?
P2.B1: Mh? You haven't seen the school newspaper?
P3.B1: Here.
P4.B1: A certain magazine wanted to publish some private shots of "Hirano Ayako"
P4.B2: and when someone from the staff saw Ran-senpai's blog, they scouted Ooji-kun.
P1.B1: Eh~~~~~ Hirana Ayako? You mean that currently super famous Voice Actress Idol!?
P1.B2: I know her! She made a commercial for some gums!!
P2.T1: No way... Is this for real!?
P3.T1: He photographed a star!?
P1.T1: Wow....
P1.T2: So even the professionals acknowledge him.
P3.B1: Sumire--- Perfect timing. // Wanna eat lunch together?
P4.B1: Eh!? But there're still so many people...
P4.B2: Mhm....
P5.B1: Sorry, but we gotta continue after school.
P5.B2: Eh--- Why?
[no text]
P2.B1: Wawa~~~ After Ran-senpai it's Sumire-senpai.
P2:B2: Mhm~~
P3.B1: But I can't understand it.
P4.B1: Normally the newspaper only
P4:B2: has scandals or incendiary articles in it.
P1.B1: So why does Ooji-kun get special treatment?
P2.B1: Looks fishy...
P4.B1: Oww...
P4.B2: What was that?
[no text]
P4.B1: U- Umm...
P4.B2: Are you okay?
P5.B1: !!?
P1.T1: !!
P1.T2: P- Peep shots!!?
P1.B1: !!
P2:B1: ?
P1.B1: Hmph
P3.B1: What's with her?
P3.B1: Mmm---
P3.B2: Wonderful <3
P1.B1: This is the best spot to enjoy some after meal tea after all.
P2.B1: Specially
P3.B1: while observing the cute fishes struggling on the ground <3
P1.B1: Fufufu. They look so happy.
P1:B2: Not knowing what tempest awaits them tomorrow <3
P4.B1: Here <3
P5.B1: What's this?
P5.B2: !?
P1.B1: Ma-
P1.B2: Matoba-san!?
P2.B1: Eh. // Then this is...
P3.B1: The reply to my love letter from last time!?
P3.B2: Hey, today is friday, right?
P3:B3: Yeah.
P4.B1: Ah--- Then today's the drawing.
P4.Letter: Miss <3
P1.B1: Sorry. That's how it is.
P1.B2: Here are some condolences cookies <3 // Don't lose hope.
P2.B1: Later <3
P3.B1: Harsh.
P4.B1: She's Matoba Kujiko. A freshman from class F. // Nickname: "Friday Drawing Girl"
P4.B2: Every Friday she hands out the replies to the tons of love letters she received during the week.
P1.B1: And she does it like a lottery drawing.
P1.B2: T- That's cruel.
P2.B1: Right!? She's looking down on us males!! // Don't be so flashy about it!!
P2:B2: Guess you too, huh....
P3.B1: But lately there's the rumor that someone actually won.
P3:B2: Ohh.
P4.B1: And who?
P4:B2: Dunno. Probably one of those good-looking athletes.
P1.B1: ....
P1:B2: My, My~~~
P2.B1: An angelic fish is coming.
P3.B1: Ufufu // To think this beauty's type was this Dowel Goby teacher.
P3:B2: What an interesting catch <3
P4.B1: A profitable catch, you mean?
[no text]
P1.B1: Onee-samaaaa <3
P2.B1: So cruel. You make it sounds like I'm some kind of cheapskate.
P2:B2: Isn't it so?
P3.B1: Well, // it's not bothering me.
P4.B1: I need a weapon for my fight. // And you buy weapons with money.
P1.B1: Yeah <3 // A good equipment is important <3
P2.B1: Oh, my. Look here. // If that aren't your lucky lingerie "T-Back String-panties" <3
P2:B2: And even in the lucky color "pink". Double lucky <3
P1.B1: W- What are you doing.... Onee-sama...
P1.B2-3: Haa
P2.B1: A- A sniper always gets one with the scenery. Daria!!
P3.B1: Besides, today I'll bring out my declaration of war.
P3:B2: Against "her". // That's why I wear them.
P3:B3: Ahihi. Abababa <3
P1.B1: O- Onee-same, it's time... // for work....
P3.Paper: Win // Body check play
P4.B1: Mhm
P5.B1: I know.
[no text]
[no text]
[no text]
[no text]
P2.B1: Onee-sama--- // Time to resupply for the next target.
P3.B1: We're withdrawing!!
P1.B1: Hoo.. Him, huh.
P1.Sign: Infirmary
P1.B2: Yes, a professional's job!!
P2.B1: Speaking of
P2:B2: What happened after that act you made me do?
P3.B1: Mh?
P3.B2: Ah, that.
P4.B1: Yeah, // all good now.
P1.B1: Those two didn't progress at all during the camp, // so I thought I had to do something for them.
P1.B2: Hoo~~
P2.B1: You're quite thoughtful of your club members.
P3:B1: Different from your old you.
P1.B1: At that time you just cut lose anyone who didn't listen to you, right?
P2.B1: I rather enjoyed seeing you acting like a Queen <3
P3.B1: Stop it, Teacher.
P3.B2: I already regret it enough.
P1.B1: Regret is all fine,
P1.B2: but don't forget to redeem either.
P1.B1: !?
P2.B1: I found it this morning in my desk.
P3.B1: Looks like someone wants to get revenge on you with that.
P3.B2: What'll you do, Ran?
P2.B1: You know who did it?
P3:B1: ...Yes.
P3.B2: This perspective and angle, together with the equipment needed for that, I fear it's....
P4.B1: Yabunaka Shinbu.
[no text]
P1.B1: Newspaper club
P2.B1: We need to talk, get to the student counseling room!!
P2.B2: Or rather, open up!!
P1.B1: Besides what's wrong with going to a marriage interview!? // How could teens like you understand!!
P1.B2: Teacher! Calm down.
P3.B1: Other's misfortune tastes so sweet <3
P4.B1: Right <3
P1.B1: Not only do I get to get this pleasure, but also the money. // I can't get enough of this job<3
P2.B1: How crude.
P3.B1: I got no interest in false scoops. // I only take pictures when the "conditions" are fulfilled.
P4.B1: Sure, sure. "Exhange conditions" were it?
P4:B2: Then let's get it over with.
P1.Sign: Photography Club
P1.B1: It'll get ugly.
P2.B1: You know the newspaper club?
P2.B2: Yeah, they're famous for that magazine of theirs.
P3.B1: Don't tell me... something happened!?
P4.B1: ...... // Yeah.
P4.B2: It indeed has.
P1.B1: This was in the desk of our adviser...
P3.B1: What now, Ooji-kun?
P4.B1: ...I
P4.B2: have an idea.
Side: A crisis is approaching Sumire!!

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