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Sankarea 17

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Apr 29, 2011 13:57 | Go to Sankarea

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Sankarea Chapter 17:

P2.T1: Her zombie instincts surface! Is this the beginning of the tragedy...!?
P2.Box1: Eh....
P1.B1: ....
P2.Box1: Re...
P2.Box2: a...!?
P3.B1: ....ruya... // -kun...
P1.T1: On such a beautiful day, even I want to bathe in the sun
P1.T2. Chapter 17: What about... this...
P2.B1: ....
P2.B2: Eh...
P3.B1: Huh..?
P3.B2: Furuya....-kun?
P4.B1: Rea.... // you...
P4.B2: Eh? What's going on!?
P6.B1: That... wound....
P6.B2: !
P1.B1: EH....!??
P2.B1: Heeey, Chihiro, Rea-chan~
P3.B1: Where the heck are you....
P4.B1: Ehh. // W- What's this!!?
P2.B1: Hang in there...!!!
P2.T1: Ah...
P3.T1: Could it have been.... me....!?
P3.B1: Hold on.... I'll call an ambulance......
P3.T2: Subconsciously....
P4.T1: I really ate...
P4.B1: Give me your handkerchief.
P4.T2: Furuya-kun.....
P2.T1: No...
P2.T2: That... That can't be....
P3.B1: Rea-chan, how did this....
P4.B1: REA-CHAN!!!!
P5.B2: Rea....
P6.B1: Re....
P6.B2: ....
P7.B1: Chihiro // Chihiro
P7.B2: Chihi....
P1.T1: .....hiro.
P1.T2: Chihiro.....
P1.B1: ....
P1.B2: ...Nn?
P2.B1: This... voice....
P2.T1: Chihiro, Mero....
P2:T2: Carefully listen to what I tell you now.....
P3:T1: You see, I have to live apart from you from now on....
P3.B1: Mom....
P3.B2: why!?
P3.T2: That's... because I love you so much... that I have to separate from you....
P3.B3: What do you mean.....!?
P1.B1: Why are you leaving us, // if you love us!??
P1.B2: I don't get it, // Mom!!
P2.T1: Chihiro.... Mero....
P2:T2: Stay well....
P2.T3: Bye bye------
P3.B1: ....That... was a dream....?
P3.B2: Someone.... was leaving...
P4.B1: Mh? This room.... // Hey, Mero.
P1.B1: Bro-----!!?
P2.B1: He's awake----
P2.B2: ?
P2.B3: Bro woke up------
P3.B1: Isn't this Gramps' room?
P3.B2: Somehow... my neck itches....
P4.B1: The fact that it itches
P4.B2: means the "poison" didn't get inside.
P1.B1: Good thing the bite was swallow. // Your carotid artery was missed too.
P1.B2: Well, though without my help the "poison" would have killed you.
P2.B1: Poison....
P5.B1: Where's she!? // Where's Rea!?
P1.B1: Who knows....
P1.B2: She's in a dizzy state, so she couldn't have come far.... // But if we leave her alone, in worst case scenario....
P3.B1: Hey... What's happening to her body!?
P3.B2: Why did she bite me....!!?
P4.B1: Oh, I see. Chihiro woke up.
P4.B2: Then let's have red rice!! [red rice gets served on special occasions]
P1.B1: Phew, you slept for 2 days straight. You really had us worried....
P3.B1: Ehm... Hey.
P3.B2: Where're you going?
P5.B1: ...Chihiro!!
P6.B1: I'm glad... I heard your life wasn't in danger... // but I was still worried....
P6.B2: Wanko!!
P1.B1: Rea // is gone....
P1.B2: She hasn't been here since the festival!?
P3.B1: .... // Yeah....
P3:B2: Damn... And of course she doesn't have her transponder with her....
P4.B1: I know you would be like that.
P4.B2: Eh?
P5.B1: That's why I called out your friends and the girls from the tennis club // and we've been searching for Rea since yesterday.
P5.B2: Yo.
P5.B3: Geh. Yasutaka, Mogi!?
P1.B1: Do they all know about the zombie stuff....
P1.B2: Don't worry. I didn't tell them.
P2:B1: Waaa~~~~ Where did Rea-sama go to!?
P2.B2: ....
P2.T1: Calm down!!
P3:B1: So, found her?
P3.B2: We searched the whole city, but nowhere...
P3.B3: And nobody seems to have seen her.... // And she didn't use the trains or taxies either...
P4.B1: So I thought about filing a missing charge. // But they sent me back saying her family had to fill it out....
P4.B2: So I tried calling her mother just now, but....
P4:B3: Her mother!? What did she say!?
P1.B1: Mh... Well, she wasn't on the phone herself, so I just told the maid it was an emergency....
P1.B2: ....
P2.B1: Wanko, give me that coat.
P3.B1: Hey, where are you going? // I'm sure her mother will fill the report... we should just wait...
P4.B1: A mother who doesn't say anything about her daughter
P4.B2: becoming a zombie and staying at a stranger's house. You really think she would take action immediately?
P5.B1: ....
P5.B2: I'll go confront her directly.
P1.B1: Hey, you're injured, aren't you?
P2.B1: That's right, you have to lie down....
P2.B2: I'll be fine as a half-zombie.
P3.B1: Eh...? [small text] Half...? [/small text]
P6.B1: Ah... Ah... He's leaving. // Won't you stop him!?
P1.B1: .... // Once he's like that
P2.B1: no one can stop him anymore.....
P2.B1: That's // how he is....
P4.B1: Haa // Haa
P4.B2: Haa
P3.B1: !
P4.B1: Ms. Maid, call Rea's mother!! // I want to talk to her directly. Please.
P5.B1: Hurry!!!
P5.B2: My.
P1.B1: It has been a while, Furuya-sama.
P1.B2: Unfortunately I have orders from Aria-sama not to let anyone inside today. // Please try again tomorrow.
P1.B3: I don't have time for that crap!!
P2.B1: ....Ah! Is it about the thing with Rea-sama, when you called before already?
P2:B2: If it's that, I already informed Aria-sama about it, // so please withdraw for today.
P4.B1: .....
P1.B1: Hmph... Just because Danichirou-sama accepted you, you think you can act almighty now?
P1.B2: Don't get cocky.
P5.B1: Kukuku
P5.B2: Haha
P6.Box1: Even if I get to see Rea now
P6.Box2: can I even do anything for her in her current state....?
P1.Box1: Maybe.... it's already too late....?
P2.Box1: I don't know.... I just don't know, but....
P3.Box1: Just....
P4.B1: Guess even someone like him understood his own standpoint.
P4.B2: Yeah.
P5.B1: ?
[no text]
P1.B1: Wha--!!!
P2:T1: It's too early
P2:T2: to give up yet....!!!
P3.B1: Impossible... That fence is 3m high.....
P3.B2: That.. brat...
P3.Box1: Wow.....
P4.Box1: This time, the poison dose was even higher than before, so my body limiter is even more loose.
P5.B1: Payback for last time.
P6.B1: W- Wah...
P1.B1: Where's she!?
P1.B2: Eh... Ah...
P2.Bottom: Electric stun gun.
P4.B1: Stop it!!!
P1.B1: Aria-sama....!!
P2.B1: ..... Mhm // And here I was wondering who it was.... I think you were Rea's....
P3.B1: We have to talk.
P3.B2: Hear me out...
P5.B1: Get him out.
P6.B1: Wait. Rea is....
P1.B1: I don't care what happened to Rea.
P1.B2: Since I'm no longer her mother.
P3.B1: Then lend me your help as the School's chairman in search for a student.
P4.B1: I'll listen to whatever request from you after that...
P5.B1: So... please lend me your strength now....
P5.B2: Aria-san....
P1.B1: .....
P1.B2: Mh.....m.
P2.B1: Fine, bring him to my room.
P2.B2: Y- Yes.
P3.B1: ....
P1.B1: ....I see.
P2.B1: Missing for 2 days, huh....
P3.B1: And you want me to file a missing charge...?
P4.B1: Yes... That's all you have to do.
P2.B1: ....I thought you were a good-for-nothing, but you're unexpectedly manly.
P3.B1: So brave and determined... // Say... you want to save her that bad?
P5.B1: ...Okay,
P1.B1: Then
P1.B2: what about this....?
P2.B1: Huh?
P2.T1: Aria unexpected attacks with her womanly charm! Will Chihiro, not just by the daughter, but also be eaten by the mother!?
P2.T2: Sankarea will be taking a break in the next Issue. It'll continue in the Issue after. Look forward to it.

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