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Asaoka Koukou Yakyuubu Nisshi - Over Fence 1


-> RTS Page for Asaoka Koukou Yakyuubu Nisshi - Over Fence 1

Over Fence Chapter 01:

Greenleft: Adachi Mitsuru is back.
Redbox: Asaoka Koukou Yakyuubu Nisshi
RedText: Over Fence
GreenBox: Irregular!? It will continue.
Greenright: The stage is the baseball club. The rowdys from the baseball club and a cute female manager. Koushien here we go!! [small text]... is still far off.... [/small text]
Side: Start!! The new Adachi work!!!
P2.Box1: It is early summer.
P3.Box1: The peaceful days before the rainy season....
P4.Box1: Asaoka High School Division, 2nd year, Serisawa Minori.
P5.Box1: My favorite season-----
P5.Sign: Baseball Club
P4.Box1: Asaoka High School Baseball Club-----
P5.Box1: Founded long ago, // ....left behind few. [left behind achievements]
P6.Box1: After a long period of suspension, 5 years ago the club revived, // with the barely minimum of members....
P1.Box1: Currently, the only 3rd year-----
P2.B1: Sakurai.
P3.B1: I make you // the new captain----
P3.B2: Huh?
P4.B1: Don't worry! // I'll talk to the coach and the adviser for you.
P4.B2: Huh?
P5.B1: Ah, Miss Manager. // Here---
P6.B1: With my grades I won't make it when the summer is over, so I gotta study. [summer= koushien]
P6.B2: Haha
P7.B1: Okay, // I leave the rest to you.
P2.B1: Y--
P2.B2: Yo.
P3.Box1: Number 4, Thirdbase, Yajima Katsuji
P4.Box1: Number 3, Ace, Komatsuzaki Shinichi.
P5.B1: What are you doing here?
P5.B2: Funabashi // ...[italic] -san [/italic]
P5.B3: Ah, // well.
P6.B1: I'm done here.
P6.B2: Cya.
P1.Paper: Resignation letter
P2.Box1: 3rd years member.... Zero.
P3.B1: What's up, Sakurai? // You look troubled?
P4.B1: Don't ask if it doesn't concern you!
P6.B1: Besides, it's always you. // --- you know!
P6.Box1: Number 2, 2nd Base, Sakurai Akio
P7.B1: You don't respect the third years, making them run errands for you! // Saying you're not helping when a house is on fire. // Or it would be better to urbanism the place!
P7.Box1: ...The new captain.
P7.B2: Hey, hey.
P1.B1: I don't remember saying that.
P1.B2: Me neither...
P3.B1: That's....
P3.B2: Bastard!
P4.B1: We won't send out the firefighters when your house is on fire!
P4.B2: Right back! // I'll get your house removed for urbanism!
P5.Box1: Number 5, Catcher, Ishii Takuma
P6.Box1: Number 1, Center, Ueda Yuuji
P7.Box1: By the way, Ishii-kun's father is the chief firefighter. // Ueda-kun's father is the mayor.
P1.B1: Shut it, you all! // If you don't keep it quiet, you won't get any treatment when you're ill.
P1.Box1: The son of Chief Doctor.
P2.Box1: ----And
P2.Box2: The single son of the Yajima Industry President....
P3.B1: Same goes for you, Yajmia! // I told you a thousand times to greet your senpais!
P4.B1: Idiot.
P4.B2: Who long do you know Yajima now?
P5.B1: Doing it when I tell him not to, and not doing it when I tell him to.
P5.B2: He's the perfect contradictoriness----
P6.B1: You know it too, right? // The reason why he's playing baseball so serious.
P7.B1: Because his father was against it....
P1.B1: ---That's how it is. // Now training.
P2.B1: Yajima,
P2.B2: you can skip it.
P4.B1: Hmpf!
P5.B1: Now we have the bare minimum, Serizawa...
P6.B1: I think there're still freshman undecided on a club. // Shall I make some flyers again,
P6.B2: [italic] Captain? [/italic]
P8.B1: You were just making fun of me!
P8.B2: I was not.
P1.B1: Sakurai! // If you bully Minori-chan, we won't help you if your house's on fire!
P1.B2: Stop it already // with that.
P2.Box1: This club with the bare minimum amount of members....
P5.Sign: Asaoka
P6.Box1: is unexpected strong.
P3.Box1: Last year they lost in the third round of the summer tournament, // because they had to forfeit since 3 of their members got injured and had to be taken to the hospital. Leaving them with too few members.
P6.Box1: Since spring, given they had enough members, their winning streak was around 70%.
P1.Box1: The reason the upperclassmen quit wasn't just because of the bullying, // but rather that strength difference to the current 5 2nd years shocked them.
P3.Sign: Yajima
P5.B1: Yeah!
P7.B1: ....
P2.B1: Katsuji! // Where are you going this late?
P3.B1: A walk....
P4.B1: Huh!? And what's with that thing in your hand!? // You're still playing baseball!?
P5.B1: Stop it already and attend some cram school!
P5.B2: With your brain right now, university is impossible!
P6.B1: Hmp
P7.B1: Wait, Katsuji! // I'm not done talking!
P1.B1: Fine, suit yourself! // But don't come back here!
P4.B1: I'm back.
P5.Box1: ---By the way
P5.B1: Katsuji // you!
P6.Box1: the contradictoriness and 4th batter, is my neighbor.
P2.B1: What was that!?
P3.B1: Ah, I wanted to clean up on top of the lockers // when I lost my footing...
P4.B1: You hurt?
P4.B2: No, I'm fine.
P5.B1: ...Be careful.
P6.B1: Ah, right.
P7.B1: I was asked by Takeda of class B to ask you, what do you like better, Fantasy or comedy movies?
P7.B2: Eh?
P1.B1: If I have to choose one, // it's comedy.
P2.B1: Ah, okay.
P2.B2: Thanks.
P7.Box1: Scary....
P8.B1: Katsuji! // How often do I have to say it until you get it!?
P2.B1: They're lively as ever, I see.
P3.B1: Ah, right.
P4.B1: Hey, // could this be you?
P4.B2: Mh?
P5.B1: Ohh. // How nostalgic. Where did you found this photo?
P6.B1: I knew you graduated from our school, but you never told me you played baseball.
P6.B2: Well, // because it was just 3 months.
P7.B1: 3 months?
P8.B1: Yeah.
P8.B2: When I entered, there was a fight with the other team at the regional tournament and the club activities were suspended.
P1.B1: After that, nobody joined and the club entered it's long suspension phase--- // Here, those guys were the 3rd years.
P2.B1: In the middle is Yajima-san from across.
P2.B2: Eh?
P3.B1: Also Komatsuzaki-san, // Ishii-san // and Ueda-san.
P3.B2: Eh? // Eh?
P4.B1: ---And also // Sakurai-san.
P5.B1: Even Sakurai-san?
P6.B1: Yeah, // All your 2nd years are the sons of alumni.
P7.B1: ---But I mean, // the Sakurais are running a cake shop.
P7.B2: What does the parent's occupation matter.
P8.B1: Ah. // Well.
P8.B2: Guess... you're right.
P1.Box1: According to my father....
P2.Box1: it was Yajima-san from across, who started the fight. // Apparently he hit the other player on the farewell greeting, because that player spit into his hand before offering it for a handshake----
P3.Box1: That team seemed to be famous for secret provocation // and Yajima-san's teammates were at it limit too.
P3.Box2: It became a real mess....
P4.Box1: They were punished after it,
P4.Box2: but a lot of people felt sympathy.
P1.Box1: Yajima-san was always worried about the club, even after graduating...
P2.Box1: But on a certain day, he came to know, that he and his old friends, all married and not yet blessed with a child, became fathers of boys. ---What's more the boys were all the same age.
P3.Box1: It wasn't just Yajima-san who say this as a sign of fate....
P4.Box1: Like expected, their sons inherited the baseball talent,
P5.Box1: and not to burden their sons needlessly, they promised not to speak a word of their dreams,
P5.Box2: but skillfully guided them to the Asaoka High School Baseball Club.
P1.Box1: ----Well, // the one who had the most trouble with this all....
P1.B1: Ah, // I remember!
P2.B1: The person who filmed all of our games!
P4.B1: I see....
P4.Box1: is without doubt Yajima-san, with his son having that complicated character.
P4.B1: I see. I see.
P5.Sign: Don't open!
P2.B1: Serizawa.
P3.B1: I was asked by Nishikawa from the tennis club // on what your favorite comedian is.
P3.B2: Eh?
P4.B1: No one really, // maybe....
P4.B2: Figures.
P5.B1: Ah, Yajima. // What was the call about?
P6.B1: Looks like my father was driven away in an ambulance.
P6.B2: Eh?
P7.B1: You sure // you don't have to go!?
P1.B1: Was it left-handed?
P2.B1: Mh?
P3.B1: The forerunner of tomorrow's game.
P3.B2: Ah, yeah. // I think....
P4.B1: Good.
P2.B1: Where's Yajima!?
P2.B2: Not here yet.
P3.B1: He might not come.
P4.B1: Mh?
P5.B1: I heard it from my father. Apparently it doesn't look good // with Yajima's father...
P5.B2: Hey. hey.
P6.B1: What now!? // We're lacking members!
P6.B2: Who's not coming?
P1.B1: Are you sure // you don't have to go to the hospital!?
P2.B1: Yeah.
P2.B2: He died just in time for the game.
P4.B1: H- Hey // wait a min!
P5.B1: Don't kid me! // Get your ass back al-----
P5.B2: Contradictoriness.
P6.B1: Ah, don't go back!
P6.B2: Aww! // Damn, it's so annoying listening to you!
P7.B1: Anyways, we can forfeit this training match. Don't mind us and----
P7.B2: I told you.
P8.B1: That he died in time for
P8.B2: the game....
P1.B1: My father wouldn't be able to save face // to your fathers, if he troubles the baseball club where all the sons // are assembled...
P3.B1: All sons....?
P3.B2: Our fathers...?
P1.B1: Since when did you know?
P3.B1: Of your father's plan....
P4.B1: When I entered the club, I saw it in the club room.
P5.B1: What?
P6.B1: The letters on the box....
P7.Sign: Don't open!
P7.Box1: .....Ah.
P1.B1: I don't know of any plan.
P2.B1: ----Just, he was so persistent in having me quit, // I just had to do it.
P3.B1: The one who knows me the best
P5.B1: is my dad after all----
P2.B1: Today...
P3.B1: ...the third.
P1.T1: Yeah!
P7.Box1: It is // early summer....
P1.Box1: The quiet season before the rainy one....
P2.B1: Ahh
P2.Paper: Chance! Join and your instantly on the bench! Come, New member! [circle] Hard ball [/circle] Asaoka High School Baseball Club
P3:B1: What's up, Sakurai?
P4.B1: Damn that Yajima. // I told him to wait here until I'm back!
P5.B1: His father is dead, but it still won't fix? // His illness----
P6.B1: Nobody would dare to get close with Yajima sitting here.
P1.B1: Well, // yeah.
P1.B2: ...Guess so.
P2.B1: Ah, right, Serizawa.
P3.B1: Mikami, from the theater club begged me to ask you.
P5.T1: He told me to never tell you, // so I'll tell you---
P6.T1: The questions Sakurai asks you as favors from others,
P6.T2: that's just want he wants to know himself----
P7.B1: What is your favorite food?
P2.B1: ---Not telling.
P3.B1: Eh?
P5.Box1: ----Okay.
P5.Box2: Today, I'll buy a cake on the way back....
Side: How was the new Adachi Work? A continuation is planned! Look forward to it!!

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