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Zetsuen no Tempest 11

+ posted by PROzess as translation on May 21, 2011 12:32 | Go to Zetsuen no Tempest

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Zetsuen no Tempest Chapter 11:

P1.T1: "You fools! I and my fellows
P1.T2: are ministers of Fate."
P1.T3: <Shakespeare's tempest, Act 3 Scene 3>
P1.T1: Chapter 11: How to build a time machine
[no text]
P2.B1: The "Tree of Beginning" created
P2:B2: both this world and it's laws.
P4.B1. And Hakaze-san is under the utmost protection of it.
P1.B1: That basically means, the rules of this world side with her.
P4.B1: Mahiro,
P1.B1: then why do you think
P1.B2: that it currently looks like Hakaze-san has no chance of winning?
P2.B1: Isn't it because the "Tree of Beginning" hasn't fully awaken yet?
P2:B2: And therefore this is possible?
P4.B1: The "Tree of Zetsuen", opposing the "Tree of Beginning", grew this big,
P4.B2: so it wouldn't be strange if the laws are get a bit flawed.
P6.B1: You have a point.
P6.B2: That's why Hakaze-san is currently at a disadvantage.
P7.B1: But disadvantage
P7.B2: doesn't automatically mean defeat.
P1.B1: Tell me,
P1.B2: why exactly are we here?
P3.B1: If not for you, we wouldn't have ever come here.
P3.B2: If not for you, we wouldn't have lend Hakaze-san a hand.
P4.B1: And you're brushing off the fact that you, who is connect to all this,
P4:B2: picking up the doll at the beach was a mere coincidence?
P5.B1: ....
P2.B1: This is just too coincidental!
P2.B2: This must be the laws of the "Tree of Beginning" at work, to let Hakaze-san stand victorious.
P3.Box1: .....Damn.
P3.Box2: He sure has a way with words...
P4.B1: Also
P4:B2: isn't Kusaribe Samon's reaction to this strange?
P5.B1: He told us about the fact that this talisman is crossing over time
P5.B2: and connecting us with Hakaze-san.
P6.B1: Even if he's a magician and all, is that really the first possibility you come up with?
P7.T1: Indeed, now that he mentions it....
P2.B1: Yeah, normally one wouldn't believe
P2.B2: in a time gap so easily.
P4.B1: That means, it's in his predictions that someone like us would come here.
P4.B2: It only leaves me with the conclusion that he predicted from the beginning that someone would make contact with Hakaze-san, crossing time.
P5.B1: Why such a crazy prediction?
P6.B1: Because he feared this fact
P6.B2: and had to think up a countermeasure.
P1.B1: Mhm.
P2.B1: That he fears this situation means
P2:B2: this his victory still isn't set into stone?
P6.B1: Yeah. Basically----
P7.B1: There is a way to bring back Hakaze-san,
P7.B2: who is currently trapped in a "Cage of Time".
P1.B1: He wanted us to believe there is no such way,
P1.B2: trick this world's laws and gain victory like that.
P4:B1: ....
P4:B2: You carry talisman, don't you?
P5.B1: Just a few.
P1.B1: The defense magic I have activated right now
P1.B2: won't be defeated by the Princess' talismans, even if you had a hundred.
P2.B1: If you treasure that body of yours, pull back!
P4.B1: I already had two painful experiences with magic.
P5.B1: Therefore
P6.B1: I have to fight back now. Else I won't calm down.
P2.B1: Let me hear your name,
P2:B2: Magician.
P4.B1: Kusaribe Natsumura.
P4:B2: Not a name you need to remember.
P1.B1: Then, let us fight.
P2.B1: Fair and square!
P5.B1: Interesting.
P5.B2: So you mean, he made us give up our resistance, our chance of victory, by ourselves
P6.B1: since there was still a bit of hope,
P6.B2. despite having no chance of winning against Hakaze, who the Laws side with?
P1.B1: Yeah, because one usually only despair
P1.B2: after getting trapped in a "Cage of Time".
P2.B1: That was his aim.
P3:B1: While she's in despair, he planned to resurrect the "Tree of Zetsuen".
P4.B1: Even if she later should realize it's possible for her to return,
P4:B2: it would be too late.
P5.B1: As long as he could buy time for the resurrection, the rest didn't matter.
P5.B2: That was his plan.
P6.B1: Isn't it so,
P6.B2: Samon-san?
P1.Box1: ...Indeed, that was my plan!
P2.Box1: I cannot win against the Princess, who this world's laws on her side.
P2.Box2: Getting her into a disadvantage was the best I could do.
P3.Box1: I wasn't sure if it would work well.
P4.Box1: ...But somehow it succeeded.
P5.Box1: After that, even her doll washing onto the shore
P5.Box2: and the one picking it up and coming here, was included in my plan.
P6.Box1: I wrecked my brain for this plan.
P6.Box2: My plan to trick both the princess and the world's laws worked perfectly!
P1.Box1: And now you're telling me, that him discovering all this....
P1:Box2: is also the doing of the Laws, siding with the Princess!?
P3:Box1: But
P3:Box2: my plan isn't fully exposed yet.
P4.Box1: It's not completely broken yet.
P1.B1: I see. I understand your logic.
P1.B2: But you still haven't solved the main problem.
P3:B1: Yoshino,
P3:B2: all what you have said is just your train of thought.
P4.B1: Why do you think I had to accept my defeat?
P6.B1: It's a fact that the Princess is trapped in the time two years ago.
P7.B1: How do you plan to bring her back here?
P1.B1: We already confirmed that she died on that island and brought her bones here!
P1.B2: And you're saying you can break this absolute Cage of Time?
P3:B1: You cannot do such!
P3.B2: Your hypothesis is nothing more than a dream!
P4.B1: There's a limit on how unreal you can be!!
P6.B1: Indeed, Yoshino.
P6.B2: I don't think you can break that Cage of Time either.
P1.B1: If you broke it, the past would change. // That would mean a time paradox.
P1.B2: It's impossible.
P2.B1: Unless you show me some proof on how to break it or a practical way
P2:B2: I won't come over to your side.
P3:Box1: This is good.
P3.Box2: That's the obvious conclusion.
P4.Box1: But
P4.Box2: it's actually true that it's possible to break the Cage of Time.
P5.Box1: "The princess has the possibility to definitely stand victorious", that is Law of this world.
P5.Box2: We cannot oppose that.
P1.Box1: Reverse you can say, I stranded the princess on that island because a way to break the cage existed.
P2.Box1: But that way was to prevent the "Tree of Beginning" from awakening.
P2.Box2: It's way the Kusariba Clan developed for three generations and finally completed.
P3.Box1: She might be the Princess
P3.Box2: but she won't get to the ground of it so easily.
P6.Box1: And this boy, who knows nothing about magic,
P6.Box2: can't have possible figured it out in just a few hours!
P1.B1: I can break the Cage of Time.
P1.B2: No, rather the Cage of Time itself is just a falsity. Nor is it a time paradox.
P2.B1: Huh?
P6.B1: Don't be fooled, Mahiro!
P6.B2: There is no Cage of Time!
P1.B1: We are just being made believe
P1.B2: that between here and the island a two year gap exists!
P2.B1: Hah
P7.B1: .....
P9.B1: The missy isn't bad.
P1.B1: She's stopping Natsumura splendid with the limited talismans she has.
P2.T1: ...Again!
P3.T1: What's going on?
P4.T1: I, an expert in defense magic, should have the upper hand.
P4.T2: But why is it that she gives me such a hard time?
P5:B1: A defense field is defined by it's range and thickness.
P5:B2: It's wastage depends on these factors.
P6.B1: If you keep them small and thin, it holds long.
P6.B2: But broad and thick it expires fast.
P7.B1: Right now, I only concentrated a defense field on the top of my spear
P7.B2: so that it would damage you.
P1.B1: I might only have a few talismans
P1.B2: but if I use them like this, they last quite long.
P2.B1: But
P2.B2: you cannot protect your body like that.
P1.B1: There.
P4.B1: Your magic might be better.
P5.B1: But in terms of battle senses and experiences
P5.B2: I have the upper hand.
P1.B1: Field, Full power!
P1.B2: Swift movement! [I have the feeling I translated this before differently, if you have the time maybe check?^^]
P5.B1: If I just dodge all your attacks
P5.B2: there is no need to protect myself with magic.
P6.B1: It might be magic, but once you know it's rules, there's nothing to be afraid of.
P7.B1: Kusaribe Natsumura,
P7.B2: you are not my enemy!
P4.B1: The army restarted their attack on the barrier, huh.
P5.B1: What a strange development.
P6.B1: Just what are the world's laws desiring?
P2.Box1: What's he saying?
P2.Box2: It's not a falsity. Our times are really off!
P3.Box1: The princess is without doubt
P3.Box2: trapped in time, 2 years ago!
P6.B1: Hakaze-san, you spent about 4months on that island.
P6.B2: Is that right?
P7.B1: ...Yeah.
P1.B1: I properly counted the days.
P1:B2: That's why I am aware of the two year gap between here and over there.
P3.B1: ----But
P3:B2: Hakaze-san,
P4.B1: you haven't included the time
P4.B2: it took to get you there into it, have you?
P6.B1: ....!
P7.B1: According to Kusaribe Samon, he put you to sleep
P7.B2: and dumped you on that island in a barrel after a few days. That's what you're thinking, right?
P1.B1: But what if he had you sleeping here for two years
P1:B2: and only then put you into the barrel and dump you on the island? [thats the plan the whole clan came up with after 3 generations oO?]
P2.B1: Ah...
P2:B2: AHH!!
P3:B1: You were put to sleep
P3:B2: and didn't notice two years passed.
P4.B1: When you awoke, there were no signs of anything having changed.
P4:B2: Even more so on an inhabitant island.
P7.B1: So if you speak through this doll with us,
P7.B2: with your twisted sense of time----
P1.B1: I would believe
P1.B2: that you're from a world two years ahead....!
P3.B1: And when you speak with someone who didn't know you slept for two years
P3.B2: obviously the date will differ.
P4.B1: And even if you're still in the same time, you're not meeting in person.
P4:B2: Of course one would think, the doll crosses time.
P5.B1: Yep.
P6.B1: This "Cage of Time" isn't a material cage.
P6.B2: It's a psychological false cage!
P1.B1: ....
P3.B1: Then
P3.B2: what about these bones?
P4.B1: That dude Junichirou said
P4.B2: that were Hakaze's.
P5.B1: In those two years Hakaze was sleeping
P5.B2: they could do whatever they wanted with her body.
P6.B1: Don't you think you could make a perfect replica
P6.B2: by getting the shape of the bones through roentgen?
P7.B1: Those bones are also
P7.B2: just a some props to deceive us.
P1.B1: It's quite difficult to put a person to sleep
P1.B2: for two years and don't make her notice the flow of time.
P2:B1: But
P3:B1: with a bit of magic and the right set of time and effort it's possible.
P3.B2: Else, Hakaze-san would have never been fooled.
P4.B1: Guess so....
P5.B1: Looks like
P5.B2: they at least weren't stingy with the time.
P7.B1: ....
P2.B1: Mahiro,
P3.B1: with that our condition for victory
P3.B2: are back to what Hakaze-san set them.
P4.B1: If Hakaze-san
P4:B2: isn't trapped in a "Cage of Time"...
P5.B1: and this Talisman gets activated----
P6.B1: that bastard Samon has no choice but to bring her back here.
P6.B2: So without any effort, with just a single click, I can settle Hakaze's victory.
P8.B1: Exactly like our plan in the beginning.
P1.B1: No, wait, wait, wait! We haven't put the Princess to sleep for two years!
P1.B2: Those bones are all what is left of her!
P2.T1: This is no joke!
P2:T2: I won't let the Talisman activate for some stupid reasoning like that!
P5.T1: That's a lie!
P5.T2: A fat blunt lie!
P1.B1: You have any proof?
P2.B1: Wha--
P3.B1: Since we cannot trust Hakaze-san sense of time,
P3.B2: there is no proof of a time gap.
P4.B1: Even if it's magic and all, a conversation time
P4.B2: is just absurd.
P5.B1: Believing in such would be strange.
P1.T1: At this point
P1.T2: it's not about absurd anymore!
P2:T1: First off, it's really true that it's crossing time!
P2:T2: But now that the Princess' word got doubted, I need to proof it otherwise!
P4.T1: Otherwise....!
P2.B1: Mahiro, activate the Talisman!
P2:B2: Then Hakaze-san can be saved!
P3:B1: Your wish will also be granted.
P3.B2: We can avoid any more tragedies.
P4.T1: ....Damn!!
P5.T1: This boy is totally barking at the wrong tree...
P6.T1: But that doesn't matter!
P7.T1: I have ways to get the Princess back here.
P8.T1: So if he should activate that talisman, I actually can bring her back.
P8.T2: I'm forced to bring her back!
P3.T1: Logic doesn't matter.
P3.T2: When the boy believes in that and activates the talisman------
P4.T1: it's the princess' win!
P4:T2: It's totally absurd, but the result doesn't change! [so basically, samon says, the time gap exists, and yoshino knows it and also knows that samon has a way to get the princess back. Yoshino'S goal is just to make yoshino activate the talisman, by making him believe the princess is still alive in their own timezone. Saves him the trouble to explain that he thinks that samon has a magic that lets hakaze cross through time. complicated, I know...]
P2.T1: How cunning!
P3:T1: You plan to break the real Cage of Time, the whole clan spend it's whole power on to create, with such a ploy?
P4.T1: I cannot allow this!
P5.T1: But how do I proof the time gap to them...?
P2.Box1: ....Good, he's panicking!
P3.Box1: If I can bring Mahiro and Hakaze-san to make their moves in the meantime
P3.Box2: we can win!
P5.T1: We should be able to win...!

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