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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Frogman 33

+ posted by PROzess as translation on May 21, 2011 12:34 | Go to Frogman

-> RTS Page for Frogman 33

Frogman Chapter 33:

P3:B1: Get in.
P4.T1: Why!?
P4.T2: How did it become like this!?
P1.T1: Chapter 33: No, definitely not
P1.Sign: Iidou
P2.B1: Mako-tan is so cute
P2:B2: Another day went by with just gazing at the secret shot of Mako-tan, when I should have searched for a job.
P3.B1: That chest, which looks like it'll easily float, but doesn't. But her side unexpected floats after all.
P4.B1: Her small ankles.
P5.B1: A gaze as cold as ice.
P6.B1: I want her to put me in a hold....
P6.B2: Kicked by her feet...
P6.B3: And be looked at like I'm shit!!
P6.T1: The worst!!
P1.B1: Do it to me <3
P1:B2: Love me, Mako-tan <3
P2.B1: Wait,
P3.B1: what am I? A high schooler?
P3:B2: I'm already proud 24 years!!
P4.B1: Ah, putting it into words makes me sad.
P5.B1: Nekomimi. [I think everyone knows what's meant...]
P6.B1: Haa....
P6.B2. Mako-tan... My love that won't ever be.
P1.B1: Damn!! At this rate, it all belongs to Michiru!!
P1.B2: That damn popular dictator!! I have to join the club and stop him!!
P2.B1: But how!? I'm already 24!!
P2:B2: I can't go to high school anymore, even though I want!!
P4.B1: I know!!
P5.B1: I still have my guitar!!
P5.B2: I'll take this with me to school and become popular too!!
P2:B1: Yesterday~ Something......
P3.B1: ?
P4.B1: Damn.
P4.B2: I might have a guitar, but I can't play it at all.
P5.B1: I need a new plan!!
P5.B2: Hey, you.
P6.B1: You were here yesterday too. Could it be...
P6.B2: you want to enter the club?
P2.B1: Who's that? Don't he looks suspicious?
P2.B2: Dunno... Looks like it's a friend of Michiru.
P3.B1: I'm moved to tears!! My lovely Mako-tan
P3.B2: is standing in full color in front of me!!
P1.T1: Okay!!
P1.B1: .....
P2.T1: I need to engrave this view---
P3.T1: into my eyes and brain----
P4.B1: Umm, could you stop staring at me.
P1.B1: Ah, sorry, sorry. You just resembled my little sister, who I got parted with at birth.
P1.B2: You just thought that up.
P2:B1: Huh? You're not going to swim?
P2:B2: ....
P2.B3: Sorry! I forgot something!!
P5.B1: ....
P6.B1: Kukukukukukukuku
P1.B1: OHH Found Makopan*!!
Side: *Mako-chan's panties.
P2.T1: Finally my time
P2:T2: has come!!
P3.B1: Waaah <3
P3:B2: A fluffy panty pillow.
P5.B1: !!
P4.B1: Gah, mowing in the summer sure is a kill. [small text] So hot. [/small text]
P1.B1: Let's refresh with a good swim now!!
P1.T1: The big-breasted coach!!
P2.B1: Damn, I can't see well.
P1.T1: But!! I'll take this bra as a memento!!
P2.B1: Oops
P3.B1: Wha--!?
P4.B1: Who's there!!
P4.B2: Come out!!
P5.T1: No...Wait...
P1.B1: For an underwear thief he is way too dumb... // And we're the only club practicing today.
P1.B2: Could it be...
P2:B1: Hey!! // Is that you in there, Michiru?
P2.B2: ....
P3.B1: !
P3.Sign: Doorway to heaven
P1.B1: Is that really you, Michiru?
P2.B1: If it's really you
P2.B2: why don't you come out----
P1.B1: and look at some better stuff?
P2.B1: I-- Idiot!!
P2:B2: Obviously it was a joke!!
P4.B1: Can't think straight in such a heat.
P4:B2: I'll go on ahead, // completely forget what just happened, okay!!
P5.B1: And also,
P1.B1: don't forget that there are people who will be sad
P1.B2: if you do something that will get you in trouble.
P2:B1: Haa....Guess even our little all innocent Michiru finally got an interest in women...
P3.B1: Huh? Michuru....
P3:B2: Why are you here?
P3.B3: Ah, // Did you see a boy around here?
P4.B1: Mmh?
P4:B2: That means....
P1.B1: TH-- THE HELL ARE YOU------!!
P1.B2: P-- Please overlook this.
P2.B1: Ah, you're here after all.
P3.B1: I already thought it was strange when my bra was gone yesterday. I called the police already.
P4.B1: A patrol car is coming, so take that to get home.
P2.B1: Mako-tan's handcuff play really turns me on!!
P2.B2: Just get in!!
P3:B1: Hmph!!
P4.B1: The culprit wasn't a one-time offender...
P5.B1: Ah!! // Look at this!! It's Onee-sama's bra!! // It's on TV!!
Bottom: (Chapter 33: End.)

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