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Kaitaishinsho ZERO 58

+ posted by PROzess as translation on May 25, 2011 18:02 | Go to Kaitaishinsho ZERO

-> RTS Page for Kaitaishinsho ZERO 58

Kaitaishinsho Zero Chapter 58:

Vertical: There is no going back----
P1.T1: Chapter 58: Soutarou and Kyouka
Side: Back to where it all started----
P2.B1: Nagato // Narutaki House
P3.B1: ---...
P4:B1: Hmp
P1.B1: !
P2.B1: It came off... then....
P3.B1: You're free, Korai.
P3.B2: !
P4.B1: You can't use the Kaitaishinsho anymore, you're just an average human. // Go back to your friends or do whatever, I don't care.
P5.B1: ---...
P6.B1: I'll be just killed if I should return to Aoi now.
P6.B2: I'll just do as I see fit....
P7.B1: ---...
P8.B1: Let's go, Momo...
P8.B2: Yes!!
P2.B1: I see you made it here... Soutarou.
P2.B2: We've been waiting.
P3.B1: To think you all would "welcome" me....
P3.B2: It's been a while... Father... Brothers....!!
P1.B1: I'll have you spill it all.
P1.B2: What exactly your plans with the Zero Issues are....!!
P2.B1: Kuku.... // Sure.
P2:B2: It's about time you get to know of it too...
P3.B1: First off,
P3.B2: let me thank you for bringing Izumo Momo // here.
P1.B1: Eh!? Me...?
P1.B2: What do you mean, Father!!
P2.B1: The people of the Izumo Family are the very important key to the seal of the Zero Issue.
P3.B1: !!
P4.B1: Once a daughter is born into the family, she is highly protected. // Because should she be defiled, she would lose her role as the key.
P4.B2: It was quite the effort to get close to her. // But to think my plan to smuggle you in would went so well... kukuku.
P7.B1: Then, bringing me to her house since I was small // was all your plan to get us closer....?
P7.B2: Eh...?
P1.B1: You really did like I wanted you to....
P1.B2: Getting stronger, killing Rei, // joining the Dark Doctors and pairing up with the Izumo girl....
P2.B1: Rei...!?
P2.B2: He was also part of your plan...?
P3.B1: Yes, everything was so I could get my hands on the Zero Issue,
P3.B2: so that I could complete the Red Whale.
P4.B1: Rei was the vessel for the Red Whale,
P4.B2: he became it's core!
P2.B1: And-----
P3.B1: Kya!!
P3.B2: Momo!!
P4.B1: !!
P4.B2: Don't move.
P5.B1: As the Priestess, the Izumo girl
P5.B2: can revive the Red Whale as the King....!!
P1.B1: Then it'll crop humanity, killing the weak and leaving only the strong behind. // The dawn of a new world!!
P1.B2: And we, as the strongest clan, will stand at the top....!!
P1.B1: So that was your goal, huh...
P1.B2: For this, you had us all...
P2.B1: Sensei! Sensei!!
P2.B2: Soutarou, you did well.
P3.B1: You're worthy now to stay at my side.
P4.B1: Let us together watch over this world's transformation.
P5.B1: Let Momo free...
P5.B2: We have a different goal...
P1.B1: Every life is equal!! Strong or weak doesn't matter!!
P1.B2: I won't let you do as you please any longer!! // I'll take the Zero Issue back!!
P3.B1: What a shame.
P4.B1: Kyousuke, he's of no use anymore.
P4.B2: Get rid of him.
P1.B1: Hold it, Father!!
P3.B1: Soutarou...
P3.B2: !
P4.B1: Take it.
P4.B2: We're swordsman. // I'll kill you in a fair fight between swordsmen.
P5.B1: ---... // I won't kill you....
P6.B1: but... I'll defeat you...!!
P7.B1: Interesting declaration.
P7.B2: But it's impossible.
P1.B1: Because I, Narutaki Kyouka, exist for the purpose of killing you.
P2.B1: You never have seen me getting serious, have you?
P4.B1: !? // It's not a simple umbrella...!? It's drilling through the ground!!
P1.B1: Touching the dancing umbrella is dangerous, you know-----
P3.B1: Tch....
P4.B1: Not just the umbrella is dancing, I'll show you my elegant dance too....
P4.B2: Can you dodge them both?
P2.B1: GWAR!!
P2.B1: Guess you won't die with just once hit after all...
P3.B1: Come again....
P3.B2: I saw through your technique... // With the next attack, I'll put your life as a swordsman to rest.
P4.B1: Wha--
P5.B1: Just you try!!
P5.B2: You damn brat!!
P1.B1-2: Hah
P2.T1: What a fool... !! I saw his swordsmanship since he was small!! // It's more than obvious to me on how he will move!!
P2.T2: In comparison, my sword dance has a thousand varieties.
P3:T1: I'm on top in both strength and speed!! // There's no chance I'll lose to this brat!!
P4.B1: You say you saw through my dance!?
P5.B1: What I saw through are...
P1.B1: your muscles and...
P1.B2: sinews!!
P1.T1: No way...
P1.T2: Impossible...!!
P3.B1: I cut all your muscles and sinews.
P3.B2: It won't trouble you in your every-day life, but you won't ever be able to pick up the sword.
P4.B1: I didn't get stronger as a swordsman....
P1.B1: I got stronger as Doctor!!
P2.B1: ---... // You sure know how to act all high and mighty...
P1.B1: Hey, let me go!!
P2.B1: Now, Priestess....
P3.B1: let us begin the ceremony...
P3.T1: Momo's facing a great pinch...!!
Side: Volume 5 goes on sale around 18/6!!
Bottom: Next chapter will come on 7/6. Look forward to it!!

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