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Translations: Gintama 574 (2) , One Piece 814 by cnet128 , Bleach 660 by cnet128

Kanokon 38

+ posted by PROzess as translation on May 30, 2011 13:16 | Go to Kanokon

-> RTS Page for Kanokon 38

Kanokon Chapter 38:

P1.T1: Running Kai! Playing Kouta! Part 1
P1.B1: ---No...
P2.B1: No way...
P3.B1: According to the pamphlet the traveler gave me, the Sea-Lord School should be here, but yet....
P1.B1: I know!
P2.B1: I might get more information if I ask a teacher of Kunpuu High school.....
P3:B1: Ahh! // That was fun!
P1.B1: Yeah.
P1.B2: We rode a whale boat.
P2.B1: Smashed watermelons together.
P2.B2: I smell food.
P2.B3: We have practiced in the dark before, so our senses are sharped.
P2.B4: Then there is no meaning to this!
P3.B1: And....
P1.B1: There!
P1.B2: Kya!
P1.B1: Kouta, Kouta.
P2.B1: Oh, noo~
P2.B2: Oh, noo~
P2.B3: Oh, noo~
P3.B1: Oh, noooo!
P3:B2: ....Oh, noo...
P4.B1: H- Hey! What are you doing....!
P1.B1: Noo!
P2.T1: There really.... was a lot....
P2:B1: Today was really fun....
P3.B1: but I wish we had more time for ourselves...
P4.B1: Eh.
P4.B2. Ah, hey!
P1.B1: You're clinging to him again!
P2.B1: So what? We're lovers after all.
P3.B1: But in front of Ai-chan and Ren-chan....
P3.B2: it has a bad effect on them. Same with the beach volley earlier....
P3.B3: Don't worry. Kouta-kun has no interest in breasts your size.
P4.B1: W-- What do you mean by that!
P4.T1: It looks...Like she isn't jealous of Asahina-san anymore...
P5.T1: But... time for ourselves, huh....
P5.B1: Okay, everyone~
P1.B1: Good evening~~
P1.B2: WAH!
P2:B1: What's with that getup.... They finally came to get you? // Or could it be...
P3.B1: Pair up in pairs decided by drawing lots and get back the card from the depths of the cave.
P4.B1: The staff of "Tamanoyu" will play the ghost roles.
P4.B2: Evening~~
P1.B1: A test of courage, huh.... It's coming from you, but I must say it's a good idea.
P1:B2: It's our first test of courage.
P1.B3: Looks fun~
P1:B4: Changed the card to food.
P2.B1: Ghost roles.... They're real Youkais though....
P2:B2: What's up? // Could it be, you're scared?
P3:B1: N-- No way! I know they're playing the ghosts, so I'm not scared the tiniest bit!
P3:B2: Don't force yourself....Minamoto.
P4.B1: Gosh... What is it, Mother? // Don't get in the way of my lovey-dovey time with Kouta-kun!
P4.B2: Chizuru....
P5.B1: Th--
P5.B2: This....!!
P2.B1: Uhh~~ // Why do I have to be with her and not with Asahina....
P3.B1: Hey...! Don't move until I caught up with you.
P4.B1: I know you're in a bad mood because you aren't paired up with Kouta-kun. But the same applies to me as well!
P4.B2: So let's leave behind our anger and work together to overcome this... // eh... H- Hey, Nozomi?
P5.B1: ....
P2.B1: She....
P2:B2: She's... not breathing....!
P3.B1: KYAA!!
P6.B1: ...Why did you stop moving?
P6.B2: Mh? 'Cause Tayura said so.
P7.B1: And the real reason?
P7.B2: ...I was just thinking Kouta preferred the scheming type.
P1.B1: KWAA!
P1.B2: GUAH!
P1.B3: Eating your brain!
P2.B1: Wah! A- Amazing, Ai!
P2.B2: I-- I saw this on TV! I saw this before, Ren!
P3:B1: A-- A sign please.
P3.B2: ...Why aren't you scared?
P4.B1: Because we already know.
P4.B2: We dealt with the real stuff for work.
P1.B1: Speaking of, I'm sure they were doing some Youkai hunts for "Tendril's Leaf".
P1.B2: And they're from the Nanao Family. A warrior family. No surprise.
P1.B3: Ah.. Can we take a photo later too?
P2:B1: ...Not a single ghost is coming out.
P3.B1: ....
P3:B2: Yeah....
P1.B1: Sorry, Kouta-kun.
P2.B1: Huh?
P2.B2: A dead end...?
P3:B1: Chizuru-san, we have to turn back and....
P4.B1: !!
P1.B1: Ch-- Chizuru-san, what are you doing.
P2:B1: Eh...
P2.B2: K-- Kouta-kun...
P3.B1: ...No, Kouta,
P3.B2: You undress too.
P1.B1: E- Eh... but.... here...
P1.B2: Kouta....
P2.B1: You alone staying dressed... // It's not fair....
P4.B1: Wah.
P5.B1: ....! A-- Amazing, Kouta-kun....
P5.B2: U-- Umm, Chizuru-san, if you stare that intensely....
P5.B3: Eh? Ah.... Sorry....
P6.B1: Th- Then... From the beginning, Kouta-kun...
P1.B1: If you want me
P1.B2: then cross this flame!
P2.B1: ....
P3.B1: ....Huh?
P3.B2: I look like a fool....
P4.B1: Uhh... In the end I'm a slut after all. A horny girl. A nymphomaniac. I wanted to act the situation of this novel, but the characters are just too different. But I still wanted to try it! I wanted such a proof of being loved!
P2.B1: There.
P3.B1: Kyaa
P4.B1: Ah... Kouta-kun....
P5.B1: You aren't a slut, nor a horny girl, nor a nymphomaniac.
P5:B2: Because, I....
P1:B1: I am the same! // ....I also want to make you mine.
P1.B2: But... I'm already so crazy for you... // I fear that I'll become useless, once I advance ahead and get drown in that pleasure.
P2.B1: You're... just too charming to me...
P3.B1: Kouta-kun...
P3.B2: do you have some kind of dream?
P4.B1: A dream...?
P1.B1: Yep, a dream of the future. // Right now, it's no good if you ensue yourself to me, right?
P1.B2: Doesn't that mean you have an important dream?
P2.T1: A dream...
P2:T2: My dream....
P3.T1: No.
P3:T2: I have nothing.
P4.B1: Do you have one, Chizuru-san?
P4.B2: Yes.
P1.B1: To be your bride <3
P2.B1: N- Not about that... more like... work....
P2:B2: Then a lovely wife <3
P3.B1: Ah, of course I'll get money if we need it. // Fufu... How do you like such a gigolo dream life?
P3.B2: Kouta-kun, your allowance.
P3.B3: UWAAAAA! N- No way! Screw that!
P1.B1: I'm still a child! // That's why.... That's why, until I'm an adult...
P1.B2: until I have grown enough self confidence, can you wait for me? Even if you already love me nonetheless.
P3.B1: Kouta-kun...
P4.B1: Okay.
P4.B2: I'll wait for you. // Until you have grown up...
P5.T1: She understood me...
P5.T2: A dream of the future, huh.... I have to hurry and find something I want to do...
P5.B1: So, here.
P1.B1: Mother told me, the so called act "going all the way" is what makes babies.
P1:B2: So if you put on this, you'll be fine, even if you aren't an adult yet. <3
P2:T1: No, That's totally wrong.
P3:B1: Okay, it's on.
P3:B2: EHH?
P4.T1: No good. At this rate, without doubt, we're going all the way....
P4:T2: No! I'm becoming a bad boy!
P1.T1: To protect my own body, I have to...?
P2.T1: Yes, offense is the best defense!
P2.B1: Hyaa!?
P3.B1: Ko--
P3:B2: Kouta-kun....
P3.T1: Like I thought, she's weak to attacks.
P4.T1: I can't back down. // I have to attack places I have never touched before----
P4.B1: Th-
P4:B2: There....!
P4.T2: The forbidden place--- The Garden of Eden-----
P1.B1: Ahh.
P1.B2: HYAAA!?
P2:B1: K-- Kouta-kun...
P3.B1: Not... there....
P4.T1: This is an act of self-defense----
P1.B1: Umm... Yukihana-san, // there haven't been any ghosts so far.
P3.B1: Ghosts?
P3:B2: Yes, ghosts.
P4.B1: What's a ghost?
P4.B2: Eh?
P5.B1: With a ghost...
P6.B1: you mean such a thing?
P6.B2: !!
P1.B1: Or maybe... this?
P1.B2: T-- This....
P1.B3: Don't tell me... This is the giant from when we were at the inn... And this is... Nozomi? // ...Eh? Ehh?
P2.B1: What's wrong...?
P2.B2: I'm sure you have seen such things before already....
P4.B1: .... // Then Chizuru-san & co really were...
P2:B1: No, Yukihana....
P2.B2: I have never seen such before. // Even if Youkai actually exist, as long as I haven't confirmed it myself, I don't know anything about them.
P4.B1: Please get along well with Chizuru-sama and Oyamada-sama from now on too. // And if possible with Tayura-sama too.
P5.B1: You don't need to say that...
P5.B2: It's obvious, since we're friends.
P1.B1: Oh, excuse me then... // Then let us enjoy the test of courage like it should be.
P1:B2: We, the elite of "Tamanoyu", are experts on the field of scaring.
P1.B3: Eh.
P2.B1: ....Ah.... // Uhh....Ahh....
P3.B1: W- What? // No....
P3.B2: No.. That wasn't us....
P1.B1: F- Forgive me, Kouta-kun.... // You're breaking me... Breaking...
P1.B2: ...
P1:B3: Haa // Haa
P1.B4: !!
P2.B1: I-- I let my guard down...To think even in this situation.....
P2.B2: Hey, Chizuru-san, Oyamada-kun!
P3.B1: Gya! T- Th- The heck are you doing? Even in cosplay! // ....Eh? Self defense? What? Don't sprout such nonsense, Oyamada-kun!
P3:B2: Chief....Was this really alright?
P4.B1: Why not?
P4.B2: This is also a form of friendship.
P1.B1: What's with him?
P1:B2: A homeless...?
P1.B3: Eh, but he wears some expensive clothes? He looks pretty handsome.
P1.B4: Then a homeless Prince?
P2.B1: Hey, club activities are over, get home already.
P2.B2: But Sensei, he...
P3.B1: .....Mh?
P4.B1: Awww~~

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