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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Nozoki Ana 29

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Jun 12, 2011 09:30 | Go to Nozoki Ana

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Nozoki Ana Chapter 29:

P1.T1: Chapter 29: You broke it....!
P1.B1: Please... be gentle....
P1.B2: ...Kido-san....
P2.B1: ...Emiru?
P2:B2: Are we dating...?
P3:B1: That's right. Fufu... // Aren't we always lovey-dovey?
P3.B2: ...I see...
P1.B1: Hah....
P1.B2: Hah...
P1.B3: It's so soft and hot inside you... // It feels good!
P1.B4: Go faster... // Do with my body what you want!
P2.B1: ...Mm. // Ahm... You're a skilled kisser...
P3.B1: You can cum inside...
P3:B2: Eh? R- Really?
P4.B1: ...Of course...
P4.B2: In exchange...
P1.B1: you have to take responsibility for me!
P1.B2: !!
P3.B1: ....
P4.B1: ...What kind of dream
P4.B2: am I having....
P2.B1: ...This can't be real...
P4.B1: Eh?
P4.B2: You want to be together on the weekend too?
P5.B1: Yeah, for a change...
P5.B2: Let's spend the whole Saturday together.
P6.B1: I bet you just wanna fuck all day. // You beast.
P6.B2: ...It's not that. // It's a holiday, so why don't we go somewhere?
P1.B1: A date after school is not enough for you?
P1.B2: It's great in it's own way. // But... why don't go to an amusement park?
P2.B1: I told you many times...
P2.B2: ....that I can't on the weekends...
P3.B1: ... I know, but...
P3.Box1: She has to spend the weekend with her family on orders of her father...
P4.T1: But I still wanted her to be at my side...
P4.T2: Even if it's just 1 minute.... 1 second longer...
P5.T1: And by doing so, I wanted to erase my hazy feelings
P5.T2: towards Emiru.
P1.Box1: Transcending the feelings of love, // Emiru's existence has a too big impact on me.
P1.B1: Hey, hey...
P1.B2. Aren't you walking too fast?
P1.Box2: So I thought, if I fill my head only with the girl I love // this confusion would disappear.
P2:T1: That's what I thought...
P2.T2: So help me out, Kotobiki-san...
P3:B1: ...
P1.B1: Wah, // Hey... Yuri-chan!?
P4.B1: ...You still remember? When I // gave you a blowjob here.
P4:B2: Eh? ...Okay.
P5.B1. Wanna go all the way this time?
P1.B1: B- But...
P1.B2: Don't worry, not many people pass here. // And I also bought a condom.
P2.Box1: It wasn't sex I wanted.
P2.B1: ...Mm. // So big...
P3.Box1: But... she was being
P3.B1: ...Uhh...
P3.Box2: considerate in her own way....
P4.B1: Ahh....Tatsuhiko-kun....
P4:B2. Wow... it's so hard <3
P1.T1: I'm still fine for now...! // If I can distract these feelings even just a bit----
P1.B1: Haa...
P1.B2: Ah...
P1.B1: Good evening, Kido-san.
P2:B1: ....
P2.Box1: Emiru...!
P3.B1: ...?
P4.B1: ...Going shopping?
P4.B2: Yes. // They're having a bargain.
P1.B1: I have to spend my money wisely, // since I can't work part-time.
P1.B2: ...Why?
P2.B1: Fufu...So that I can peep at you.. // and you at me.
P3:B1: Isn't that obvious? // That's why I'm always at home.
P3.B2: ....
P3.Box1: The rule of our switching peeping schedule. // I wonder if she would still stick too me so much without that rule...
P4.T1: If I hadn't moved in next doors...
P4.T2: If there hadn't been a "hole" in the wall...
P5.Box1: then Emiru might have no interest in me...
P5.B1: Then, I'm off.
P5.B2: Ah, yeah.
P2.Box1: There are rarely any chances to talk to her in school or at home
P2.Box2: so talking like this is kinda refreshing...
P3.Box1: ---Huh? Wait.
P3.Box2: Was I just happy about that...?
P4.Box1: No, no! Can't be!
P6.B1: *running water*
P2.B1: ....
P3.Box1: The walls sure are thin in this apartment...
P3.B1: I never minded it before...
P4.B1: *clack* // *tap* *tap*
P1.Box1: ...Today is "Friday". It's my turn....
P1.Box2: With that in mind, I was naturally drawn to the "hole".
P2.Box1: The fact that I already peeped on her once... and my curiosity towards her, that I cannot suppress // completely smashed what little self-control I had.
P4.B1: ----!!
P3.Box1: Her skin red from the bath
P3.Box2: and her wet hair.. is so sexy...
P4.B1: .....Ah.
P4.B2: !
P1.B1: ....
P2.B1: ...
P5.T1: Damn... you little jonny!!
P5.T2: You just did it with Yuri-chan... // and now you're so erected by Emiru?
P1.T1: Damn, then as you wish!
P1.T2: I'll do, you little shit!!
P2.Box1: Besides...Instead of giving in to despair, letting it all out once
P2.Box2: might shed a bit of light on things...
P4.B1: !
P1.B1: It's 10 minutes past 0 o'clock.
P1.B2: Today is Saturday... // It's my turn to peep.
P3.Box1: ---Oh shit! I was so absorbed
P3.Box2: I didn't notice the time.
P4.B1: ...You broke
P4:B2: the "rule"...!

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