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Nozoki Ana 30

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Jun 12, 2011 09:30 | Go to Nozoki Ana

-> RTS Page for Nozoki Ana 30

Nozoki Ana Chapter 30:

P1.T1: Chapter 30: I'll do it.
P1.B1: You broke the "rule",
P1.B2: Kido-san.
P2.T1: Emiru...!
P1.B1: ...I'm coming over.
P4.B1: *Ding dong*
P4.B2: !
P1.B1: ...Wh- What do you want?
P1.B2: A penalty. // Breaking the rule calls for punishment.
P2.B1: ...Penalty?
P2:B2: Your weak spot is quite obvious.
P3.B1: For example... I take a photo of my door plate
P3:B2: and send it to Kitobiki-san....What do you think will happen? // I wonder what she will think when she gets to know her boyfriend lives in the same apartment with me.
P4.B1: ....!
P4.B2: I guess she'll come after me... fufu.
P5.B1: You....!
[no text]
P1.B1: You opened, after all.
P2.Box1: I remembered our first encounter...
P2.B1: ...
P3:Box1: Where did the devil went to, who just threatened by from behind the door...
P3.B1: It's a bit cold outside...
P3:B2: Could I come in?
P3.Box2: I once again thought that this gap is way too unfair.
P4.B1: Wuh~~
P1.B1: !
P2.B1: W- Wah.
P2.B2: S- So- Sorry!
P4.B1: Okay, Kido-san... // What kind of punishment would be suitable?
P1.B1: I- I just happened to look through the hole... // I- I just forgot about the time...!
P1.B2: It's just 10 minutes! // C- Can't you overlook it?
P2:B1: You have done it too, right?
P2.B2: Peeping on my when I'm not noticing it.
P3.B1: ...You're underestimating me.
P3:B2: Besides, I never broke the rule.
P4.B1: When I say I'll do it,
P4.B2: then I'll definitely do it.
P1.B1: ...You think I would overlook this?
P1.B2: I always, always have waited // for a chance like this.
P2.Box1: A lot happened... And it felt like we came to trust each other a bit...
P2.Box2: ...But, being once again threatened like that, // made me realize how wrong I was.
P3.B1: ...You gonna send the picture?
P3:B2: ....Not really. // This is a trump card.
P4.B1: But depending on your answer on the punishment,
P4.B2: I might have to send it...
P5.B1: ...What do I have to do?
P1.B1: Let me caress you.
P1:B2: !
P2.B1: You have a girlfriend, so I won't ask you to go all the way. // I just want to see you cumming.
P4.B1: In your most purest appearance. // How's it...?
P1.B1: ...Fine.
P2.B1: ------!!
P3.Box1: Ah--! What am I saying? // I just agreed so easily....!
P4.Box1: It nearly looks like I was waiting for this---
P4.B1: W- Wait, // just now...
P5.B1: !
P1.B1: I'm not waiting.
P2.B1: Ah... // H- Hey...
P3.Box1: My.. body won't move...
P4.B1: ...Hah.
P4:B2: Hah...
P1.B1: ...Hah...Mm. // You're... really hot...
P5.B1: ....
P1.B1: !
P2.B1: ....Mm....
P2.B2: .....!
P3:Box1: It was a kiss over the bat towel, but...
P3.Box2: her lips, her soft tongue...her warm breath were faintly convoyed.
P1.B1: ...Ah!
P2.B1: Kido-san...
P2.B2: why are you peeping at me lately?
P3.B1: Could it be // you became interested in me...?
P1.B1: ....!!
P2.B1: Even this time, I thought you would resist more...
P2.B2: Am I wrong...?
P3.B1: J- Just your imagination... // When you set it all up by yourself...
P4.B1: ...I see.
P5.B1: ...Hah!
P1.Box1: A pleasure I hadn't felt before...
P1.B1: Ah...
P1.B2: Uwa...
P1.Box2: I felt a pleasure greater than in any masturbation or sex before.
P2.B1: I feel... you...
P2:B2: moving... // ...wonderful.
P3.B1: !
P1.T1: My reason is flying away...!
P1.T2: I can't anymore---!!
P2:B1: !
P3.Sfx: *Ding Dong*
P1.Box1: Who could it be at such an hour?
P2.B1: ...Tatsuhiko-kun? / I saw the lights on...
P3.B1: You're there, aren't you? // Hey?
P4.T1: ...K- Kotobiki-san?
P4:T2: It's the weekend... What's she doing here!?
P5.B1: You were acting strange, so I decided to drop by after all.
P5:B2: ... Let me in.

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#1. by Zyki (Scanlator)
Posted on Jun 12, 2011
eeewww <3

ariiigaattouu gozaimasu :3

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