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Translations: Gintama 703 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Attack!! 18

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Jun 13, 2011 19:51 | Go to Attack!!

-> RTS Page for Attack!! 18

Attack!! Chapter 18:

[no text]
P1.B1: Th-
P2.B1: This isn't funny!
P3.B1: Not only are you going to have the Captain, who just recovered, attack without rest
P3.B2: but now you're even having him attack from the back!?
P4.B1: You can't do that, Kin-chan.
P4.B2: You definitely can't do that.
P6.B1: ....
P1.B1: I didn't say anything.
P1.B2: The captain said to give the tosses to him.
P2.B1: ~~~
P3.T1: To show proof
P3:T2: that one is the ace-----
P6.B1: Leave me out of this...
P7.B1: ....
P8.T1: I'll have you jump, even if it's reckless.
P8.T2: That's your duty.
P1.T1: The order of three continues rear attacks, which you gave Katou.
P3.T1: Of course just once won't do.
P3:T2: I'll have you at least jump three times.
P4.T1: To show us the back of a super ace
P4.B1: Susuki, fall back. // Mark Number 9.
P5.T1: is your duty.
P6.B1: One touch.
P6.B2: Fuh.
P7.T1: *thump*
P8.T1: It's so reckless.
P1.T1: Even if a complete healthy person jumps those continues attack
P2.T1: without any rest
P3.B1: ~~~!
P4.T1: there's no way he can also continue with rear attacks!
P5.B1: What!?
P1.B1: Again Number 1!?
P1.B2: For real...?
P2.B1: A rear attack from the left.
P2.B2: Th--
P3.B1: The block is too late!!
P3.B2: Wraar
P2.B1: Scored!!
P3.B1: Y-
P4.B1: Yeah!
P5.B1: A cross on it's limit.
P5.B2: What a steep course.
P1.T1: Not bad.
P1.T2: Diagonal from the left back usually stands the ace, weak on receiving.
P2.T1: Shooting cross from the left back is the captain's standard attack.
P2.B1: Nice, Captain.
P2.T2: He perfectly
P3.T1: aimed for it---
P4.T1: Two left.
P5.B1: Who long does that setter plan to use number 1?
P5.B2: This is ridiculous.
P6.B1: With this, it's all about obstinacy.
P7.B1: The Captain is great...
P1.B1: We can't allow a point difference more than two against high schoolers.
P1.B2: Obviously.
P2.B1: !?
P3.B1: ~~!
P4.B1: Guh....
P5.T1: He's
P5.T2: being targeted.
P6:T1: With receiving an attack, you lose your balance,
P6.T2: and getting ready to attack after raising it up is really hard.
P6.B1: Eh!?
P1.T1: And if it's a rear attack, it's even more diffifult.
P1.B1: Wha--!?
P1.T2: But----
P2.B1: That's reckless.
P3.B1: Is he for real....
P4.T1: He should be able to do it.
P5.T1: If it's him
P5.T2: he can continue at whatever time.
P1.B1: It's him again.
P1.B2: They must be screwed in the head....
P2.B1: !!
P2.B2: Yeah!!
P1.B1: Two points in a row with a rear attack!
P2.B1: ~~!
P3.T1: Huh
P4.T1: Hey...
P6.B1: !!
P7.B1: ~~!
P1.T1: We saw the captain numerous times not doing a proper landing
P2.T1: and reinforcing with his left feet.
P4.B1: Go--
P4.B2: Good.
P5.T1: More than any mighty attack or any high jump,
P5.T2: the greatness of the Captain being the super ace
P5.T3: gives us the most support!
P6.T1: Despite having his knee injured, he kept saying
P6.T2: "Don't give up" to us.
P6.T3: Always facing the opponent directly was the Captain.
P6.B1: Gr....
P8.T1: A strong heart that doesn't lose to anything.
P1.T1: That's proof of a super ace.
P2.B1: He got it!
P3.T1: Yeah----
P3:T2: It was the same three years ago.
P4.B1: They plan to go with number 1 until the end.
P4.B2: Fine, bring it on.
P5.T1: The captain shot all the my tosses
P5.T2: which were still unstable, as I lacked experience.
P6.B1: Over here.
P1.B1: Bring it on,
P1:B2: Yuuta!
P2.T1: Like that
P2.T2: he called for my tosses numerous times.
P4.B1: Jump!
P6.B1: Th-
P6.B2: There it is...
P7.B1: The 3-man block!
P7.T1: But he'll still do it!
P1.T1: A rear attack from the most favorable center!
P2.T1: The high and balance are perfect.
P2.B1: Wraar
P3.T1: Besides
P3:T2: there's no way that a 3-man block
P4.T1: will stop
P4.B1: He's...
P4.T2: the strong-minded captain!
P1.B1: Waah
P2.B1: !
P2.T1: Yeah---
P1.T1: That's right...
P3.T1: I came
P4.T1: here to toss to this person.
P5.B1: YEAH!
P1.T1: To this broad
P2.T1: back with the number 1-----

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