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Nozoki Ana 42

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Jun 16, 2011 21:08 | Go to Nozoki Ana

-> RTS Page for Nozoki Ana 42

Nozoki Ana Chapter 42:

P1.T1: Chapter 42: Don't
P1.T1: Emiru is definitely up to something...
P2.T1: I won't let you do what you want anymore!
P1.B1: Oops...
P2.Box1: ...?
P4.Box1: Is she tailing someone too?
P4.B1: Well, it's her, so not all that strange...
P5.B1: Has she been doing this all the time? // Thinking about this normally....
P1.Box1: means that Emiru's target switch from me to someone else...
P1.Box2: Could this be a reason to celebrate?
P2.B1: ....
P3.Box1: ...Gah, what's this jealous-like feeling?
P3.B1: Damn, now I'm interested. // I'll definitely take a look at that person.
P4.B1: Ah.
P1.T1: Look at this, Tatsuhiko-kun.
P1.Box1: If I'm not mistaken, this is... // the store I was with Kotobiki-san at.
P2.Box1: Ah! The music box she wanted,
P2:Box2: It's restocked!
P3.B1: ....
P4.B1: Thank your for the purchase.
P5.Box1: Damn, I lost sight of Emiru. // Where did she go?
P1.Box1: There she is!
P1.Box2: ....Eh.
P3.Box1: That's what they call a "club"?
P3.Box2: What's she doing here...
P1.B1: So loud....
P2.B1: The entrance fee, Sir!
P2.B2: Huh?
P2.B3: F-E-E!!
P3.B1: It's 3000 yen! // Two drinks included.
P3.B2: So expensive!!
P4.Box1: I just wanted to tail Emiru... // now it's gonna cost me high, damn...
P4.B1: Paying just for getting inside...
P2.Box1: Where the hell did Emiru go...
P2.Box2: It's so dark I don't see anything, and finding her in this crowd will be difficult....Damn!
P3.Box1: If I'm not careful, she'll spot me...
P3.B1: Hey, did you know?
P4.B1: The VIP rooms here are really great.
P4.B2: Eh, really? // I want to see one.
P1.Box1: Maybe she's in a VIP room...
P1.B1: Though I doubt it...
P2.Box1: ...No, wait. Maybe she's the daughter of a club owner....
P2.Box2: and spending every day here in luxury.
P3.T1: Dancing night for night in sweat----
P3.B1: Why naked....? // Guess I don't know her other dressed.
P1.B1: As if! // As if someone who only sit in front of a hole to peep until just recently could now...
P2.B1: Got it. Be sure not to be rude! // It's an super important VIP to us.
P2.B2: I understand, Senpai...
P3.B1: But he brought along a real beauty with huge tits... // VIPs surely are different.
P3:B2: Sakasaki Mamoru-san was the one who desgined the whole interior of our shop! // Don't you dare to look down on him!!
P4.B1: Let me remind you....
P4.B2: Don't go there to take orders in the next thirty minutes!
P5.B1: You mean he's doing something perverted?
P5.B2: Don't say that! // But he is.
P1.Box1: That was beyond me...
P1.B1: Coming in~~
P2.B1: Uwa, all separate rooms!
P2.B2: Even if Emiru should be here, I can't tell where!
P3.B1: Let's go home... [small text] I feel like an idiot [/small text]
P3.Box1: I'm helpless too.... // Doing something idiotic like this on my birthday...
P4.B1: Wah, I'm sorry!!
P1.B1: !
P1.B2: What are you doing here?
P2.Box1: ...Emiru.
P2.B1: I thought it was the staff...
P2:B2: Right back at you...
P3.B1: I came here to hang out.
P3.B2: But it doesn't fit you. // Go home.
P1.B1: What's with that tone...
P3:T1: ....!
P4.B1: Wasn't it your maxim not to lie?
P4.B2: You were peeping on someone here, right?
P1.B1: In that room, huh? // On who were you peeping?
P2.B1: Don't!!
P3:B1: ...!!
P3.B2: ...Don't.
P5.B1: ....
P1.B1: Don't be so selfish... // Until now you have been peeping on me without care...
P1.B2: Destroying so much....!
P2.B1: Move it!
P2.B2: Ah...
[no text]
P2.B1: .....
P3.B1: Ah...
P3:B2: Nng....
P4.B1: Hah....Kuh...
P4.B2: Haa...Ah...
P1.B1: Face forward...
P1.B2: C'mon, drop your hips...
P2.B1: Hah... Uh... // M- Mamoru...
P2.B2: Fufu, nice voice...
P3.B1: You're so cute...
P3.B2: The times on the weekends with you sure are the best...
P1.B1: Stay more at my side, // ....Yuri.
P4.B1: ...Kido-san...

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