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Translations: Gintama 589 (2) , One Piece 826 by cnet128 , Bleach 674 by cnet128

Sore ga Kanojo no Seigi Nara 2

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Jul 2, 2011 16:23 | Go to Sore ga Kanojo no Seigi Nara

-> RTS Page for Sore ga Kanojo no Seigi Nara 2

Sore ga Kanojo no Seigi nara Chapter 02:

[nothing to tl]
[nothing to tl]
Top: Chapter 02
P1.Box1: The first clue you get for waking up at an "unknown place"
P1.Box2: is the different ceiling----
P2.Box1: Every time I face such a morning, which happened a lot so far, since my father transfers allot, I have to fight the uneasiness in my body...
P4.Box1: Yeah...
P4.Box2: No matter how I think about it, this house is strange.
P5.Box1: With all my might
P5.Box2: I'll bid farewell to this house.
P1.T1: Chapter 02
P1.Box1: Last night-----
P1:B1: I'll get you seconds, Yuuki-san....
P2.B1: So don't hold back, eat as much as you want.
P2:B2: Yeah. You're still growing. // Or could it be it doesn't suit your taste?
P2.B3: No.. // That...
P2:B4: Tsumugi-oneechan, for me too please <3
P3.B1: ....
P4.Box1: Rather than no appetite, how should I call it... // When I look at this sukiyaki, I remember the incident involved buying these ingredients...
P4.T1: Argh, nearly another nosebleed.
P1.Box1: When I compare to my life before----
P1.T1: Here, Darling, for you~
P1:T2: After that I'll feed you~
P2:T1: Keep it going. Don't worry. Take the meat.
P3.T1: S- So much...
P3:T2: Wow, amazing.
P4:Box1: I can't say it's all that different----
P5.B1: .... // Okay...
P6.B1: You much do you know about us, Yuuki-kun?
P7.B1: ...Ah...
P7.T1: Even if you ask...
P8.B1: ...Judging by your look, I get it.
P8.B2: ...
P8.T1: Your father didn't explain anything, did he?
P8.B3: C'mon, novel authors are no monsters <3
P1.B1: But...
P1:B2: My novel are little bit different from normal ones... // I'm earning money with "erotic" novels.
P2.B1: To find out what that is, get either out a dictionary or google it. <3
P2:B2: For more you have to be 18 or at your own risk <3
P2:B3: Who's she talking to...
P3:B1: Thanks for the wait <3
P4.B1: Today's dessert is agar brown sugar syrup and green tea honey.
P4.B2: And we also got ice cream here.
P5.B1: ...So
P5.B2: as you can see,
P6.B1: we're household full of girls.
P6.T1: More ice cream please.
P6.T2: Even more!?
P6.T3: Don't play with food.
P6.B3: And we're living by supporting each other.
P1.T1: Support....
P1.T2: Like writing the shopping list in the most strange place...
P1.T3: Or like getting whip in a turtle bind by a school girl wearing a school swimsuit...
P1:T4: You mean it like that!?
P2.B1: ...Your face is saying you want to ask that.
P2:B2: That's right <3
P1.T1: ...Huh?
P1.T2: Not to be picky, but I haven't said anything for 3 pages now?
P2.B1: Prerecord, the phoneme "Vegetable Seller" seems not to be used often in the business world,
P3:B1: but you know how the kids of a vegetable seller, or be it the kid of a bathhouse, help out in business, by watching over the shop?
P3:B2: It's the same with us. We're a private business and we're helping out each other.
P4.B1: B- But even so..
P4.B2: D- Doing such things...
P5.B1: Such things, huh...
P6.B1: That's exactly what I'm after. I want the thought of people on "such things".
P6.B2: .....Huh?
P1.B1: To be frank--- // My "world stripped off common sense" already got the norm... // And I want to know the opinions of "people with common sense" towards to <3
P2:B1: On these grounds... // I'm expecting a lot from you, as such a normal person <3
P1.B1: No... No matter how you thing about it, it's strange.
P1:B2: Therefore
P2.B1: I don't even want to understand it.
P2.B2: I'm sorry, but I don't want to live in such a place...
P3.B1: I don't want to be rude...
P3.B2: But I'll think about how I can leave here. // Thanks for the food.
P4.B1: O-- // Onii-chan!
P1.B1: Sarasa... // You can have Onii-chan's dessert <3
P1.B2: Yay <3
P1.T1: Wha--
P2.B1: M- Mother...
P2.T1: I was about to think having a discussion
P2.T2: without any service isn't good.
P2.B2: Don't worry.
P2:B3: Anyways, let's have some "skin ship" tomorrow. It's been a while. [small text] It's a holiday after all. [/small text]
P3:B1: Of course Yuuki-kun will be joining us <3
P3.B2: Okaaaay <3 <3
P3.T1: What's wrong with this household...!?
P4.T1: Not that my house had much...
P5.T1: But the "common sense" of this house...
P5.T2: is far away from what I call "normal"...!!
P1.T1: To begin with I'm bad with woman and now I'm in a house with just women...
P1.B1: Excuse me.
P2.B1: I came to lay out your futon...
P3.B1: Do you always sleep in a bed, Yuuki-san?
P3:B2: Yes.. But I didn't brought it with me.
P4.B1: Then please use this futon.
P4:B2: ....
P4:B3: Good thing I brought so few luggage... Makes it easier to leave.
P5.B1: ....
P5.B2: Say...
P6.B1: Why are you listening to her orders? // Don't you dislike it?
P1.B1: Eh...? Who you say dislikes it?
P2.B1: Eh...? I mean, you were tearing up and all...!?
P3.B1: Ahh...! // That's was just because it was embarrassing.
P3:B2: It's was my first time "helping out".... // I wasn't allowed to help until I enter high school...
P4.T1: Huh!?
P5.T1: What's with these household rules!?
P5.T2: Ah, please pull there.
P1.B1: But... Now I finally...
P2.B1: can be of use..
P2:B2: to my beloved mother. It makes me happy...!
P3.T1: What's with that needless naive smile!?
P1.T1: W- Well, if she's okay with it, why not..
P1.B1: If this futon should be too small
P2.B1: just say so, and I'll give you a different!
P2.B2: We wouldn't want you to catch a cold.
P3.B1: ....
P4.T1: She, Aya, isn't a bad girl.
P4.T2: It's just...
P5.T1: the mother writes ecchi novels to support the family...
P5.T2: and her daughters support her on that...?
P6.T1: No... It still doesn't change the fact that this household is strange!
P6.T2: I need to get out here!
P1.B1: Good morning.
P2:B1: I'm sorry, I overslept...
P2.B2: Did you sleep well? Was the futon alright?
P2.B3: Yeah...
P2:B1: Huh... Your mother is...?
P2:T1: Right... I have to talk to her today about me leaving....!
P3:B1: Looks like she worked until late... or rather until this morning.
P3:B2: She usually gets up around noon.
P3:B3: Good morning, Yuuki-kun.
P4.B1: Morning, Onii-chan! // Ah...!
P4:B2: Morning.. What is?
P1.B1: A... A beard! // It's scratchy.
P1:B2: !
P2:B1: Sorry.. I haven't shaved yet.
P2:T1: It's not that thick though.
P2.B2: Tsumugi-onee-cha, was father also like this?
P3:B1: I think Father was a bit more thicker...
P3:T1: Reminds me
P3:T2: he had one because he was too lazy to shave
P3:B2: Yuuki-kun, go wash your face before breakfast.
P4.B1: Gimme a sec! // I want to feel how Father was!
P4:B2: Uh...
P4.B3: It pricks!
P1.T1: They're all good people... It somehow calms me...
P2.T1: No... Not good! I can't be swayed!! I have to leave this place!!
P3.T1: First... I need to find a new place to stay at...
P3.T2: Hello? Yuuki speaking here...
P4.B1: Naive... I was being too naive...
P5.B1: Ah... Here you were.
P5.B2: Aya-san.
P1.B1: Ehm.....
P1:B2: Mother... is... calling.. for you...
P2.T1: No.. wait a moment. I have a dejavu.
P2:T2: My alarm is ringing...!?
P3:B1: Ehm... this is our bath...
P3:B2: The left door is for the inside bath... and the door in the back leads to the outside bath.
P3.B3: They even have an outside bath....
P4.B1: Yeah... The proud of our family....
P4:B2: !!
P1.B1: The "Skin ship" Batch <3
P1.B2: Onii-chan, hurry!
P1.B3: It's small, but it's perfect to deepen our family bonds <3
P2.B1: .....
P1.B1: I'm out...
P1:B2: Hold it!
P2.B1: Your parents entrusted me to you. I have responsibility for you now.
P2.B2: In short, I'm your new mother!!
P3.B1: And as your mother I order you,
P3.B2: get into the bath!
P4.B1: If you still want to leave after that
P4:B2: feel free to.
P5.B1: I'm sure you can listen to this last request...?
P6.B1: Well, I'm sure it's embarrassing to share a bath fully naked,
P6.B2: so how about we just bind our eyes?
P1.T1: Indeed, like this I can't see anything...
P1.T2: But that's not the problem here, I think....
P2:B1: Okay.. We guiding each other.
P2:B2: Hold hands...
P3.B1: Be careful, Aya-chan.
P3.B2: Hurry you two! I'm getting dizzy already!!
P4.B1: Y- Yeah, but...
P4:B2: Ah...
P4:B3: Don't slip on the leafs.
P1.B1: I'll... go in first...
P1.T1: Wi- With having the eyes covered
P2.T1: all other senses get amplified...
P2.B1: Good... Slowly.
P3:T1: The shaking hand...
P4:T1: The fragrance and warmth of the water...
P4:T2: The movement of the others shakes the water....
P1.T1: The sound of the wind blowing through the trees...
P1.T2: I can tell the sound of the birds and bugs not just with my eyes, but also with my skin...
P2:T1: W- What is this feeling?
P2:T2: It's not just because it's so small here...
P3:T1: It's not just her...
P3:T2: everything...
P4.T1: in this bath, like it's tied together
P1.T1: feels like we're connected.
P1.B1: How's it feel to have your eyes covered? // Aren't you uneasy?
P1.B2: But through holding hands with everyone, we get a feeling of security and can enter the bath.
P2.B1: Yuuki-kun... This feelings is what I wanted to show you the most...
P2:B2: I wanted
P3:B1: !!
P3:B2: you to become "family" to us!
P4.B1: Hey... // What are you!!
P4:B2: Uwa
P4:B3: Wa--
P4.B4: Wait...
P4.B5: Gyah
P1.B1: You will stay here, okay?
P1.B2: Yeah!
P1.Box1: Even with this borderline situation // for some reason
P1.Box2: felt a "security"
P1.B3: It's touching everywhere... // It's touching!!
P1.Box3: from the central figure of this household and it's laws, the "mother".
P1.Box1: Of course that wasn't the only reason...As frightening as it is----
P2.Box2: I came to think it wouldn't be so bad to stay with this family a bit longer after all..
P2:Box1: Gah.
P2:Box2: Next day----
P2.B1: Hey, Yuuki-kun!
P3:B1: What is it?
P3.B2: I thought about next week's installment...
P3:B3: I would love to hear you opinion on it <3
P4.Box1: It exactly was the episode from the outside bath yesterday.
P5.T1: I'm definitely out of here..
Bottom: Chapter 02 End.
[nothing to TL]
[nothing to TL]

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