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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Lost Seven 17

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Jul 25, 2011 18:58 | Go to Lost Seven

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Reserved for Scantily-Clad

Lost Seven Chapter 17:

P2.B1: …What’s the meaning of this.
P1.T1: Chapter 17: Der Bärenhäuter / Bearskin
P1.B1: What makes these lowly humans stand up against me…!
P3.B1: ….Ow! // It hurts, Princess!
P4.B1: I fear the sleeping power of the witch awoke in her.
P5.B1: Hmph. You didn’t even manage to collect one stigma, but here you’re giving your stupid comments, huh?
P6.B1: Forgive me.
P6.B2: I’ll make it up with my sword.
P1.B1: Then go already!
P1.B2: Yes.
P2.B1: Uh…!
P4.T1: …First Symptoms?
P5.T1: I wonder if I’ll see the new era.
P2.B1: Don’t be reckless, guys!
P3.B1: We’re sick of the Witch’s reign!
P3.B2: This is for our life!
P4.B1: Yeah!
P5.B1: As long as we have Red Rose’s power!!
P1.B1: Red Rose!
P1.B2: Red Rose!!
P3.B1: …How mysterious.
P3.B2: What is?
P4.B1: How the villagers trust her, the daughter of the witch, so much.
P4.B2: Her power doesn’t work on the Demons alone.
P1.B1: So?
P2.B1: It might work on normal humans too.
P3.B1: You’re saying she’s controlling them?
P3.B2: I wouldn’t go that far.
P4.B1: Just their enthusiasm is too abnormal.
P5.B1: They look like they’re affected by some kind of drug.
P6.B1: Words of a drug user.
P7.B1: But who cares.
P1.B1: I’ll use whatever necessary to get revenge for my children!
P3.B1: …What a selfish pack.
P4.B1: What’s wrong?
P4.B2: No, nothing.
P5.B1: Don’t waver now, Rose.
P1.B1: I’m with you.
P2.B1: My, my. Getting cocky, huh.
P3.B1: That wasn’t…
P5.B1: Halt!
P3.B1: We’re near the entrance.
P4.B1: There’re still plenty of enemies.
P3.B1: !!
P5.B1: Renjou!!
P7.B1: You okay, Renjou!?
P7.B2: I’m sorry, Master…
P1.B1: You’re still afraid of eye-contact?
P2.B1: If you can’t fight, wait here.
P2.B2: We don’t need a hindrance.
P4.B1: Let’s go!
P5.B1: You’re an important companion.
P5.B2: …Thanks.
P7.B1: Damn, there’re so many of them!
P7.B2: Yeah.
P1.B1: Hagen, your Lancer Hawk!
P1.B2: Yes!
P4.B1: Rose, what’s the plan?
P1.B1: Rose…?
P2.B1: …Charging complete.
P3.B1: Eh?
P4.B1: Rose!
P1.B1: Oh cursed lifes. Go to sleep, you Demons.
P3.B1: Free yourselves from the mirror and just sleep.
P5.B1: Sleep…
P5.B2: Sleep…
P1.B1: Into a deep slumber…
P2.B1: !
P3.B1: …Wow.
P3.B2: So many at once…
P4.B1: She’s even stronger than her mother, isn’t she…
P6.B1: …No way!
P2.B1: …Cheeky brat!
P4.B1: Don’t sleep!!
P7.B1: Awaken the demon!
P3.B1: The Mirror’s witch commands thee
P4.B1: Tear apart that girl with your claws!!
P1.B1: Get back!
P2.B1: !
P4.B1: You don’t know when to step down, hag.
P1.T1: !?
P2.T1: She’s gone!?
P4.T1: You won’t get away!
P6.B1: Don’t be reckless, Rose…
P1.B1: Thank you guys!
P2.B1: But from here on, it’s just us.
P2.B2: It’s our job to break the mirror.
P4.B1: This time for sure!
P1.B1: My knights! // Where are you, my four Knights!!
P3.B1: What an useless pack!
P3.B2: Not protecting me when it counts!
P4.B1: Tch! She’s getting all cocky…
P5.B1: But the real deal starts now!
P1.B1: What’s this!
P2.B1: Aren’t we under attack by Red Rose and her lot?
P2.B2: Don’t you need our powers!?
P3.B1: Why are you locking us away?
P4.B1: There’s no need for you this time.
P4.B2: What was that!?
P5.B1: Be quiet and suck on your fingers here.
P1.B1: What are you up to, Temra?
P2.B1: Not me.
P3.B1: It’s all the will of the Mirror.
P1.B1: Eh!?
P2.B1: !!
P4.B1: This…!!
P5.B1: Welcome to the Mirror’s room,
P6.B1: Red Rose.
P1.B1: Then this is the Seppiroth Glass…
P2.B1: Yes, the magical Mirror, who reflects equally // all living and dead things of this world.
P3.B1: And today it’ll also reflect your end.
P4.B1: The Mirror is granting me power.
P4.B2: Don’t think it’ll go like before!!
P1.B1: …You lured me her on purpose, huh.
P2.B1: Yep.
P2.B2: You got ahead of yourself and thought you could take me on alone. Idiot.
P3.B1: ---She’s not alone.
P4.B1: We’re seven!
P1.B1: Tanlou!!
P2.B1: Don’t go ahead alone, Rose.
P2.B2: We’re there for you.
P3.B1: Looks like // some familiar faces are assembled here.
P5.B1: You are…
P6.B1: The Mirror Master!
P1.B1: I was granted a peerage. I’m sovereign Temra.
P2.B1: I give a shit about your peerage.
P2.B2: Destroying the mirror comes first!
P3.B1: That won’t do.
P4.B1: There’s still someone who hasn’t greeted you.
P5.B1: Heinrich!
P1.B1: You dare to come out!!
P1.B2: Hold it!!
P2.B1: I’ll be the one to kill him…!
P3.B1: ---You better stop.
P4.B1: If you don’t, you not only will have lost your children, but also have the blood of your old friend on your hands.
P4.B2: What you say!?
P5.B1: …I never thought you would come here again.
P1.B1: Honestly it was unexpected.
P2.B1: Impossible….!
P3.B1: Why are you…!!
P1.B1: Lokson…!!
P2.B1: Kukuku….
P3.B1: Hahahaha!
P3.B2: Not bad, Heinrich!
P4.B1: I knew there was this dirty stench on you,
P4.B2: but who would have thought you’re from the Bry clan.
P1.B1: How’s it? // The feeling of fighting an old friend.
P2.B1: What a great show.
P2.B2: Was it your doing, Temra? // I must praise you for it.
P3.B1: Thank you very much.
P3.B2: But there’s no reason for you to be pleased.
P4.B1: Eh?
P5.B1: Everything---
P1.B1: was done for Red Rose.
P2.B1: For…me?

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