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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Lost Seven 20

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Jul 25, 2011 18:59 | Go to Lost Seven

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Reserved for Scantily-Clad

Lost Seven Chapter 20:

P1.T1: Chapter 20: Lieb und Leid teilen / Sharing Joy and Sorrow
P1.T1: …I flew again.
P3.T1: …Letting go of that hand, I flew again.
P4.B1: …Tanlou.
P4.B2: Leave him, Hagen.
P5.B1: There’s nothing to say.
P6.B1: But thanks to him we were saved.
P6.B2: Saved? We just ran away.
P7.B1: Ug..!
P1.B1: Where’re you going, Komon?
P1.B2: To bring this to an end.
P2.B1: With these wounds!? You want to die?
P3.B1: Never thought you would worry about me.
P4.B1: You who can’t even look others in the eyes.
P6.B1: Aren’t we all the same?
P1.B1: I can’t look others into the eyes.
P1.B2: I’m scared of it.
P2.B1: I’m scared of seeing my reflection in their eyes.
P3.B1: I’m sure that’s a curse from the Mirror’s Witch.
P4.B1: But the fact that’s I’m scared of seeing my reflection,
P4.B2: isn’t that the same for all of us?
P5.B1: Renjou…
P6.B1: Can you bring it to an end, Komon?
P6.B2: …
P1.B1: My father might have died at a good time.
P1.B2: There were hardships, but at least he hadn’t to face this.
P3.B1: Oh, what’s with the grim faces, you idiot lot.
P4.B1: Ragou!!
P5.B1: Ragou, you say!?
P5.B2: He’s the rumoured reclusive sage..?
P1.B1: You sure are some naïve fellows.
P1.B2: Going against the mirror with no plan at all. You have to be grateful that you’re still alive.
P2.B1: You mean as long as we survive it’s good?
P2:B2: Don’t say such pathetic stuff.
P3.B1: Queen Rose, who gave you a faint piece of hope, won’t be able to go to heaven like that.
P4.B1: Hope for us?
P4.B2: Ridiculous…!
P5.B1: First listen, then ask.
P5.B2: The Seppiroth Glass is a barrier closing up the hole between the Demon Realm and our world.
P1.B1: Before the Demons took control, the King of this country sought power in the Demon Realm,
P1.B2: by assembling capable Magicians from all over the world.
P2.B1: They managed to establish a connections between the two worlds, // but the royalty got sucked into the hole and the Demon Real spread over to our world.
P4.B1: The magicians managed to close the hole again in exchange for their lifes.
P1.B1: With a lot of sacrifices they barely managed to close it, but a crack still remained.
P2.B1: The last surviving Magician closed the crack with a sealing mirror.
P3.B1: It reflected the pollution of the Demon Realm back to it.
P4.B1: It became the border between our and the Demonic Realm.
P4.B2: That’s what the Seppiroth Glass is.
P5.B1: And that Magician is Queen Rose..?
P5.B2: Yeah.
P1.B1: But the light that got reflected to our world was corrupted by the Demon Realm’s power.
P1.B2: Rose made use of that light and wanted to reign over our world with it.
P2.B1: In time, she herself got corrupted by the demonic power.
P3.B1: That’s how she became the witch, huh.
P3.B2: In the end even Rose couldn’t resist the temptation of such a great power.
P4.B1: That’s how it is…
P5.B1: But when you guys attack her castle with Snow White, the illusion created by the mirror itself,
P6.B1: she noticed her own mistake.
P1.B1: Destroying the mirror starts the corruption from the Demon Realm.
P2.B1: She entrusted you all with the power to seal that door.
P3.B1: That’s the stigma.
P4.B1: That’s what the stigma is for…
P4.B2: I just thought it was a curse from her…
P6.B1: …My powers into their bodies…
P1.B1: I leave them and
P1.B2: my daughter to you…
P2.B1: Remember that.
P2.B2: It was her final request.
P3.B1: The magic power from one of the Bry Clans gets the strongest shortly before one’s death.
P3.B2: When she knew she would be defeated by you, she entrusted you and her daughter with it.
P4.B1: …She overestimated us.
P1.B1: No matter how often we try, we will always commit the same mistake.
P2.B1: Yeah, you’re truly an idiot.
P3.B1: A big idiot who fails to notice that he’s still alive.
P3.B2: Eh.
P4.B1: Even if you committed a mistake brought forth by the weakness of your own heart, you’re still alive.
P4.B2: As long as you’re alive you can correct that mistake.
P4.B3: As often as you wish!
P5.B1: …Ragou.
P1.B1: …No, it’s already too late.
P1.B2: I cannot… // do anything.
P2.B1: Besides, Rose took all our stigmas.
P3.B1: My, my…
P5.B1: Here.
P5.B2: !
P2.B1: …What’s that…
P3.B1: Matching the power of that girl and your stigmas, I stole that.
P3.B2: And then strengthened it with my soul.
P4.B1: Don’t tell me you…!
P5.B1: Hoho. you seem to understand?
P6.B1: Nothing less from you, who has Hourai blood in you.
P6.B2: You people have a strong intuition.
P1.B1: What!?
P2.B1: …Soul…
P3.B1: You’re a soul, aren’t you?
P4.B1: Isn’t it strange.
P4.B2: You’re a bunch of idiots, who don’t waste much thoughts,
P4.B3: but you’re still the most reliable.
P5.B1: Ragou, you…
P6.B1: You aren’t the only weak ones.
P7.B1: Feel your own and other’s weakness, everything.
P7.B2: And once again think about…
P1.B1: what it is that you want to do----
P2.B1: Ragou!
P2.B2: Ragou!!
P3.B1: He disappeared…
P3.B2: Even he…!
P4.B1: …It’s crying.
P5.B1: Fucking crying,
P5.B2: Every single one…
P1.B1: Be it Queen Rose, Red Rose or us.
P1.B2: I get it…
P1.B3: I get it now…
P2.B1: Tanlou…!
P3.T1: I thought you were a simple idiot who doesn’t know fear.
P4.T1: Geez…
P4.T2: You’re a reckless guy!
P5.B1: I’m a true fool.
P5.B2: Repeating the same mistake on and on.
P1.B1: But since I’m an idiot, I won’t learn my lesson.
P2.B1: After all I’m the only one
P2.B2: who can save her!
P3.B1: No, Tanlou.
P3.B2: Not you alone.
P1.B1: Us six.
P2.B1: …Guys.
P3.B1: It’s as Renjou said.
P3.B2: We all might not wanted to see our own appearance.
P3.B3: …Master.
P4.B1: The Seppiroth Glass, huh?
P4.B2: Just right to show our real appearances.
P5.B1: I take back my earlier words.
P6.B1: I wanted my father to have this kind of feeling too.
P1.B1: A bunch of fools beyond saving, geez.
P2.B1: !
P3.B1: What’s that!?
P3.B2: That!?
P2.B1: The Demon Realm…?
P2.B2: Damn, we’re out of time!
P4.T1: I won’t run from my weakness.
P1:T1: Just once is fine.
P4.T1: Please grant my wish, Shackle of Shame!

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