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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Tokyo Girls Destruction 1

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Aug 22, 2011 14:15 | Go to Tokyo Girls Destruction

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Tokyo Girls Destruction Chapter 01

Page 01

20 years after we reached the 21th century
Japan’s education, conventions and morals distorted so much to create worry.
At that time, on Japan’s first female prime minister Houryuuji Tokiwako’s suggestion
A new Academy was founded!!

Page 02

Combining education, beauty and prudence of the women, which are currently lost,
with the goal to create the perfect woman, a national Lady Academy, was founded!!
The students are assembled on a man-made island in the pacific

Page 03

And not allowed to contact the outside, they’re taught the curriculum!
Because the school is located on the man-made island “Amazon”…

Page 04

This is…?

Page 05

It is called “Amazon Academy”!!

Page 06

Today I’ll introduce you a transfer student, that will study with us from now on.
Ah, I can introduce myself.
What’s with their glares?
As if that would!!

Page 07

The little sister of Amasu Towa, who passed away in this school,
Amasu Kumi. Nice to meet you!
My two years older sister attended this school
Unlike me, my sister was smart and caring with a lot of friends.
The perfect person to be called Yamato Nadeshiko. Even I, her little sister, thought so.

Page 08

But… half a year ago
Suddenly my sister’s hair band and cellphone were send to me with the words “Your sister is dead”.
No corpse, no reasons…
I was simply told she died.
Not being able to consent with that, I went to the police various times.
But with no filed charge and legal problems, the case was closed. // I didn’t get to know the reason for my sister’s death.

Page 09

The only clue left to me
Was a single message in my sister’s cell phone, which had everything else erased…
It was directed towards “Burai Sachiko”
And the contents were:
Help me
To find out the reason for her death,
I transferred to this school!

Page 10

Hat hair band is cute.
I’m Hinata Mineko, meow.
The teacher asked me to tell you about our school, meow <3
Just ask me if you have any questions, meow.
O- Okay, thanks.
You’re welcome, meow.
A bit crazy…

Page 11

This is the art room, meow. Right next to it is the storage room to it, meow.
And further ahead is the long awaited cafeteria, meow.
Good day.
Ah // Good day.
Not in class nor elsewhere is anyone chitchatting…
This sure is a school for high class ladies…

Page 12

Then this bad feeling I had with their glares…
And nobody tells me anything about my sister…
What’s the matter, meow?
Hey, do you really not know a student named Amasu Towa?
I’m sorry, meow.
I really don’t know, meow.
Each grade has 12 classes. The high school division alone has more than thousand students, meow…
So I don’t really know anything, meow.

Page 13

I see…
I heard of that person “Burai” before, meow.
Really? Where!
Tell me where she is!!
Ow. It hurts, meow.
S- Sorry.
Down there, meow.
Down there are the penalty cells
And rumor has it that she’s confined there, meow…

Page 14

Penalty cells
In a school…?
You can’t go in there, meow.
You can’t enter without permission from the school, meow.
Entry forbidden for normal students
You’ll be confined too if you go against the rules, meow.
Look at that, meow.
An observation camera?
They’re set up all around school, meow.
They observe us so we don’t break the rules, meow.
Observe us
So we don’t break the rules!?


Mh? Something on my face?
No? Not really.
I got quite hungry, meow.
If we don’t hurry to the cafeteria, the tsukimi Udon will sell out, meow.
…What a weird girl. But she doesn’t seem to be a bad one…
I’m worried about Towa’s case, but it’s not good to doubt everything…

Page 16


Page 17

Really sorry, meow.
I feel bad to have you treat me on your first day here.
Don’t worry about it.
Everything is free here, right?

Page 18

But this sure is well made.
This school badge with your ID serves as a replacement for a credit card, right.
Why did you forget such an important thing?
But, I’m glad, meow.
At first I thought you were a bit scary, meow.
Specially at your introduction, meow.
Ah, sorry.
But now that we’re talking here, I understood.

Page 19

That you’re just a simpleton. I’m glad, meow.
What do you mean…
What’s wrong, meow?
No, suddenly….
I’m getting sleepy…

Page 20

Amazing! Amazing, Towa!
To think you enrolled into Amazon Academy!
But I thought we would live together forever, but now we’re separated for 3 years, I’m a bit lonely…
Don’t worry!

Page 21

Even apart
As long as we’re connect here, you won’t be lonely.
Of course we two will be connected, but I’m sure you’ll find others.
That’s why you won’t be lonely.

Page 22

That’s how human relationships are.
W- Who’s there?

Page 23

Fufufu, don’t try, meow.
Because of the drug your body still won’t listen to you properly, meow.
Don’t tell me… that tea earlier…
Yep <3 I’m lucky, meow.
To get to take care of the transfer student, meow.
If I dawdle too much, someone else might snatch yours away.
So I had to make my move fast, meow.
What’s going to be snatched from me?

Page 24

Don’t be so impatient, meow.
Soon it’ll be “After school”, meow.
“After school”?
Soon the After school bell will ring.
All students prepare to go back, please.
Soon the After school bell will ring.
What’s going on? What’s with “after school”?
What’s going to happen!?
Can’t be helped. I have to take care of you after all, so I’ll tell you, meow.
All students prepare to …
The school rules here only apply to the school time, meow.

Page 25

When the after school bell rings
This island becomes an outlaw zone, meow.

Page 26

Outlaw… zone…?

Page 27

Page 28

Why? Why are they going after her?
Isn’t that obvious, meow…
They just
Want the badge, meow.

Page 29

The rules state that stealing someone else’s badge is forbidden.
But after school it’s allowed to take it by force. That’s all about it, meow.
All the “Girls” who were “graceful” and “prudent” just moments ago…
Become “female” beasts now and go against each other.

Page 30

There’s no place to hide on this island.

Page 31

That are “After School Amazons”, meow.

Page 32

Now give it to me, meow.
No, // Let me go!
S- Stop, Hinata-san
Why would you go so far for this badge…
Haha! Once I stole your badge from you you’ll understand my desperation!!
As long as you have a badge you can life without any trouble.
But once your badge is stolen you cannot get any food or clothes. Your means to live are being stolen!

Page 33

As a result, those without badges can only live by obeying those with a badge.
To break free from that, one has to steal a badge from some idiot!
Such messed up reasoning… There’s no way….
First off.. The police will…
You’re too naïve, Amasu-san!
You think there is any police here!?
While this island is still part of japan, you can’t you contact the mainland, nor is there anyone that has ever escaped from here.
Except for graduating or dying, that is!!
I recall you said your sister died?

Page 34

As if someone gives a fuck about every single dead person!!
It’s not so rare for having someone to die here after all!

Page 35

W- Wait
Who would
Who would have thought the school would be like this…
The bad feeling I had this morning about their glares and actions…
There were already planning for the After School?

Page 36

No signal
I really can’t contact the outside!!
What now…

Page 37

That bitch…She could have been my underling if she just handed over her badge…
Now I’m pissed
From head to toe I’ll mess her up // and kill her!

Page 38

Are the penalty cells…

Page 39

Behind this
Is my only clue to the death of my sister.
Burai… Sachiko….
-san, you’re in here, right?

Page 40

A confined student… She is…
Who are you?

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#1. by Tiranofrome ()
Posted on Aug 22, 2011
nice to see you going pro
#2. by The1 ()
Posted on Aug 22, 2011
Read it and liked it...still what a pussy in chapter 2 and 3, lol.

Dude what happened to your "I'm stopping?" D:
#3. by PROzess ()
Posted on Aug 22, 2011
Life crisis.
Only thing I can cling to atm is translating xD
Don't worry, I'm just doing a few things on a whim. Nothing serious.
#4. by The1 ()
Posted on Aug 22, 2011
Phew...you surprised me there.

Go check String Dolls then. It got a deathnote X doubt theme to it.

T1 recommends ;)
#5. by PROzess ()
Posted on Aug 22, 2011
Already did.
Will do maybe the first chapter tmw.
#6. by The1 ()
Posted on Aug 22, 2011
Hmmm...then you need another...Ghost Writer, lol. A little fanservice can't hurt :p

No fanservice but sport:
Kaze Yori Hayaku

No sport or fanservice but cutesy shounen:
Kami Yome

/me reads too damn many titles, lol.
#7. by PROzess ()
Posted on Aug 22, 2011
Kaze yori Hayaku is already a bit older, isn't it?
The one with kendo, I recall.
I read that already too^^ At least the first few chapters. Decent read.
As for Kami yome, never heard of, but will check out^^
You saw, Classmate, T1?^^
#8. by The1 ()
Posted on Aug 23, 2011
Ya, chapter two even...

"Look at me look at me....please look at me....I'm awesome look at me.....I order you to look at me....oniichan, please...."

I laughed but you are right I should move to that post now...People should read it too :D
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