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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Classmate, Kamimura Yuuka wa Kou Itta 1

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Aug 22, 2011 20:44 | Go to Classmate, Kamimura Yuuka wa Kou Itta

-> RTS Page for Classmate, Kamimura Yuuka wa Kou Itta 1


Classmate Chapter 01

Page 01

I see. We could do it this way too.
Even a failed product can become a useful pawn when it shows signs of a quick grasping.
Again… this place…
Is the resetting of the other Metanoids done?
Yes. Ready when you are.
Okay… The long experiment enters it’s final stage.
Memories of an unknown dream
I can hear a screaming voice---
Wake up, Shirasaki-kun

Page 02

Page 03

Page 04

Class is starting soon.
…Huh? Class Rep…?
Lately, I seem some strange dreams.
What’re you saying?
Class is over already for today. // I’m sleepy, so I’m back to sleep.
A dream of me being in an unknown place…
You can’t! Wake up! // Not even first period has started yet!
It’s said dreams are a reflection of one’s hidden desires.

Page 05

Okay, if you surprise me, I’ll get up.
G- // GAH

Did that surprise you?
…In a way, yes.
I wonder if that applies in my case.
A fresh change in my bleak days.
Peaceful days should be the norm,
But to me it’s just boring.

Page 06

Morning, Shuushi!
Good to see you energetic!
Morning, Take. And good night.
Yeah, night.
N- no!
In this plenty blessed world
It’s me who’s strange for desiring a change.
You never gave it a thought, Take?

Page 07

About a little change in our every-day life.
You change your expressions, don’t you?
Yeah, you’re that kind of guy…
If my mind worked like yours, // I wouldn’t be bored of this normal days.
Aw, c’mon, Shuushi. You hardly can call this normal.
….Mh, yeah.
There is someone
Who the term “normal” doesn’t apply to.

Page 08

Quit your staring,
Guess I should introduce her. Her name is Kamimura Yuuka.
She’s my classmate.

Page 09

To be short, a “sad fellow”.
What are you doing?
Oh, right that magazine…
She’s so sad that nobody speaks up to her.
Throw up!
Throw up and you’ll feel better!
first I felt it to be uncommon.
But now I’m used to this scene.
Eh? We had homework?
Today the world is peaceful again. So boring.

Page 10

Today again this world
Is so damn peaceful it’s boring.
Just now, she…
Spoke out my mind…

Page 11

This world is rotten!
A changeless world, changeless days.
To you this must be natural. // But the humans I know are more free!!
A happiness created by set rules! // Are you fine with that?

That I ask you. // I believe that within you all is a friend that shares my thoughts!

Page 12 + 13

A powerless friend
That seeks change in these changeless days!
That weakness is no sin!
Those with power just have to prove that the world is not peaceful!
I have
The power to change this world!

Page 14

Change the world? Ridiculous.
There’s no way a single person, what’s more a high schooler, has such powers.
Life is to short to achieve something and too long to spend it meaningless.
But her ridiculous fairy tail, presented without shame
Isn’t that what I sensed?
But that’s only when you’re alone...

Page 15

Won’t that idot waste
His time of his life together with me, Kamimura Yuuka?
What’s up? You all pretending you didn’t hear me?
I guess, a bunch of dolls following orders // don’t understand the value of my story.

Page 16

Before blaming others
You ought to change your attitude yourself.
I might get ignored by everyone if I get in contact with her.
I don’t know how much of your story is true,
But with that tone, obviously nobody will listen to you.
But even then, speaking to her---
Expect for a weird ball like me.
Seems to free me of my boredom.

Page 17

Hah? What’s that?
… // A bad joke?

Page 18

Don’t move!
What? Why is she so scared?
You’re that scared of my words?

Are you really speaking to me?
If there’s another freak like you
A fresh reaction from her.
I would like to meet him.
Just by looking at her, a smil---

Page 19

… // Ahahaha
Hoo? You were listening after all.
Your reaction is way too slow!!!

Page 20


Hey, what’s the point if the attacker feels more pain?

Page 21

Ah, yeah.
I’m dealing with Kamimura…
There’s no way we could // have a decent conversation.
I’ll get her!

Page 22

Caught you.
I got caught…
Maybe that kick earlier is a greeting in your world?
Are you okay?
Got a screw or two loose?

Page 23

If you break at this rate
Where should I channel my excitement to?
…I never expected to have a decent word with you.
I thought up something nice.
While you’re still different, kill me.
Kill me and release me from this nightmare.
After all “getting killed me a classmate”
Portrait’s the unfortunate heroine better, right?
I’ll give that honourable duty to you.

Page 24

Suddenly telling me to kill you, what’s up with you?
Guess you’re worried about that after all?
Heh, If I could always talk with you like this
Then I’m sure my life would also become real.
But unfortunately
Time’s up.
I don’t have much longer.

Page 25

Therefore // While…
You still have a human consciousness
Kill me. My fated… Heh
Keep the act properly until the end.
B- But, actually saying it // made it so obvious…


Page 26

Are interesting
After all
From my point of view
You’re the one that’s interesting.
What an honour to hear that from you.
My condolences.
You’re that interested in me?

Page 27

If so
Just make me your girlfriend?
Doing so, will you allow to see things
That you normally wouldn’t get to see.
…That’s not the kind
Of interest I have in you.
What doesn’t please you with me
The most beautiful girl in this world?
Unfortunately there are no others, so you can’t change.
No, like I said…
I understand.

Page 28

Now it came to this, I’ll
Emasculate you with my charm!!
H- Haa…
Cry in anticipation of tomorrow!

Page 29

At least don’t forget until tomorrow, okay?
Like I could forget someone like you---
Oh, the warning bell…
Huh? If I recall right, it’s lunch break, isn’t it?

Page 30

Was it
Always like this?
So quiet
And no one around---
Ah, Shirasaki-kun.
Hurry to your seat.

Page 31

Y- // Yeah
They all here.
Coincidences and misunderstandings.
That is what makes up the bigger part of one’s surprise.
“I have the power to change this world”
…I guess it’s because I talked with Kamimura.
That the boring world // looks a bit different now.
Let’s go home together, Shuushi!
Sure. // Wanna stop by somewhere?

Page 32

Speaking of, Take, the Class rep and everyone else
Okay, see you, Shirasaki-kun, Hiruma-kun.
Are all treating me normal after I spoke with Kamimura…
See you, Class Rep.
Could the reason they didn’t spoke to her be
Not because they were afraid to be ignore but a different?
See you tomorrow, Class Rep.
Looks like finding that out // will serve as good time killing.

Page 33

I’m being watched?
No, just my imagination.
Mh? What’s up, Shuushi?
Guess I’m being oversensitive in anticipation of tomorrow.
Next day

Page 34

Morning, Shuushi.
You look well today too.
Morning, Take…
…? Why are you so restless?
HEY! // I didn’t sleep! Damnit!!
---There she is!
I pulled an all-nighter for my beloved you.
What a able and generous girl…

Page 35

Hey! Are you listening?
I am.
If you hear me then answer with “Woof”
Some lame harassment?
Okay // let’s get serious…
What I prepared here
Hehe // do you know what it is?
Pay attention!

Page 36

Ohh! Wow!
Her beauty is exactly like that of the model!
I’m giving it to you.
Thank you very much.
Remember me // every time you look at it.
Yeah, all-nighter.
I think that’s meaningless, but okay.
Next is

Page 37

Taadaa #2
I also made a robot with you as the model.
Is it just me or does it not resemble me at all!?
Oh, you think so?
It got a head, a torso, arms and legs.
I think it resembles “you guys” perfectly.
At least, give it glasses.
By the way

Page 38

With this switch, the eyes light up.
I gave my best.
Don’t give your best at such details!
And // *rip*
What are you…
Okay // I got a piece of your body.
By putting it into the robot
What will happen?
Oh! It’ll give it a soul and the eyes will light up!
The eyes have been light for a while now! Because of the switch!

Page 39

I’m telling you now too, that doll also // got some hair of me in it.
Scary! // Some kind of curse or magic?
Curse? Magic?
There’s no way such a thing exists in this world.
What exists in this world is
Only some astonishing science that resembles curses or magic.

Page 40

So don’t worry and keep it with you.
I just…
“I don’t have much longer”
“While you still have a human consciousness…”
Don’t tell me!?
---- // Kamimura!!

Page 41

Y- Yeah…

I can’t eat anymore
She said she pulled an all-nighter…
Geez, it doesn’t get boring with her.
Ah, Take. Sorry for the ruckus. // I’ll take her to the infirmary.
If the Class Rep comes // tell her so.

Page 42

You’re finally awake, my Lady.
You could have finished me off while I was asleep, you know?
Oh please.
What about class? You skipped it?
Yeah, I couldn’t leave you all alone here. The nurse isn’t here after all.

After all // you’re strange.

Page 43

While you came to understand that I’m different // you still speak like someone from this world.

It’s just that what you say // sounds strange to me.
She’s like this. Nothing to be done about.
Then, as service
I’ll tell you the secret
Of the world only I know of.
Actually this world is an artificial world.

Page 44

That’s why it’s not me who’s different
But everyone else.
Can you agree with that?
Not with that explanation.
It’s the truth! // Everyone acts so right it makes you puke, right?
That’s because they’re robots in form of humans.
Sleep talk? Just take a good rest.
Ah, brain-functions stopped.
Your story sure is interesting, // but how about you make it a bit more real?
Like I said… Aw, geez…

Page 45

Well, // if you believe me or not
This stupid world eats me away for sure.
---… // You
Yawn // I’m still sleepy after all
Like you suggested // I’m going back to sleep.
You don’t need to worry about me // You can go back home and sleep.
And if you don’t want to skip class, you can just go back to class.
But it’s better if you don’t return to the classroom…

Page 46

I told you the secret, didn’t I?
That’s why I’m worried about your future.
You don’t need to trust every little thing I throw your way
Just don’t forget that my warning, supported by my experience, is something to be grateful of.
Well // if you as a result hate and kill me
That’s fine in it’s own way…

Page 47

Asleep, huh
She’s too defenceless.
Oh, I can still make it to fourth period.
Back to my student duties.
I wanted a fresh change.
And the one who gave it to me, was my sad classmate Kamimura Yuuka.

Page 48

That’s what I thought.
Why are they all standing?
Guess it’s still break time…
Did something happen in class before?

Page 49

Hey, Take. What’s up here?
Something happened while I was gone?
Like doing something weird, getting the teacher angry
And having everyone stand as punishment?

Page 50

What’s with you?
You all…

Page 51

Hah, Wha--
Hey, hey, hey…!!

Page 52

What’s this?
Just what is this!?

Page 53

----!? It broke…
Just what the hell is going on here? // No way. Without knowing whats going on
I will---
Die here?

Page 54

There was some ruckus, so I wondered what’s up
But it’s you after all.
Just like I thought. // Curiosity wins over all.
Y- You…
Don’t come closer! Get away!
Everyone is acting strange!

Page 55

Thanks for your concern
Huh? What?
Even saying “strange”.
Everyone stopped moving?
Do you really have some kind of weird power?

Page 56

Who knows? // how about you stand up
And dance with me?
My leg is broken.
That’s why…
Right or left one?
Huh? The right…
How’s it? You can move it, right?
You noticed the bias?

Page 57

“Your” bodies aren’t that weak.
They won’t break that easily.
You…! Don’t kid around..
I’m standing on my leg that’s supposed to be broken?
That pain was real… Then why…?
I told you, didn’t I?

Page 58

This world is different.
“You included”.
I certainly wished for a change

Page 59

But this…
This… // I…

Page 60

Will you kill me, my little robotic Doll?
My classmate Kamimura Yuuka said so.

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#1. by The1 ()
Posted on Aug 23, 2011
I was wondering why she called him robot doll only to go DO'H at chapter 2 start pages, lol.

I like how...hyperactive she is as her mood always changes from cute to evil.
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