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Classmate, Kamimura Yuuka wa Kou Itta 2

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Aug 27, 2011 13:40 | Go to Classmate, Kamimura Yuuka wa Kou Itta

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Classmate Chapter 02

Page 01

To me, who sought change in this world,
Kamimura Yuuka said this:
What’s strange is this world.
“Including you”, you see.
We are----

Page 02

Okay, will you kill me,
My little robotic Doll?
Robots // in forms of humans.

Page 03

Nice look if I may say so.

Page 04

Guess I surprised him too much yesterday.
Today I’ll be gentler.
Oh no! // I was too worried about my appearance!
I might be late!

Page 05

Just like a human, hah!

Page 06

Good morning, everyone.
What a splendid morning
Today again you’re all punctual.
A little bit I admire your sincerity.

Page 07

Oh, he’s not here yet.
A shame.
Then why don’t I personally // go to get him?

Page 08

A beloved sweet Angel! The beautiful Yuuka-chan descends!
How’s your body, // what if I ask that?
Though just your face is scratched, so I guess no need to worry?

Page 09

Morning, Shuushi.
Morning, Take.
Good to see you well today too.
You always say that.
G- // Good morning, Shirasaki-kun
Morning, Class Rep

Page 10

I see…
Back to normal, after all..
I’m not sad at all!
Someone like you

Page 11

Was just a tool to kill some time after all!
Then, later.
Yeah, later.
In the end, a tool is just a tool… // is what I want to say?
If so…
Then it’s up to me
How I use that tool, right?

Page 12

I’m Kamimura Yuuka. I’m sitting besides you now! // Let’s get along!
Seat changing plan
Let’s get
Plan 2

Page 13

Now we’re all alone
I was always waiting for this.
Skin ship plan
*Just a scream
…Mhm.. No reaction… // What was it again that I did yesterday…
Well, whatever.
I just have to try out various things.

Page 14

(3) Body language plan
(4) You can only see me plan
(5) The trusted and comfy Little sister plan
Big brother <3
Let’s do some dangerous play today too.
Ah, sorry. This is impossible.

Page 15

Aww, I dropped my contacts.
Can you help me?
(6) The “When I dropped my contacts and was troubled, a kind soul helped me. But that soul was a klutz and stepped on the contact, which leads to a dispute. I never thought I would get married to that person 3 years later” Plan
(7) The scam plan
You’re cursed. Your only salvation is to tell me your address and three sizes…
*Just a scream
(8) Again body language plan
Master <3
(9) popular Maid Plan
Today’s quite hot
(10) Forgotten Erotic Plan
Ehh…. Ehh…

Page 16

S- So tired… Anyways… without a plan it’s no good…
What am I missing…
Shuushi // It’s the long-awaited lunch break.
Then, get your desk…
Yes! I’m sure at that time!

Page 17

I have a power!
The power to change this world…
And what made me notices it was your existence.

Page 18

You spoke to me
You touched me
I understood what it meant to be “alive”.
I’m alive right now.

Page 19

Only I’m able to change this world!
But // at the same time I noticed.
I already cannot live without you.
You changed me.
You gave me a meaning.
A meaning for me to continue living in this stupid world…

Page 20

If you wish for it!
With all my power,
I’ll show you the very moment the world changes!
If it shouldn’t satisfy you
I’ll even give you my life…

Page 21

I’m gonna kiss you,
You little wretch.

Page 22

AWW! Forget that!!
D- Damn!
What am I getting embarrassed for? Stupid me!


Page 23

Could it be… you’re looking at me?
What are you playing at? // Are you just ignoring me!?
Yes! // Be it critic, insults, affronts or defamation, just say it!

Page 24

It’s a bother, say I’ll say it clearly:
You got the wrong person.

Page 25

What… are you.. // joking about…
Yesterday, for hours…!
We! Two! Talked!!
But this you remember, right?

Page 26

Here, this!!
It even got a hair of you inside! I won’t let you say you don’t remember!

Page 27

You’re bothering me.
I don’t know you.

Page 28

…I see…
I must accept it already…
Originally it was already strange
But you reacted again…

Page 29

A convenient thing like you remember
About last time…

Page 30

Page 31

Page 32

She finally left.
But what’s with her? She didn’t have to make such a face.
Okay, desk docking!
Hey, Take. // What was that with her?
…? Eh, what?
The crazy girl mistaking people, that just left.
Being actual involved with her is quite troublesome. // Though for a bystander it might look funny.
You haven’t even talked to each other and you call it involved?
You’re crazy, Shuuhi

Page 33

Huh? She was here just until now. // Right besides me, a strange…
What…? This uncomfortable feeling… // What’s this bad feeling I have!
I am---

Page 34

A doll of a girl? // I had such a thing? No…
Oh? What’s that?
Since when is it in my pocket…
What a cute doll.
Somehow, it resembles her…
Did she put it in there without me noticing? // Don’t tell me, she’s a ghost! Hah! Can’t be.

Page 35

I’m right back.
H- Hey, Shuushi!
As if Ghosts exists!
I’ll find out who she is and make her regret messing with me!
Where did she went?
…No, I can image.
She’s the type of person

Page 36

That will be on the rooftop---
Of course she’s not here.

Page 37

What are you doing here?
The ghost stalking girl came out!
Ghost stalking?
Ah, I guess my actions looked like that.
Typical human reaction.
Just an annoyance, huh. // Heh, after all this world goes like I thought…

Annoyance? Don’t kid me.
You’re the one who started it!

Page 38

Looks like you aren’t a ghost.

You were carrying it…
But I guess the stalker part was a hit…

Page 39

…How cruel.

Page 40

While you don’t remember anything about me, // you still make me this happy,
But with time, I have nothing more left to give to you.
Nothing more left to…

Page 41

I don’t mind keeping up my fruitless efforts until I die…
But I can’t call that a conversation.
I’m confidence that I’ll become crazy if I keep it up.
That’s why before I turn crazy…

Page 42

I plan to die.
Huh? What’s she saying?
I lost confidence in living.
Do you know? The act of taking one’s own life without any special need to, // seems to be a privilege only granted to humans.
You’re the witness.
To the fact that the human named Kamimura Yuuka lived here.

Page 43

You! You mean you want to jump?
Is she an idiot? How did she come to this hasty and extreme conclusion?
Ah, guess that’s why she’s a stalker.
Geh! What am I agreeing here!
H- Hey, wait…
Wait!! Don’t be hasty!!

Page 44

Ah, this feels so….
Something’s in her pocket…

Page 45


Page 46

I kicked him on reflex.
And with the highest impact that won’t hurt my leg!
Genius me! I’m scared of my genius!
…Unimportant. // …He didn’t got to defend… is he okay?
Well, he got out safe yesterday too.
No, he’s a detailed machine, so the head is rather sensitive?
Huh? Hey?
I don’t want this aftertaste.

Page 47

A hair… curse…
Ah, you’re up---

Page 48

You did something to this doll, after all!?
It’s really dangerous, isn’t it?
Is it, Kamimura!?
!! // You called me…
Since you handed this to me, I only faced misery. // Even yesterday---
Everyone… in class… kicked me… // And I was called… a robot by you…
Your memories are back…?

Page 49

To think a hit would heal it! // Just how are you build?
I wonder if you are a bug or defective project?
Again this talk… Stop your nonsense.
Me // being a robot…
Accept it.
The reality of you not being a human.

Page 50

When I told you the secret of this world
You lost the memories of it.
The memories of robots are easily manipulated. // It was determined you’re not to have this information.
…Huh!? Stop kidding…
“It was determined” how would you know that?
I know.

Page 51

Because this world exists for my sake.
Just who are you!?
Me? // Just your average human.
The only human in this world full of robots….
That’s why from your point of view, I am

Page 52

I guess?
Now then. // With this you once again now about the secret of this world,
But will your memories be erased again?
I just have to hit you to make you remember, right?

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