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Tokyo Girls Destruction 4

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Aug 28, 2011 17:08 | Go to Tokyo Girls Destruction

-> RTS Page for Tokyo Girls Destruction 4


Tokyo Girls Destruction Chapter 04

Page 01

Please wait!
Please give it back!
This is precious to me!
The badge aside, don’t take my hair band.
Heh! Still saying that? I warned you and you still broke the rules.
Make her shut up
Yes. Ma’am.

Page 02

Page 03

So, what about Burai Sachiko?
Well.. When we got there, she was already gone…
You failures! Search more throughout!!
Shall I teach you again what happens to those that don’t obey the rules!?
I- I wont give in…

Page 04

I won’t give in…
to you because of something like this
Really? Then I’ll let you face reality.
Let’s see if you
Without a badge can still say the same tomorrow

Page 05

Hamon-sensei, do you have a minute?
What’s up?
Lately it looks like you’re forgetting your own standpoint a bit…
W- What?
Do you understand?

Page 06

These girls are not your underlings.
At any rate, they belong to the student council.
Please don’t forget that the student council is only letting the teacher use them temporarily.
I- I know that!
If you do, then…
Is that all? I’m in a rush.

What’s with her high up attitude?

Page 07

Student council, student or whatever.
I’m a teacher here!
All these fools come here full of hopes
And think they could spend a rose-colored life after graduation if they just pretend a bit…
I won’t let the likes of you graduate so easily…
As long as you’re in the school you will suffer… I’ll make you suffer endlessly!!

Page 08

Just for this… I won’t…
W- What are you doing?
You’re in the way, pig!
Don’t linger around, you badgeless!!

Page 09

You will get my desperation when you get your badge stolen too.

Page 10

Up till now, they were all so stuck up on manners…
And just by having no badge, they treat you this way…
What should I do..
Just what?

Page 11

Already this late!?
What now…
I gotta go to the dorm..

Page 12


Page 13

It’s you, huh.
The badgeless.
Damn. Just when I thought I got you alone.
I’m too late!!
Don’t lurk around here, small fry.
S- Sorry
In compensation for bumping into me…

Page 14

A honest and average girl.
Unaware of her own crisis because of that.

Page 15

The complete opposite of her sister…
It’s an unavoidable fact that she revived Burai Sachiko, who was like a living corpse until now…
If she should overcome this crisis and pair up with Burai Sachiko
She’ll become an existence we can’t overlook…
…How ironic. If it becomes like that
She will come to face the same fate as her sister.

Page 16

Fufu…Today’s she not helping her.
Is she stuck in a fight?
Get up.

Page 17

H- Hinata-san!!
W- What? Do you still…
I have no interest in you, who lost her badge.
Anyways, get to work. // I mean, get to work, meow.

Page 18

T- This is…?

Page 19

The cleaning up, meow.
Cleaning up…?
Take a look around, meow. Fixing stuff that get destroyed and carrying injured people to the infirmary.
Making everything clean, so it looks like nothing happened, meow.
That’s the job of us
Badgeless, meow
No way… Just because we have no badge…?
I think I told you, meow.
It’s all for survival, meow.
You two! What are you slacking off for?
S- sorry, meow.

Page 20

What are you doing, sleepyhead?
If you slack off it will just decrease your sleeping time!
… I won’t give in
In such a place. Never…

Page 21

It’s finally over…
Doing this every day now…
Hey, Amasu.
Your share, meow.
Because of this, even us badgeless can somehow survive, meow.
If you just manage to graduate, in whatever shape, an elite life is waiting for you.
Well, I will just steal a badge from some idiot and bid farewell to this kind of life, meow.

Page 22

But… just for this few, everyone…
How sad…
Huh? // You talk as if doesn’t concern you, meow.
Not only did you get your badge taken away
But you also caught the eye of that sadistic teacher. It’s you who’s sad, meow.

Page 23

No way…
How cruel…

Page 24

But… that won’t get me.

Page 25

I won’t give in…
Even without my badge…
I’ll get back my hair band…
And most importantly…

Page 26

until I find out about Towa’s death..
I won’t give in….

Page 27

Don’t you just look adorable, Amasu?
W- What do you need from me?
Nothing much. I just wanted to propose a little deal.

Page 28

A deal…
It’s not such a bad deal.
If you do well, I’ll give you back your badge and hair band.
R- Really?
Lend me all your power
In the hunt for Burai Sachiko!!

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