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I Am Wolf Man 2

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Aug 29, 2011 18:48 | Go to I Am Wolf Man

-> RTS Page for I Am Wolf Man 2

Reserved for Simple-Scans

Ookami Shounen Chapter 02

Page 45

White white Christmas

Page 46

24th December
Today’s Christmas eve.
And also the closing ceremony.
Despite that, Masa-kun is….
It’s skipping.
Today’s eve after all.
Yeah--- Yeah---

Page 47

We won’t get to see each other
Once the winter holiday start…!
What are doing Masato’s assignments here
(Winter Holiday Assignment)

The teacher told someone to bring it to Masato.
Here, here.
I’ll do it.
Masa-kun is my big love <3
He has a girlfriend.

Page 48

What’s this? // There were just a few snowflakes a moment ago.
And wait. // His girlfriend might be with him.
(He was absent today after all)
Aoki Naomi (Masa-kun’s girlfriend)
I have seen her once // She was laughing at me.
A horrible girl.
I’m sure Masa-kun is being deceived by her.

Page 49

Masa-kun <3
Saori? What are you doing here?
Merry Christmas <3
I have a present for you.
(Winter holiday assignment)
(So happy…)
Got a guest?

Page 50

No… Not really…
I see.
Let me in.
No way.
Why? I specially come to you through this blizzard. // I’m nearly frozen.
It’s really not possible.
Because I’m expecting someone.

Your girlfriend?

Page 51

A mail.
From who?
Let me see.
Message // Naomi // It’s quite the snowstorm, so I’m not coming.

Page 52

Lucky <3 // Today might be my lucky day.
Dry your hair with that.
Don’t catch a cold. // It would be my fault, else.

Page 53

Once it stops snowing, go home.
Okay, // until then let’s party. // It’s eve after all.
I made this.
You did not.
(I bought this)
Masa-kun, blow the candles.
Don’t want to.
Then, // I’ll do it.

Page 54

Applause please.
Somehow it feels like we’re a couple <3
We need a tree too, yeah.
(“Yeah” my ass.)
Don’t go through my stuff on your own.
I’ll get it out, // so you sit back.
You have a tree?
Somewhere. // You just go away.

Page 55

(What are you doing…)

Hey // Help me…

Page 56

What are you looking at!!
What’s this photo?
You’re so lovey-dovey.
Stop, really!!
Where are you going?
I got to let everyone see this.

Page 57

Gua // gi // Gyaa
What are you doing, you idiot.
Give back the photo…
Is it that precious?

Page 58

This photo
A photo like this
*munch* *much*
W- // What are you eating?
Where’s the photo?
Eh-- // Don’t tell me..
What are you eating!?
Spit it out, idiot!
You’ll die!

Page 59

*cough* // *cough*
Sorry, did it hurt?
Okay, // swallow it.

Page 60

Tastes bad.
I didn’t cry from the pain.
I didn’t cry from the bad taste.
I don’t want to // lose against his girlfriend.
Let’s go. // Can you stand?
I can’t eat the photo
I buried it in the snow.

Page 61

I can’t stand.
Get on <3 // I’ll carry you.
That’s clearly impossible.
It’ll be fine. // Your leg hurts, doesn’t it?
It stopped snowing, so go home.

Page 62

Are you angry // about the photo?
No.. not really.
Not really angry.

Page 63

Do you love your girlfriend
That much?
I have so many
Other things
That I want to ask.

Page 64

I’m sorry.
I won’t do it again.
I’m sorry.
I didn’t
Want to see that.

Page 65

It’s painful…
His girlfriend…

Page 66

She said she couldn’t come…
Why is she with another guy…
Hey say,

Page 67

It’s like this,
So let’s break up.
See you.

Page 68

What was that?
That pisses me off.
“It’s like this”, that’s all?
What’s with // her?
Is eve.
It’s eve // and all.
It’s fine.

Page 69

I knew.
I already knew….

Page 70

Are you crying. // Masa-kun?
I’m not.

Page 71

My leg hurts.

Page 72

I hope you’ll be
That I’m by your side.
Then, today // I’ll take care of you // all day.

Page 73

When it stops snowing, go home.
Ufufu <3
Snowing a lot
Turning the rooftops, the trees and street
Pure white.

Page 74

Your Christmas present.
(What’s this?)
I hope
His heart can also be cleaned.
And I want to tell him that I love him.
<The End>

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