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Tokyo Girls Destruction 5

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Sep 9, 2011 17:47 | Go to Tokyo Girls Destruction

-> RTS Page for Tokyo Girls Destruction 5

I'm searching for someone who wants to edit this.
If you want to use this, pm me first!!

Tokyo Girls Destruction Chapter 05

Page 01

(Tokyo Girls Destruction)
(Burai and Towa, memories of their past…)
You want to be my friend?
What are your conditions?
Conditions? There aren’t any…
I just want us to act while thinking of each other..

Page 02

(Chapter 05) Bonds and Wounds
And to trust into each other…
Isn’t it like that?

Page 03

Avoiding people to the max,
Not even the observation cameras can get a hold of her
The only existences in this school, who continues to ignore the ruls!
But that ends today!!
Now, I’ll have you call her here with that.

Page 04

Call Burai Sachiko!!
Even if I call for help, she won’t come…
Because, she and me…
You’re her sister, but the complete opposite of her!
Don’t think I would help you just because you’re her sister!
Have nothing to do with each other…
Like I give a fuck about your situation!! // Just do as I tell you!!
You’re the sister of that Amasu Towa, there’s no way she wouldn’t show up!!
You know about my sister?
Something about her death…

Page 05

Not in detail.
Just that she was one hell of a disgusting brat.
Shouldn’t you be more worried about yourself than the death of your sister?
This is the place the rumour talks about right now within the talk.
R- Rumour?
That the student who has a badge was confined in this cells.
Do you know what that means!?
Student with a badge, who…?
You don’t have any creativity at all!
What do you think will happen once the bell ring for after school?

Page 06

You noticed?
The other badgless will come here storming like hyena.
Kukuku… They’re all desperate.
They’ll search your body from top till toe!!
Ah… Ah…
Of course when they find out you don’t have a badge, they’ll be angry.
I wonder how they’ll let out that anger on you….

Even I can’t image that. AHAHAHA

Page 07

Good… with this you now your situation now.
Calling for Burai is for your sake, if you don’t want to face such horror.
I- I can’t.
I’m telling you to call her!!!
You piss me off like your sister!!
Tch, // she fainted, huh.

Page 08

It- It’s time for class.
…Fine. There’s still time.
Next time I won’t let you off with this less!!

Page 09

You’re persistent!
I told you not to get closer to me anymore!
For whom might you have me mistaken for?
Who are you?
What do you want?
What way to talk is that. Can’t a simple student come to the rooftop to get a feel of the wind?
It’s not like I’m going to secretly searching for someone like you.

Page 10

For some reason though it looks like you aren’t searching today…
…What do you want to say?
Don’t mind me.
I’m just talking to myself.
From what I heard… that someone got his badge stolen and is confined in the cells right now…
Seems she caught Hamon-sensei’s eye. She won’t get out of it so easily…
Not acting while being worried.
I’m sure that will just repeat the same mistake again.

Page 11

Well, I’m still talking to myself.
Fufu… That went better than I thought…
She’s so easy to read.
Burai Sachiko.
Is her strength that of a tiger or a wolf… // But her inner-self is like an abandoned puppy…

Page 12

It’s time, Amasu.
We don’t have time to waste.
Call her out already!!
What’s with those rebellious eyes?

I won’t acknowledge…

Page 13

Be it this school and it rules..
And of course you too
I won’t acknowledge any of that!!
You! How do you dare to face a teacher like that!!

Page 14

In this school the rules and the teacher are absolute!
If you don’t get it into your head, I’ll teach it to your body!!
Only by doing that…
By hurting the students, you can comfort your own failure, huh…
I feel sorry for you…

Page 15

Shut it!
Shut it! Shut it!!
What do you know about me!?
The pain of me, who got send to an isolated school like this!!
Society is full of injustice!!
That’s why I will teach you real injustice!!
And to Burai Sachiko too!! // What does she plan to become by revolting all alone in this school!?
I’ll teach you that you only can abide by the set rules in this world!!
Got it!?
All alone….

Page 16

Your last chance.
Call out Burai Sachiko.
She once saved me.
And I’m not the only one that’s grieved by Towa’s death.
She’s the same…

Page 17

I won’t betray her.
Hey! Let get feel some pain!
Y- Yes, Ma’am.
…You believe?
You believe in me?

Page 18

Y- Yes!
And… I can believe in you?
O- Of course! I want to know the reason for Towa’s death!!
And for that I need your help!!

Page 19

Forget it…
Amasu Kumi… I’m disappointed in you.
Just became prey for the badgeless!
Move aside!
Impossible!? The cell phone should be broken, why is it still..!?

Page 20+21

Burai Sachiko, when did she!?

Page 22


Page 23

Guh.. Burai.. Don’t think I would let you off so easily after this!
What are you doing?
Use your stun gun!
B- But…
If I screw up, you will…
Right back at you. Do you think I would let you off so easily?

Page 24

Look at your watch.
It’s soon after school.
Just litter around a bit here, where the rules don’t apply after school.
When you’re always angering the students.
Your beloved “hell” is waiting for you.
G- Got it. I’ll give back her badge..
Therefore, let me go.
That’s not all.
Give back her hair band too.

Page 25

In just that short flash, she noticed I’m not wearing my hair band…
And once more.
Please remove Burai-san handcuffs.
Kuh… You heard her. Do it.
Yes, Ma’am

Page 26

Was it you that killed Amasu Towa!?
D- Don’t be stupid. Even I can’t kill a member of the student council!!
Member of the student council?

Page 27

Prepare yourselves!
I’ll let you off today, but one day I’ll make you crawl in front of me! // For sure!!

Thank you..
You saved me… again…
I know I can’t serve as a replacement for Towa… but

Page 28

Would you please… become my friend?

Page 29

Amasu~~! You still had your badge!?
This time for sure, I’ll kill ya…
Y- You are!?

Page 30

Amasu Kumi.. Rest assure.
From today onwards, I’ll protect you.
As long as you believe in me…
Wah.. Hey… Wait, wait!!
I’m out there, meow!!

Page 31

W- What did you say!?
Just like I said.
You ignored my advice and injured a member of the student gravely…

Page 32

Therefore I’m putting you on a month-long house arrest.
N- No way…!
That’s the conduct of the student council.
Wait… Wait a moment!
Amasu Kumi and Burai Sachiko finally paired up.
In the sake for the deceased Amasu Towa
How moving…
And yet, the most worthless thing to do.

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