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Countrouble 22

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Sep 12, 2011 18:53 | Go to Countrouble

-> RTS Page for Countrouble 22

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Countrouble Chapter 22

Page 00

[skipped, I hate summaries]

Page 01

Chapter 22: You’re making such a face too.

Page 02+03

Just a bit more until the culture festival! Ratter, clatter, hurry with the preperation!!
…..Mh, but what is this class preparing for!?
Where’s the tape!?
The lengths aren’t matching. Measure it properly.
Hey, hey, is this the only spray?
Is that all of the cup boards we have left?
I want to get confirmation on this part, where’s the Class Rep!ß
Hey, Meiko. Where’s Yoshizawa-san?

Page 04

Ah, yeah, yeah.
Akino is working for the culture festival executive committee too.
So don’t rely on her too much.
Hey, the sign is ready!
Tada~ How’s it?
Oh, looks pretty good!!
But… Are we really gonna do that? (Cross-dressing that is…)
What are you saying!? We decided this, so of course.

Page 05

We’ll properly do your make-up so be prepared!
But then---
Just what is wrong with you!?

Page 06

A- Actually… I got a rather big mental shock…
I got weird misunderstood by Yoshizawa-san, I got rejected when I wanted to reject… Aw, I want to erase everything of that…
No way!!
I’m passing on that!!
I’ll never do it…
The cross-dressing!!
My, my…
Ooedacchi is making trouble again…

Page 07

We’re already short on time… He doesn’t know when to give up…
I’m gonna give him a lecture. Meanwhile you cheer up a bit.
O- Okay…

Matsushiro-kun, a guest for you!


Page 08

S- So, did you give it a thought?
About my request of getting me closer to Meiko-chan…..
Senpai… About that
Could you do something about my case first?
Because you did that to me, Yoshizawa has a weird misunderstanding and it’s really troubling me!!
So if you could solve this first---
Don’t wanna!!
I mean, it was really embarrassing to tell you who I like.

Page 09

So I want to finish this as fast as possible. Please, Kouta-kun!!
T- The same goes for me!! I’m not giving in here!!
Aww.. If I were you I wouldn’t be that indecisive.
That’s what I want to say! If I were you, I would have already solved the problem!!
(saying similar stuff=

Page 10

A magic to switch with someone other?
There is one, why?
Thought so…
As if there was such a spell----

Page 11

Say that earlier!!
I’m always telling you this, but is that the way to ask someone a favor of?
Basically, you want to switch bodies with Asaka Chitose?
Yep, yep!! // The first day Asaka-senpai and Yoshizawa-san are patrolling the school together. That’s my chance!!
Culture festival, huh?
Culture festival First Day

Page 12

Is that really possible?
It is!
Just believe me!
Then, first give me your hand.
L- Like this?
Then, here we go~~!!

Page 13

Now the switching magic should activate----
*cough* *cough*
Senpai, are you okay?

Page 14


W- We switched…
H- Hey!! // Don’t look at my body!!
I- I’m sorry.
But it seems the switching went well.

Page 15

Now I just have to clear the misunderstanding with Yoshizawa-san!!
Okay, I’m off then!!
Eh… Ah.. Hey!

Page 16

The first day of the culture festival has started.
Today it’s still not open to the public, but----
Okay, Senpai. Let us give our best at patrolling!
Oh god!! Going around with her all alone is almost like a date!!
S- Sure, Yoshizawa-san…
W- What?
I- Is she suspecting something?
Could it be she found out it’s me!?
Senpai… Don’t you call me usually by my first name?
Ah.. Right! Let’s give our best, Akino-chan!
Fufufu, then let’s go.
My heart skipped a beat!! I need to be careful!!

Page 17

Excuse us, we’re from the executive committee.
We’re doing check-ups.
This class does a Maid Café.
Are you facing any troubles?
Mh, let’s see.
Not really at this point.
I understand. If you have something. Please report to the office.
Ah, right!
Please wait a moment!
While you already here, could you taste this?
It’s our tea!!

Page 18

Checking around all day must be tiring. It’s on the house!
Thank you…
Right!? We searched so hard with the budged limit!!
Can I taste it too?
T- This is…

Page 19

? // What’s the matter?
N- No, nothing!!
Ah, I know.
We have this too.

Page 20

Here, have some crepe too!
It’s still in the experimental phase though. Please give me your opinion.
I totally love crepe!!
She jumped on me!!
I’m so glad to be alive!!
Mh, so good.
Have a bit too, Senpai.

Page 21

It’s really good.
Please have a bite too, Senpai!
I can’t eat it all alone,
So please.

Page 22

I never was this grateful to be born until now!!
Good! There’s still plenty of fun waiting!!
This is the last one.
(Haunted House)

Page 23

Not good….
If I recall right
Yoshizawa-san can’t handle scary stuff…
U- Umm, Akino-chan?
Shall I… go alone?
I- I’m-- I’m fine!! I can’t back down because of something like that!!
You’re not fine at all!!
T- Then let us proceed!!
Ah.. Wait!

Page 24

That’s why I said….
I’m sorry, Senpai…
It’s my job… So I have to do it properly…

Page 25

She can make a face like that too!
Kuh~~ So cute!!
Senpai… You just laughed at me, didn’t you!?
I- I didn’t!
A lie! You did!
(Here we go)
(So heavy)

Page 26

Here, change into these.
I’m sorry for making you get them…
Don’t worry about it. You’re always helping me too…
Ah.. No… Just talking to myself!!
Then I’ll wait in the hallway.
Eh, why you ask? I mean, you’re going to change…
Fufu, you’re really mysterious, Senpai.
We’re both girls, so you don’t need to leave.
I- I see. You’re right… (Hahaha)

Page 27

Could it be, this
Is a great and only chance to see her naked!?
B- But, right now I’m…
Deceiving her…
Guh… But in the end, I’m just a man…
Forgive me, Yoshizawa-san!!

Page 28

More destructive than I thought…
Anything more is impossible…

Page 29

This concludes the first day of the culture festival.
Tomorrow it’ll open to the public. Please try----
A lot happened today and we were quite busy, but it was fun nevertheless.
Yeah, that’s right.
Yeah~~ Really, a lot happened~~~
I saw an expression of her I normally don’t get to so. That was really good~~

Page 30

Umm… Senpai.
I’m really sorry for today.
Eh… No…
At the end, I screwed up and caused you trouble…
W- What are you saying, Yoshi--- Akino-chan. You’re really amazing.
You’re already the Class Rep but are also made to do the executive committee work. And all without showing dislike.
You even organized your Class’s program after listening to everyone’s opinion.
Do you know all that…?

Page 31

T- That… Ehm… Kouta-kun. Yeah, from Kouta-kun!
Kouta-kun told me!
Ah.. Right!!
It’s about Kouta-kun. You think he hugged me, right?
But that’s a misunderstanding!! We absolutely aren’t in that kind of relationship! He isn’t that kind of guy!!

Page 32

I know.
Matsushiro-kun is always like that.

Page 33

Always doing things that make one misunderstand.
But actually he’s clumsily giving his best.
And… he’s always so nice to me, that it’s nearly annoying.
Thanks to him, every day is so much fun.
That’s why… I’m really glad I got onto the executive committee with him.

Page 34

It was like that…
Yoshizawa-san was thinking of me like that----
I- If it’s now, I can ask her…
Th- Then say,
Do you… like… Matsushiro-kun?

Page 35

Behind you.

Page 36

Heeey!! You two!!
What the hell are you doing!!!

Page 37

Haha… Hahaha… (Geez)
These two are really hopeless…
W- What is it?
I take back everything I said just now.
(Huh, Yoshizawa-san, could you be jealous? …Nah, couldn’t be)

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