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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Omamori Himari 46

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Sep 20, 2011 10:03 | Go to Omamori Himari

-> RTS Page for Omamori Himari 46

Reserved for Kundumstaf
Not to be re-translated into any other Language!!

Omamori Himari Chapter 46

Page 01

---Indeed, it's different from this noon.
Are the spirits singing?
Or are they waiting on something... no, someone?
H- Hey, Nekohime! Explain it so we commoners understand it too!!
Your sword is emitting a rather suspicious light!! Is that the old art!?
Chapter 47: The cat runs into the hatchery

Page 02


Page 03

Chapter 47: The cat runs into the hatchery

Page 04

No good. I spaced out.
I understand what Kuesu's saying, but...
Kuesu, hey.

Page 05

I- It came out!!
...I know.

Page 06

What are you making it dissolve for!?
Weren't we here to find out their reasons or intentions!?
I know that!
But it was interfering with my sweet moment with you... // It pissed me off.
And look. No need to worry, there's plenty more.

Page 07

Okay, Yuu-chan, go score a lot.
Good luck <3
S- Score? How... (That are spirits.)
First I need to find out what they're after...
You guys, why are you attacking humans?
You have been spirits at this school for a long time now, right?
Why would you attack humans now!?

Page 08

Kuesu, you okay?
Yes... // Right back at you.
Ah.... // Nn
S- Sorry!!
Aw, that wasn't your fault.
Nice job, Spirits!

Page 09

...For him...
we collect the strength of the Living...
You say him, but who is it?
Well, I guess it's the Boss here.
Like I said, who is that!? You don't know anything, Kuesu?
No... Hitsugi, that ass, just said "It wouldn't be interesting if I told you that".
Obvious, isn't it? Kuhihi
I got the bothers to separate from us, what's left
is to flirt with you, and I have no regrets.
This is still kind of a test for me, you know...
I hope they too keep a low profile. // So, what do we do now....
Yeah. We're just wasting time here.

Page 10

You pitiable spirits! Be nice and guide us to your master!!
If not, forget about going to heaven, I'll drop you to the bottom of the Cocytus. // I'll let you taste eternal torture!!

Page 11

I saw this in a game before!! // A girl swinging around a sword at night in school, slashing Demons, people don't know about.
She's cutting spirits! Even though they have no bodies!!

Page 12

They might have no physical body, but they certainly exist.
If you think about it as interference with the magnetic field via my Yasutsuna, you should get it.
But I applied to much strength and damaged the ground and windows a bit.
Would that get one suspended, Class Rep?
I- I didn't see anything.
So, what now? If you got them, let's call Yuuto and go home.
That won't do.
The spirits attacking humans are... // are different from the normal wandering Spirits or Earth-bound Spirits.
Like Kuesu said, there's something behind this.

Page 13

....Hey, you two. Look at this.
I'm sure no club has training at night today.
Are they inviting us, or did Kuesu got the gun on us... // We'll know if we go there.
Hey, this is the 4th floor!!
....Noihra-san is...
E- Ehm.. A super Catgirl?

Page 14

Page 15

What a cute Demon Hunter Couple.
It's been a while.

Page 16

....Forgive me. // The Kitty was here too.
Hone your skills, is what they often say, right? // "Moon of Twilight"-dono.

Page 17

(Damn Cat, she came.)
Himari! // Where are the other two?
Don't worry.
I just went ahead.
My, my. You find this unexpected fast...
I was trying for a "You can't see the forest for the tree" though.
Hmp. You really thought we wouldn't find out with the spirits running around so flashy?
Ah, you mean them?
It's not like I ordered them to. // It seems when they came here they mistook me for the king or prince of the underworld.
And since then they have been offering me energy of living beings.

Page 18

That's what exposed me and brought me down. // Man that really got me. (Hahaha)
There might be an unexpected harvest.
That Hitsugi knew...!
what are you doing here?
Let's see...
Basically the same thing as them.
Though I wanted to take it from the whole student body more slowly and over a longer period.

Page 19

And you see, // you were bullying Tama-san when I wasn't around.
I need to restore her.
Mhm, yeah. She got a bit cocky, so
I just showed them her place.
Good thing you weren't around.
I had other things to do.
If I had known Tama-san would start alone, I would have stopped her.
----So, did you find the other body parts you went to search separately?

Page 20

Looks like you got around quite a bit. Nasuno in Tochigi Prefecture. Katsuyama in Okayam Prefecture. Jouetsu in Niigata Prefecture.
Akitakada in Hiroshima Prefecture and Bungotakada in Ooin Prefecture.. How diligent...
All the places the body of the Kyuubi scattered to according to Gennou Shinshou, huh.
Why do you...
It was a failure to expose yourself to Yakouin Hitsugi.
Even if you erased your spiritual power, she continued to trace down your whereabouts through various methods.
Besides, not telling us "He's right here" is just like her.

Page 21

Reminds me, some students said say saw a "Young man", could that be him?
Judging by their conversation, that man is a companion of the Fox.
Basically... an enemy! What's more, he's a Boss Class!?
Class Rep, listen.
We better get away from here.
It might already be too late and we're already discovered,
but not to interrupt them, we need to....
You're already discovered.
But I won't take hostages, so don't worry.

Page 22

Class Rep!
My, my. There are sure a lot of cute girls around you, Amakawa Yuuto-kun.
Makes me envious.
So, which girl
is your favorite?

Page 23

...Oh, could it be I stepped on a landmine?
And here I finally managed to sneak in through a gap of the Kitty's weakened barrier...
but now the Sweet Room for me and Tama-san is ruined.
What are you going to compensate me for that?
Let's do this.

Page 24

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