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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Nozoki Ana 59

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Sep 20, 2011 11:44 | Go to Nozoki Ana

-> RTS Page for Nozoki Ana 59

Reserved for Japanzai
Not to be re-translated into any other Language!!

Nozoki Ana Chapter 59

Page 88

Chapter 59: Fall in love

Page 89

It’s good.
It’s really good, Madoka-chan // Even though you said you’re bad with cooking.
Ehe, thanks // Eat up.
It’s been a week since that stormy night---- // I’m now in Madoka-chan’s room.

Page 90

I’ll eat too.
She gave her best for me…
Ah, that was good. // You live at a nice place, Madoka-chan
That’s not true. // There’s a big street nearby, so it’s quite noisy.
Your room is quite neat, // though I thought it would have a more mature touch to it.
Sorry for having such girly taste…

Page 91

Because you suddenly said you wanted to come over // I gave my best in cleaning up last night.
While your room is quite cute, // your underwear is more on the erotic side. (T-back…)
I forget to wash it. // I only wore it once yet.
When did you wear it?

Page 92

Haa // Hah
Hey // It’s like a puppy attacking me..

Page 93

Here we go!
What day is today?
Saturday, why?
I… can stay here, can’t I?
Yep, I won’t let you go. // You’re being weird.
To normally spend the weekend together // as lovers makes me happy.

Page 94

My previous love only increases my scars day by day,
But my days with Madoka-chan are only filled with happiness.
There’s just // one thing tucking at my heart…
Why did you have such a face back then?

Page 95

Until now, no matter who I fucked in front of the “hole”
You peeped on us without moving an inch.
And what were the meanings of those words…?
I will only be able to stay at your side from the other side of the “peeping hole”.
The more I get to know // the more I think about you, I get more lost about you…
I must say my thanks // to Emiru…

Page 96

Eh!? // W- What?
I mean… // Thanks to her I got to date you.
She gave me advice the first time we met…
And she pushed my back in that stormy night… // She’s a love cupid.
I thought she read my mind…
Madoka-chan, // you like her?
I do!
She’s a bit hard to understand, but..

Page 97

Because I’m quite shy myself // so I’m good at finding my kind.
You and her. // Ehe.
Everyone’s looking at Emiru notably…
Everyone except me..
Only I get troubled by her…
Only I…
It’s only me----!!

Page 98

I- I came..
Oh, right, it was her first time // just recently.
It’s okay.
It’s okay, continue.

Page 99

I’m your girlfriend…
I don’t want to trouble you… // so continue..
Let’s be honest.
I want our relationship to last for a while, // so let’s not force ourselves.
Just tell me when I’m wrong. // I also will talk to you when I’m troubled.

Page 100

I think only when showing own’s true color // we can have a real start.
I’m saying the same stuff as Emiru…
Can I get the first request?
Hey, are we really gonna do it?
Move your hand. // Hurry.

Page 101

Ah, looking at it again, it’s really amazing. // Just like a living being…
I always wanted to try this..
T- This… // she’s really skilled!?

Sh- Shit… // Madoka-chan!

Page 102

Ah… AHH…
A tissue.

Fuah… just like the book said
A weird taste~

Page 103

I’ll fall in love even more // with this hard-working girl…
If I spend more time with Madoka-chan, I shouldn’t get any encounters with Emiru.
I just told you not to force it.
But I wanted to try it! // Though I’m through with swallowing // *cough*
I’ll devote my heart and time to Madoka-chan.
Doing so, by the time of the “peeping” time limit, the graduation,
Emiru’s existence will have slowly vanished from my mind.
Yeah… I’m sure…

Page 104

‘Sup! // Is Kido-senpai here?
Madoka-chan! // Mochitsuki and… // Rie-chan.
What’s up guys?
This is no place for first years.
Take a look at this. // Taadaa!
Tickets for a spa resort~~~
It got pools you can swim in all year. // I got them from my father.

Page 105

Ohh, nice! // Pool! Swimsuits!
I’ll share them with everyone, // so let’s go on the next holidays.
Guess I should hang out a bit with you all once in a while.
Exactly. // You’re sticking too Madoka-san a bit too much lately.
Mh? Wait a sec… / By sharing, you mean…

Page 106

Of course you’re coming too, Emiru-chan!
Let’s have a lot of fun together!
I thought just “doing nothing” would spare me from getting involved with her…
But guess it goes like this after all..
Looks like it will be a fun trip, // Right?

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#1. by Kazurql ()
Posted on Sep 22, 2011
What is the problem that other people pass this to another language?
If you do this I guess it's for hobby... Why make trouble to other people who want to read a Manga in your language?
Getting a Japanese translator is not easy, so translate from English is easier.

Don't be selfish with that...
#2. by Tran Linh ()
Posted on Sep 24, 2011
@Kazurql: it's his translation, he has 100% right on it.
#3. by PROzess ()
Posted on Sep 24, 2011
Everyone is stealing my work all over the place anyway.
Not that it matter what I write...
What pisses me off is that people take things for way too given...
If japanese Translator are really that rare, why would you start pissing them off?
You really think I would continue to translate series I know some other people shamelessly rip off? No way.
And don't come with the Argument "Someone else will take it", you just said TL0r are rare, so I doubt the chances are high the dropped projects will be covered.
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