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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Big Order 1

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Sep 27, 2011 09:29 | Go to Big Order

-> RTS Page for Big Order 1

Free for Scanlation

The character aren't all that different from Mirai Nikki.
Rin (aka Yuuno) is crazy as ever :)

Big Order Chapter 01

Page 01

(He walks alone, embracing a great secret---)
What would you wish for
when you had 1 wish granted, whatever it is?
"I want to become a singer" // "I want money"
"I want immortality" // I'm sure they're plenty to choose from.
But mine is slightly different.

Page 02+03

What I wished for 10 years ago
was the "Destruction of the World".
This is---
a tale that starts from the destruction of the world.

Page 04+05

What he lost was the future and hope,
and also a precious person.....
What I got exchange
for no reason was----
(Proloque: Sekai X Me)
(Place: Amakusa)

Page 06

Kyushu Prefecture - Amakusa
---And with that
the world suffered by mysterious destructive phenomena
and their origin are still unknown.

Page 07

In my childhood
I had various dreams and hopes.
I wrote stupid
I want to become a villain and rule the world.
wishes on my card for Tanabata.
But that was only in my childhood.

Page 08

Hoshimiya is here today....
His attendance is really low, doesn't he notice himself?
I can hear you, you know.
And at the same time with the destructive phenomena
Power Users // called "Order" appeared.
It's said that there are currently two thousand around the world
but their numbers are still increasing.

Page 09

A few days ago, a new Order appeared at Yamaguchi and resulted into the "Stealing money from the bank" case.
His wish seemed to have been "I want money".
People who can change their wishes into power
Wish -> Power
are called "Order".

Page 10

Mh, what's the matter, Hoshimiya!?
I feel sick, so I'm leaving early.
Eh!? // Hey, Hoshimiya!!
He did it again...
He sure is a strange fellow.
How should I say, he got a bad vibe.
It's true that I felt sick.

Page 11

Because the destructive phenomena ten years ago
resulted from my, Hoshimiya Eiji's wish // to "destroy the world" when I was a kid.
"Orders are a terrifying and evil existences"
That's what everyone thinks.

Page 12

And that's exactly right.
That's why I haven't used my power since then.

Page 13+14

Page 15

Mh? Oh, Hoshimiya Eiji, huh.
An evil expression like always, I see.
increased the Orders again, right?
"Increased" has such a bad ring.

Page 16

I met her ten years ago.
She suddenly appeared in front of my bed // and at first I thought she was an illusion or something.
But I was wrong.
That's my job.
There's only one thing I know,

Page 17

I'm like a "Fairy" who grants wishes.
that Daisy is an existences that can grant people a single power based on their wish.

Page 18

I told you not to show up here anymore, right?
Looks like you still don't use your power.
You still think of the time you hurt your own sister?
Let me tell you one thing... Your memories from ten years ago are wrong...

Page 19

To be precise
what you wished for wasn't the "Destruction of the world".
looking forward to the time when you use your power again.

Page 20

Subject 1: Me X World
Place: Amakusa
Not the "Destruction of the world"---?

Page 21

Then what was my "wish"....?
I thought for sure I wished for the "Destruction of the world" and got a power for it...
Was I wrong...?
No, it was me who occurred the destructive phenomena.
Without doubt, back then I acted like a "Villain"----
Huh? "Villain"? How did it go again...

Page 22

Hey, have you heard. // Today we got a transfer student.
I heard she's totally cute---
Really? // Lucky. All other girls here are so ugly.
...Doesn't matter to me.
Hey, class is starting.
Let's me introduce a transfer student first.
Let's leave early today again---

Page 23

I'm Kurenai Rin.
Kurenai Rin
Nice to meet you.

Page 24


Page 25

To think she was so damn cute...
I might looking forward going to school now...
Excuse me.

Page 26

I have a favor to ask...
....Eh. // Ah....!?
The transfer student.... Why!?
Umm, I'm in your class.
guess you don't remember me.

Page 27

No, I do..... // What's up?
There's no way I could forget you---- // Did she come after me...!?
I- I moved in above yesterday.
But the lock is broken... and I'm at a loss...
I don't have a cell phone either...
Could you call a locksmith for me?

Page 28

...Ah // Yeah.
No problem. wait a moment.
Figures... It's not like I stand out.
Well, whatever. I'm just happy to be talking to her.
You're a real life-saver.

Page 29

Just kidding. [Yuuno is back <3]

Page 30

The living room....?
Eh, what's this!?
Ah, // You came to.

Page 31

W- // What are you doing....
Ah, yeah, let me introduce myself again.
I'm Kurenai Rin.
I came here as an assassin to kill you.

Page 32

To kill you, Hoshimiya Eiji
who is the "Order" responsible for the destruction of the world.
Your face says "How does she know?".

Page 33

A good question. // If it hadn't been on the orders from the guys "above"
I would have never met you...
I'm in trouble...
You see, my parents

Page 34

died in the destructive phenomena ten years ago...
They were trapped in a fire...!
That's why you're my "revenge"
I wanted you to know that
before I kill you----

Page 35

My hand...
It hurts!!

Page 36

My mother burned to death... // and my Father tried to save her and died from the smoke.
But I can finally execute me revenge!
And here I thought today was my luckiest day----

Page 37

The girl I fell for on first glance, was my enemy...!

Page 38

W- // Wait!
That was an accident. // Not on purp----
I- I'm gonna get killed!

Page 39+40


Page 41

!? I did nothing...
But the sword on itself...
Did I unconsciously activated my "power"---?

Page 42


Page 43

I don't want to hurt anyone anymore.
I don't want to use my "power"-----
Why are you getting
involved with me...!

Page 44

I hurt someone again----
Ah, // Brother?
What's wrong?
I think Uncle is still looking after a patient...

Page 45

N- No...
I just wanted to hear you voice, Sena.
I'm in the area, so I'll drop by.
Then I'll wait in the lobby after rehabilitation.
...After hearing Sena's voice
I calmed down a bit...
No worries...
Calm down...

Page 46

I'll get a check-up at the hospital while I'm at it...
Hoshimiya Synthetic Hospital (Internal Medicine - Surgery)

Page 47+48

Page 49

Took you long enough.

Page 50

Let's leave aside the mystery that I'm still alive
what's from importance is your unknown "power".
I'm getting a bit of insurance.
B- // Brother...!?
This doesn't concern Sena....!!
Let her go!
I will.
At the rooftop.

Page 51

if she doesn't get treatment quickly, she'll die.

Page 52

From the front too...
Why are there Soldiers at a hospital...!?
No, more importantly
She's alive when she should have been dead... // Could it be that----

Page 53

Yes, an "Order"!

Page 54

Kurenai Rin lost her parents ten years ago
and was burned to a life-threatening condition herself.
On the verge of dead, She wished
for her own "Regeneration"...!

Page 55+56 [Is it me or are there a bunch of double spreads oO]

Rebirth Fire!!!
And // by getting a powerful regeneration power, she became immortal

Page 57

What will you do? You can't beat her in your current state.
If you go down, you'll just be shot.
He's above.
And above is Kurenai Rin.

Page 58

....Even if you ask me...
There's no way I can abandon Sena...!
Why did you appear in front of me again?
I told you. I look forward to you using your power again.
It's a shame you forgot your "wish"!

Page 59

Hoshimiya Eiji, // I limited your power to "0,01%".
With that you should at least avoid the same happening as ten years ago.
If you don't remember
just try it out.
My power....

Page 60

I won't use my power anymore!
I decided on that....!

Page 61+62

Well done making it her.
But it's over now.
A heli...!?

Page 63

No good...!
I can't match a machine gun----
"Great Villain" was my favourite show.

Page 64

The goal of the villain
was to "conquer the world".
For that, everyone was after him
but his true goal was different.
The villain wanted to conquer the world to bring peace.
I wanted to become like him.
That's why I wished---

Page 65

I want to conquer the world!

Page 66

I remember...

Page 67

In the end, I didn't get to know what kind of power he had...
but there's no problem.

Page 68

Why am I
healing her...?

Page 69

You made me use my power.

Page 70

Why are you aliv--- // Ug!?
!? // !?
I can't move my legs...!?

Page 71+72

Bind Dominator!!!

Page 73

!? // This area...!?
That's my "Territory"
You're under my command from now on.

Page 74

You're not the only one who knows my secret, right?
I don't know who you guys are... // but if you're after my life, I have no choice but to use my power.
Making this the starting point
I'll change the world!

Page 75+76 [for real, how many are there!?]

My "power" is
"Expansion of conquering Territory"
I'll conquer the world!

Page 77

Gigi... // Gigigi
Kurenai Rin,
As my first action, I'll make you docile.
(The counter-attack starts!?)
(Big Order continues in Issue 12)

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#1. by Tran Linh ()
Posted on Sep 27, 2011
lmao, that's fast, damn it xD
#2. by The1 ()
Posted on Sep 27, 2011
"The character aren't all that different from Mirai Nikki.
Rin (aka Yuuno) is crazy as ever :)"

Dude, you have to admit the main char got guts :D

Plus jojo! LOL at the power shapes xD Still I think he will be joining her in next chapter cuz she was testing him or something....I just want moar of Daisy <3<3<3
#3. by Tran Linh ()
Posted on Sep 27, 2011
is it just me or the servant is like in Jojo?
#4. by PROzess ()
Posted on Sep 27, 2011
I loved Yuuki and Yuuno in Mirai Nikki, thats the reason why I translated this.
Eiji seems to kick ass too (though less cry-baby than Yuuki)

But the ultimate favorite is and stays Rin/Yuuno :)
The stun-gun, "Just kidding", E-P-I-C xD
#5. by The1 ()
Posted on Sep 28, 2011
I was laughing too, but I was thinking: "Omg she's going to take out a knife!" so a bit disappointed. Then again what she did to his sister...made me go: "Cool, she's back!"
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