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Yashikoh Shodai Seitokai 1

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Sep 27, 2011 18:56 | Go to Yashikoh Shodai Seitokai

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Yashiko Shodai Seitokai Chapter 01

Page 01

(A mysterious countdown, what happens to the chosen ones...!?)
And // 100th.

Page 02

You're the student council president!!

Page 03

Page 04

(Student Council President....eh, who!?)

Page 05

Fuhn // Fuhn
Perfect... // And it only took 15minutes today. My special training paid off!
Ichiro! // Get going already.
Yeah, yeah. I'm off!

Page 06

I'm a bit early, but whatever. // From now on I need one and a half hour for the forward run.
Ah, good morning.
Oh, morning...?
Gotta be careful that I won't be late.
Hey, hey. Just now...
The boy from Seriu-san. // Before he was so serious
and now this. Bad contacts?
You're wrong, Ladies.

Page 07

was reborn.
To free myself
into a new world.
I'm sorry! Are you okay?
....It's over.
Eh!? Are you hurt anywhere----

Page 08

I'm not hurt // but I'm so sleepy and sluggish, my body won't hold anymore.
I want to sleep.
Don't sleep here!!
I could call someone if you don't feel well...
Huh? // You're also a student from Yashiko Academy?
Then please tell the teacher I'm taking off today.
What kind of attitude is that on the opening day!?
(Can't believe you!)
I'll be fine. Leave me here.

Page 09

You're going to be late.
...You're not fine....
Okay. // I'll bring you there.
I'm being overly friendly again.
That's why all the troublesome things got pushed onto me in middle school.
I haven't changed at all...
You live around here?

Page 10

Maybe in Hiranichuu or...
She's already asleep!!
What a weird fellow.
She was really sleeping.

Page 11

Yashiko Academy?
A new established school sure has it's charm // but with your grades a famous escalator school would be better...
I'm sorry, // but I want to go to that new school.
You got a recommendation, huh!
What you would expect from our Class Rep, the Club President... and what more?
At first I was happy.
If you had come to our high school, I would have invited you into the Student council.
That I was trusted with the job of a leader.
You're big sister was on it too and really did a lot of stuff.

Page 12

But a new established school sounds good. Sounds like you can make some legends. I'm looking forward to it.
After all he's the younger brother of THAT Seriu Rei!
Give your best!!
Yes // Thank you.
What changed this into a feeling of a "burden" was
the overwhelming existences of my big sister.
I see. A new school.
Quite the interesting choice of you. // But let me give you a warning as your sister.
Ichiro, // that "thing" of yours won't heal just by changing places.

Page 13

Geez, Rei-chan. Don't say it like that. // Icchan decided on this by himself.
Choosing the path you like the most is most important.
I'm scared.
The pressure of stepping into my sister's steps...
The result of living up to everyone's expectations, like father's.
Calling it "that thing".

Page 14

I refuse to!
We're here.
Mhm. // huh?
You really brought me here.
You should mange alone now. // See ya.

Page 15

I'm Hatsuse. // Hatsuse Sakino.
Tell me your name.
Seriu Ichiro.
Okay, Ichiro.
You brought me this far, take me to the classroom too.
Huh!? // Give it a rest already!!
Aw, c'mon, it's not that far.
If it's not far then go by yourself! // And stopping grabbing onto me, it's embarrassing!
When we hold hands until now.

Page 16

Congratulations on enrolling here! // You're the 100th freshman.
Who's the 100th of you two? Well, whatever, come with me you two.
I'll guide you.
Welcome to Yashiko Academy!
What's going on?
How would I know?

Page 17

Please wait here.
You too were taken in at the gate?
Yeah // What's this assembly for?
That's what I want to ask

Page 18

All that we know is // except from these two, we all have different middle schools and don't know each other.
What about you?
Our first meeting.
I got a bad feeling...
With that we're set.
Mh? You're Chiyomaru-san, right? // Is your grandfather well?

Page 19

Okay then, I want all the here assembled ones // entrust a certain job.
I want you to be the Student Council // for the new established Yashiko Academy.
The 100th person
was you Seriu Ichiro-kun, right?
Stop it
Then you're the student president!

Page 20

I- // I...
like father from the stress.
don't want to go bald!!
I refuse!

Page 21

I see... you refuse, huh. // Then what about Hatsuse Sakino-san, who was with you at the gate?
Please wait!
You're saying you're deciding the student council by randomly picked people at the gate?
Of course, like Seriu-kun you have the right to decline. // But if possible I want to entrust the job to everyone that's here.
What do you say, Hatsuse-san?
...I'm sorry. // I'll decline too.

Page 22

I don't want to work as the student president in my life again.
And besides, he was the one who pulled me through the gate. // So I think he's the 100th person.
Wha- // Wha-
You---! That's how you repay a favor?
It's not like I asked you to bring me.
N- No, you asked! // You said to bring you to the classroom!
I have a question!

Page 23

Will we get credit for working as the student council? If not I would rather do a part-time job.
You will receive proper credit.
Then I'll comply.
I want to challenge it too!
Me too... // I can't promise anything but I want to do it.
Hey, Tsubame...
You don't have to do it, Yousuke.
Like I could leave you alone! // I'm doing it too!

Page 24

S- // Stop.
This atmosphere...
want to spend my free high school days here.
The student president
is too much
of a burden!
What's more
when I get
compared to Sister----

Page 25

I think this is some kind of fate.
Please choose // as you feel fit.
I understand. // I'll accept the position as the student president.
But I have a condition.
You're joining too, Hatsuse.
We don't know who the real 100th one was.

Page 26

Order from the president! // I appoint you as the assistant to the student president!
(Sharing one's fate!! How will the first student council work!?)

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#1. by DH777 ()
Posted on Sep 27, 2011
I usually visit batoto.....it's great.... thanks for the translate.... :D
#2. by RyuzakiRen ()
Posted on Sep 28, 2011
thanks prozess
#3. by The1 ()
Posted on Sep 28, 2011
Me like <3<3<3
#4. by Unograil ()
Posted on Sep 28, 2011
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