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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Mail Girlfriend 20

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Oct 1, 2011 13:12 | Go to Mail Girlfriend

-> RTS Page for Mail Girlfriend 20

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PM me if you have any questions regarding the translation.

Horrible raws, what a pain to translate...

Mel Kano Chapter 20

Page 01

Take that!!
That's our Kakeru-san!
So cool!!
(Just men, but....)
Ryou! Jun! Don't go always picking fights when you're so weak. // Go home and play some net-games.
I'll take it to heart.
He lives up to his name of the Crusher of West High.
Geh... It's THAT Kakeru!?
For real!? (He's supposed to be really strong)
Shinjou Kakeru, 18 years.
For reasons, I'm repeating my third year of High School. // (Apparently) On first glance I'm a ruffian and cool Yankee.
So sleepy...
And right now, I...

Page 02

have a mail girlfriend.
He got a proper girl!! (Just on the net though)
Log #20: Netizen

Page 03

I'm tired...
But since I was invited it became a habit.
"Mail Girlfriend"--- Namely, a girlfriend you only interact via mails or internet.
Myuu: Welcome back (^V^) // Kakeru: I'm back. Today's again some fine weather.
Kakeru: My school friends picked another fight... // Myuu: Eh? Are they okay?
Kakeru: Actually I don't like conflicts (T_T)
Myuu: You're such the pacifist (^_^)
"Myyu" is someone I met in a chance and hit it off with.
I always say I'm too tired for it, // but as soon as I chat with Myuu, we just hit it off so well, it gets so fun..
Sortie // Luca

Page 04

You're late!
I'm not! I ran here with all my might!
You were just lurking around the house again. You're stamina is just lacking?
As always so hot-tempered.
She's Haruka.
My ex-mail girlfriend.
Well, whatever.

Page 05

Let's go Haru-- I mean, Luca!
Something like a codename.
Ok! Like always!
I'm so tired again today. // It coudln't be helped, but we fought two times.

Page 06

Yo! My---
...Oh, right.

Page 07

Myuu and I
have agreed not to get into contact in the real life.
I would feel bat for your "Girlfriend" if we meet... // I'm satisfied to be connect to you by mail....
In exchange
She really bombs me with affection by mail.
Wah <3 <3 It's been 2month since I saw your face >-< <3 --appy. Because I like --- we went there <3 Just breathing the same air, ---- ness <3 <3 Today's image will surely remain in my heart for an eternity.
Today to the limit again... (Wow...)
Good job. I'll send the data to your PC. // Luca
She won't mail me for anything except work.
And with that, I'm currently
in a delicate two-way relationship. Real life and net.
By the way, my real little sister is also acting as my mail girlfriend, // well, that's not relevant, so I'll skip it.
(Don't know real appearance)

Page 08

So one day.
Hey, Kakeru-kun,
why don't we get married?
...Eh, what!? Marriage!? // N- No, she might have typed wrong. Calm down!
Ehm.... (^^; What's up, so suddenly, Myuu....
Ah, sorry. I surprised you... Of course not a real marriage.
Just on the internet, a virtual marriage.
A virtual marriage?

Page 09

The big portal site "F.I.L. Gate's" latest and popular content: "Marriage System".
F.I.L. Life // Welcome to the 3D Online virtual world! // Character Login // First-Time Visitor// User Registration
In the virtual world "F.I.L. Life" Avatars now can marry each other.
Right now, it's really popular with me F.I.L. mates!
As a "Married Couple" you get some privileges, it's quite handy.
"Married Couples" can use the F.I.L. Mails for free, you get twice as much points, etc... etc...
Hoo, the marriage system, huh... (To think they're even doing that)
I do chat, but otherwise I'm not really involved with the net world.
Sure, if you look at it, there's just merits. // I don't quite get it though.
Well, the privileges sound great, so why not...
Kakeru: Wonder if I can do it...^^ Then shall we try it...? // Myuu. Really!?

Page 10

I'm so happy!! Then from today on we're a net married couple!!
Let's prepare for the ceremony!
First the registration <3 // Ah, Kakeru-kun, is this free mail address okay?
User registered // User Name // Yamada Kakeo (male) // Nickname // Kakeo // ser Name // Yamada Miuko (female) // Nick // Miuko
They're both famous, so they used fake names.
Eh...? Hey...
And of course a ceremony <3 (It's a marriage after all)
What do you prefer, Kakeru-kun, a church or a temple?
Eh... Well...
<3 Congratulations on your marriage <3
Yamada Kakeo
Yamada Miuko
You two are a married couple now!
Ah <3 Before that we need to summit our marriage at the bureau.
Of course I mean the bureau in "F.I.L. Life".
Making a guest list for our wedding banquet...
Uwaa We're going to be so busy. v(^V^)=(^V^)v
Wait a mom....

Page 11

Wedding Ceremony
Buying a house.
Getting a loan from the bank.
Visiting the relatives.
Trouble with the neighbours.
Present to Midyear and Endyear.
Item: Giving out a "towel set"
Neighbour: "Oh, my. Thank you".
New year's greetings.
Happy new year [in all bubbles]
Father's day, Mother's day.
Christmas, Wedding Anniversary.
How troublesome....

Page 12

Why would I need to do this shit even in the virtual world!
Ren: "By the way, you're still not having any kids?"
Miuko: "I'm discussing it with my husband (^_^)"
A kid...!? This is progressing way too fast! (There isn't even a meaning to it!)
Indeed, there are a lot of privileges....
but continuing these stressful actions is impossible...
I need to tell Myuu....
Myuu, I'm sorry. It's already late, so I'll be logging off now.
Should be fine for a while.
Log out
Kakeru-san, Did you see yesterday's... // I send it you per mail. It was awesome.
Mail? Ah, sorry. I turned off my cell phone yesterday night. // I was too dragged in into a game.

Page 13

...Mails? // Reminds me, Myuu hasn't mailed me in a while.
She wrote me daily, but no I haven't gotten anything for more than 3 days...
Well, guess she's busy with preparing for the tests.
Ah! A mail from your girlfriend?
Idiot. It's not. Just the net!
Hoo! That's our internet star for you!
You don't neglect to collect information, you're so great.
Rather, there's no way Kakeru-san would wait for a mail from his girlfriend. // He's different from you, Jun.
Yeah, right. (You're right)
Woman sure like to make one wait, // Right, Kakeru-san?
Huh!? ..Ah, yeah.
Heee--- You sure are cool, Kakeru-san---
At the same time--

Page 14

Myuu was waiting.
Yamada Miuko: (Sitting)
Yamada Kakeo: (Offline)
*From now on this is imagination
He didn't came today too-----
Did you hear? The guy here hasn't come home for days.
Oh! And it's such a great house...
I bet he's flirting around somewhere else.
This definitely looks like he has an affair.

Page 15

Y- You're wrong!
My husband isn't like that!
But, Miss.... I feel sorry for you. you must be lonely and worried.
We can't give you any advice.
I know! How about you go to the "Q&A Site"?
There are a lot of users,
you might find someone you can help you.
Q&A Site, huh...
Speaking of, I never visited that category...
I married my Mail Boyfriend in "F.I.L. Life" and until recently we were spending happily our new life, but he's rarely online these days and now
30 minutes later

Page 16

Oh no...! Only flame replies... (There's no help...)
[pgr]-san // Get back to reality. If... (Read more)
[774]-san //Male // 24// Thanks for the laugh www Next time... (Read more)
[Neet]-san // Male // 30 // Stop the net marriage and marry me for real www.... (Read more)
[@@]-san // Male // 16 // .... (Read more)
Are you okay? I too have a love relationship ... Maybe he too is just perplexed ....Overcoming To overcome this situation together....You should have a talk with him ....That would be ideal.
This person...
I too have a love relationship on the net, so I painfully can understand your feelings,
Maybe he too is just perplexed by the change in his life.
To overcome this situation together might be a trail bestowed on you by god!
You should have a talk with him first. Speak out your discomfort and slowly build up a trusting relationship. That would be ideal.
is not making fun of me and seriously answering me...!
I'm M, who posted the question. Umm, if it doesn't trouble you, would you like to exchange mails directly?
Sure. Here's my address (^_^)
Yay <3 Thanks....

Page 17

[Haruka]-san // Female // 18 // Are you okay? I too have a love relationship...
"Haruka"-san <3
You're so dedicated, Luca-chan! You're still at the PC even though it's already closing time.
Ah, sorry, this is no work. Just my hobby.
I got a mail friend through a weird connection.
We just started chatting a few days ago, but we have exchanged mail address already.
Harukachan, morning (^o^)/ [Myuu]

Page 18

We have much in common.
Like hobbies or ideals. // Or worries we have.
Wonder what kind of girl it is.
I don't know. // But it might be someone like me, totally different in real life than on the net.
But, I guess...
since we're hitting it off pretty good by mail
I'm sure we would get along well in real life too.

Page 19

How were the tests?
Huh? Don't ask. // The mark sheet said, Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right.
That's a command key, Kakeru-san.
A mail from Myuu...
It's been a whi... // le...
Kakeru-kun, your tests are over? Can you log in "F.I.L. Life" tonight? I have something important to discuss. Myuu.
"F.I.L. Life"...!?
I totally forgot about it!!
Then, at night.
Is she angry...? // No, she's not the type for that...
If there's something, then..
Log in

Page 20

she's the type to be depressed...!
Dear, // we need to talk.
*Again imagination
O- Okay.
What is it...
The guy finally came home.
And no excuses, he's the worst.
Let me hear your honest opinion....
do you think of our life together?
*Our life together = Virtual Married Life

Page 21

It has low priority to you, right...
W- Well, duh, I have my real life after all..
But.. just tell me one...
Is that how you // see marriage...
S- Sorry for crying...
I'm... already prepared to accept your answer. // So just say it.
Prepared...? Accept...?
In the virtual marriage!?
But she seems to be serious...
I... too must face her serious...
S- Sorry... // Umm... I...

Page 22

Kakeo: "Actually I agreed to the marriage without knowing much about it..."
Kakeo: "I definitely didn't intend to ignore you...."
Kakeo: "Lately, I have been busy in real life and if I continue my life in "F.I.L. Life" I honestly don't know when I get the time to log in..."
Kakeo: "And I don't want you make you wait for me..:"
Kakeo: "That's why..."
I'll... quite "F.I.L. Life"...
I understand...
Can we still be a mail couple even if our married life ends?
O- Of course...
Now I'm relieved. // It's a bit painful, but...

Page 23

let's get a divorce...
"Divorce settled"
Thanks for everything up until now...
What a horrible husband.
The poor wife.
Pay compensation.
It's over...!!
I didn't really do anything, but I'm SO tired....
Reminds me, if your divorce within the first 3 months, there's a penalty...!
Eh? (Penalty?)
Regardless of the reasons for the divorce, all debts will be transferred to the husband's account.
The loan on the house, the money for the ceremony, the car and the running costs. // Converting that into real money...

Page 24

About 650.000 yen.
For real~~!?
Shut up, Kakeru!
I see.. So you divorced after all...
Even though you took your time to give me some advice, sorry... I want to talk to you directly, Haruka-chan.
That's ok!
Myuu, I'm looking forward to meeting you on the weekend (^o^) Haruka
A debt? Idiot! I told you to learn the job!
Shinjou Kakeru, 18 years. // A yankee, famous on the net, divorced and // currently with a debt.

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