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Evergreen (Kasukabe Akira) 1

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Oct 1, 2011 17:52 | Go to Evergreen (Kasukabe Akira)

-> RTS Page for Evergreen (Kasukabe Akira) 1

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Evergreen Chapter 01

Page 01

Page 02

(A new story by Takemiya Yuyuko and Kasukabe Akira)
(----Summer. A single melancholic boy.)
----You’re the
Shining Queen of the summer.
You’re the sun---

Page 03

Brighter than anyone else.
Awaya Nika----
Chapter 01: That nightmare
(A cultural boy and an athletic girl)
(What brings those two opposites together is!?)

Page 04

She’s so bright it might hurt my eyes. // Golden hair and tanned skin.
Just like a lion queen ruling over the savanna.
A complete different from someone like me---
Someone like me // who looks at you with a pale with from a dark classroom…

Page 05

You’re looking at swimsuits again,
Club Prez Yoshimatsu Hotaka?
O- // On-chan!!
Like I thought, it’s the girl’s ace, Awaya-senpai.
Hii, she really got style. What a beauty. // But Prez, if you stare to close, it’ll be sexual harassment.
Wha- // Hey!!
On-chan, you idiot! Your voice is too loud!
Eh? // It’s not just me though?

Page 06

No matter how you look at it, you staring at the swimsuits of the girls only leaves one conclusion: // “Perfect Sexual Harassment”
I- I wasn’t looking at their swimsuits!!
…Then you were looking at the boys!? // With such a focused and intrigued gaze and deep sighs?
Well, in terms of exposure, the boys surely reveal more. // To begin with, how can boys show their nipples so easily? (And so they’re falling victim to the Prez’s unique fetish….)
Don’t avert your eyes slowly! // I wasn’t looking at the guy’s nipples!
Okay, I’ll admit it! // Sure, I’ll admit it!
Like this from the front-seats, I was looking at the girl’s swimsuits! You satisfied now?
Aww~~~ Stop it already. She can hear us down there!!
You’re perfectly mock-attacking here, Prez. // More importantly, the column’s manuscript.

Page 07

The deadline for it is today at 5!
The update of our homepage twice a month and the making of our magazine! I won’t let you skip on the Manga Club’s only activity!
Be it swimsuits or nipples, you don’t have the free time for peeping. (My pages are already done)
…Wow, On-chan sure is great.
When I sometimes get the urge to flee from this lazy atmosphere of the club.
I already finished the manuscript at home and printed it.
Wow, so much. // Lately it feels like it’s no longer a magazine, but your personal records.
You too can write more columns or about movies if you want. You’re the next club president after all.
No, no. How could someone like me become the club president.
Look at reality. We two are the only ones actually doing something.

Page 08

The other members are just lurking around the club room and read manga.
Right now! // I was just having the perfect lewd dream!!
What’s a lewd dream?
What? You don’t know a lewd dream?
We have someone like him too.
You’re faking ignorance!!
Soga-senpai already a different girlfriend than last week. (Who’s that?) // And even having a lewd dream at noon… He’s prospering too much.
---A lewd dream, huh.

Page 09

Can’t even dream normally about Awaya Nika.
Wrong. You see, a lewd dream is---
On-chan! You have seen a lewd dream before, right!?
I see them pretty often~~ Or rather whenever I think I want to see one, I see one.
The point is to dream in the half-asleep state between reality and imagination.
Prez, I found a misspelling.
Completely ignoring me? // Right, Hotaka, you at least had a lewd dream before, right?
Besides the only time I realized “This is a dream”
It’s always the same nightmare.

Page 10

And then I get pale as ash and suddenly wake up thinking “This again”… // That’s why I don’t like talking about dreams.
Damn. // What am I saying, taking Soga’s story serious.
And they’re not responding anything! They’re shocked!
Hee~~ The manga club makes a magazine?
There’s really one? I never saw it before~~
Good job, Soga’s girlfriend, but that’s something I didn’t really want to hear.

Page 11

It exits and we have passionate writers too // If we release a new issue, it’s sure to sell one exemplar.
On-chan, you’re revealing concrete numbers!
One exemplar! So just one is buying it! // Who needs that~~!
No more! Both dreams and reality are too bitter.
I’m done with correcting!
My only sanctuary is outside the window!!
Oh, Yoshimatsu!
Perfect timing, before you go home, show your face in the faculty room.
Even if you think you’re hiding, I see you! I’ll be waiting!!

Page 12

Faculty Room
A swimming test?
No way..! Last year I could avoid it with a report…
I know. You can still sit out on the swimming class.
But I think doing that every year isn’t good.
I can’t give you the credits if you haven’t swam even once… There’s no problem with your actual ability, right?
But.. // I…!
You can just swim tomorrow after school when there’s no one else around.
Of course…

Page 13

I completely understand your reasoning here…
Don’t say so easily // that you understand me.
Gramps, I’m home.
Ah, Hotaka. You’re late.
Your mother said she will be home soon, so will have dinner then.

Page 14

It’s all your fault, // Father.
That we won’t pray for you too.
And that I get so doleful about swimming class too.

Page 15

I completely understand your reasoning here.
I’ll be careful, so that your scar from the operation won’t be revealed.
You’re wrong, Teacher.
This scar….
This scar
Is proof that I’m blood-related to that weak father.

Page 16
My father died of a heart-attack.
Don’t run away into death…
All I could do was looking at my mother and grandmother making a big ruckus.
What a…
What a weak person he was!!
These words directed at my father
Felt like they were directed at me, who was born with the same illness, too.

Page 17

I’m sure I have inherited it from him.
The weak heart I got from my weak father. // And as proof of it, this scar.
Hotaka, you’re here?
I hate it.
….I hate it.
I hate such a weak self.
I despise it.

Page 18

….What’s that? // It’s shining so bright.
I can’t reach it.
…Ahh // If this bright light is Awaya Nika
If she’s this close…
This is a dream.

Page 19

No Good.
It’s that nightmare.
…What are you doing here?
Idiot. Don’t speak to her. Run already.

Page 20

-----Peg out.

Page 21

Hotaka, you awake?
I found your swim trunks you asked me for yesterday. // Get a towel yourself. I have to go now.
…Both dreams and reality are too bitter.
Specially on a day like this I wanted to dream about Nika.

Page 22

Uwa~ Hotaka is so lame~~
Aw, no good. Just watching him makes me nervous too. // Give your best, Prez!
But say, we does the Prez get special treatment for swimming class? // What’s more, he’s wearing a T-shirt.
Huh? You don’t know, On-chan?
He had a heart operation when he was young. // And he’s worried about the scar that’s left on his chest.
! // …I didn’t know at all.

Page 23

The Prez sometimes sure has this mysterious setting.
It’s not a setting. // God, this sure turned into one awkward moment.
….25meter should be over with quick.
Uh, so cold.. // I want to go home…
No, don’t give up, Hotaka. Hang in there, Hotaka. // Just today be as dignified as Awaya Nika.
I- I’m going!
Gababahaba. Gububabu. Goboboba.
Well, just aging won’t get you to learn swimming.
AH…!? Soga-senpai, look at that!!

Page 24

Teacher, we still can’t practice yet?
The swimming club came….!!
----!! // Hey… Isn’t someone drowning over there!?
This can’t be real!? Didn’t he tell them the club activities would be delayed?
I’m going to die… if Awaya Nika sees me now…!!
For now, just give you best, Prez!!
Hotaka---!! Don’t give up!!
Don’t shout my name, Idiot!!
Good, just a bit more and I’m done.

Page 25


Page 26

She saw---
The person I wanted to see it the least, saw my most disliked appearance.

Page 27

Is looking.
That’s enough, Hotaka! Come out here!
Everyone is looking at the pathetic me, who tried to hide his scar.
I don’t want this…!!
…You’re not getting out?
Grab onto me.

Page 28

The worst.
I want to sink down right now and turn into bubbles…!!

Page 29+30

Page 31

….You did it…
Congratulations, Hotaka~~!!
Eh, // Ah, thanks.
Relax your body.

Page 32

Soga-senpai, this…
Yeah, // I don’t get it all.
You swam fine~~~!!
Awaya Nika’s body is hot.
That’s all I noticed.

Page 33

There was just one thing, // Just one thing I can say.
I wouldn’t mind dying now!
(Suddenly he gets closer to his admired girl!?)

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#1. by The1 ()
Posted on Oct 3, 2011
Woot :D superb...but....did you check the Quality of the scans? XDDDDD
#2. by PROzess ()
Posted on Oct 4, 2011
like I care. I translate, that's it
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