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Countrouble 23

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Oct 6, 2011 11:48 | Go to Countrouble

-> RTS Page for Countrouble 23

Reserved for Simple Scans

PM me if you have any questions regarding the translation.

Countrouble Chapter 23

Page 01

What are you doing-----!!
Y- Yoshizawa.san!!
U- Umm... You see... This is...
Guess I don't understand Matsushiro-kun after all
No way----!!

Page 02

This month "this kid" becomes a woman.
Chapter 23: Chaos and a miracle

Page 03

Hey, Kouta... Can I ask two things?
(Kouta-kun, why didn't you keep your promise?)
First, what's the meaning of the self-torture of having every girl in this game hate you...
(Your love affection fell)
(You're the worst, Kouta-kun!!!!)
And the other---

Page 04

what kind of joke is that getup!?
C- Could it be you gave up....? (In various meanings)

Page 05

It's a rule that the boys dress like girls and vice versa on the second day of the culture festival.
It's a tradition of our school. The whole day today, everyone's gender gets reversed. Be it teacher or students.
We're just a normal public school. It'll be a chaos!!
And for the game, I just wanted to see every ending.
I- I see. That relieves me..
Then to get back into spirit and to solve the misunderstanding with Yoshizawa Akino, my magic will----
No, I don't want it.
Mhm... You're saying my magic will be useless again!?
It's not like that. How should I say...

Page 06

I want to do something about it with my own strength now.
I'm grateful to you.
Thanks to your magic, I got some unforgettable memories.
But at the end I want to go on about it by myself after all.
That's why I won't rely on magic anymore!!

Page 07

(That's so wonderful....)
H- Hold it! Basically you're saying there's no need for me anymore!?
I didn't say that!
....Well, I would be troubled if my game partner disappears.
So I don't mind you staying here for a bit longer.
Okay, I'm going to school now.
Look after the house.
(No I don't have to worry about a place to stay)

Page 08

...Okay, let's get into the spirit. First I need to somehow get to speak with Yoshizawa-san!!
(The real identity of the beautiful cover girl will be revealed on the next page----)
But yeah...
looking at it again, it's really cruel... (Too much of a chaos)
Found you, Kouta!
Huh, just Meiko.
How rude!

Page 09

Huh? Where's the uniform I lend you? Why are you wearing a different one!?
I traded with Nagai because he wanted to wear it.
W- What?
Why do I need to...
Huh!? What's with you?

Page 10

Hey, want to date me? (You're my type.)
Bastard.... I'll smack you.
J- Just a joke. I'm going to drop by the executive committee now.
H- Hey, wait!! You want to leave me alone here!?

Page 11


Page 12

Ah, morning, Yoshizawa-san!
The male uniform suits you so well!
(Next time for sure)

Page 13

It is now 10 A.M. The second day of the culture festival begins!
Hey, looks like there's a maid cafe.
Hoo. shall we drop by?
Welcome back!!

Page 14

Welcome to the "Host Club 3-A" !!
(Miss Contest)

Page 15

(It's so embarrassing, I want to die...)

Page 16

Now it's finally time to announce every class points!!
Class 3-A's "Host Club 3-A" gets 80 points!
Class 3-B's "'As you like it' Act" gets 85 points!

Page 17

Class 2-A's "Crepe shop" gets 83 points!
Class 2-B's "Takoyaki House" gets 78 points!
Good work with the executive committee.
T- Thanks...
I- I'm off to the toilet...
H- Hey---
Class 1-B's "Famous Remake! Reverse Collection" gets 95 points!

Page 18

We did it, Matsushiro!! 95 points they say!!
Akino, we did it!!
Y- Yeah...

Page 19

Could it be, at this rate I won't
be able to talk to her again----

Page 20

T- This...:!!
I knew something would happen, so I set up the "Kouta painful meter" this morning. And now it's maxed!!

Page 21

That fool... He's pushing himself!
He was just putting up a strong front!
This calls for my magic after all.

Page 22

In this situation I can only use my ultimate secret.
The most powerful magic, passed down for generations. Right now, right here...
Listen, Kouta. Give up on Yoshizawa Akino!!
In exchange, this magic will make you happy!! Here I go...!!

Page 23

Love Teen!!!
Through the effect of the magic, you'll be popular with the girls!!
Choose whomever you want!!!

Page 24+25

Page 26

I love you!!
Go out with me!!
Accept my love!!
W- What!?
What's going on!?
S- Sorry, Kouta. Looks like it got the definition of a girl wrong! (Just wearing a skirt makes one a girl...)
It was you after all---!!!
I told you not to use magic!
Guh... Forgive me... The effect will run out after an hour.

Page 27

Damn Sasara!
I can only run now...
This way!
Don't know who you are, but you saved m-----

Page 28


Page 29

Hey, where's he!?
He's gone.
Let's look over there.
W- Why did you help me?
Why would you ask that....?
I mean, you have been avoiding my all day now...

Page 30

You're so popular.
Eh!? Ah... Well...
Popular with the guys is a bit...
Not that.
I meant Meiko-chan.
Eh... Ah.. That...
It wasn't me who tried to kiss her...
Well, it looked like it was me, but it wasn't...
How can I explain... There were circumstances beyond my control...
A- Anyways, it's a misunderstanding. I'm sorry!!

Page 31

Why are you apologizing?
We two are just friends, so there isn't really anything to misunderstand.
Eh... No... That might be so... But...

Page 32

Sorry... I might have been a bit jealous.

Page 33

won't you do it...?

Page 34

What you tried to do with Meiko-chan...
won't you do it with me?
(D- Does she mean a k- ki---!?)
(Aw, geez, to be continued in Issue 11)

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#1. by muitb ()
Posted on Oct 6, 2011
hi prozess, i am big fun of urs...since i dont know where to thank u ama gona leave comment here....ty for ur hard work ..keep it up ..even if u become much less active i ( and probably we ) appreciate ur work ...Ty man ! ( plzz translate more aiki QQ )
#2. by PROzess ()
Posted on Oct 6, 2011
More aiki will come next week.
Currently busy with other projects
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