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Nightmare Maker 4

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Oct 10, 2011 10:07 | Go to Nightmare Maker

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Nightmare Maker Chapter 04

Page 01

The fourth night: Symptoms

Page 02

Gone // Gone
It's gone----!!
I- I didn't forget it here after all... // I remember putting it into the bag after all
Maybe in the drawer----

Page 03

it is.....
N- // Need to hide it...

Page 04

D- Doesn't look all that serious. // You don't need to worry that a burn on this level will leave a scar.
D- Does it stink, Fukami-san?
It's okay.
Umm.. what were you making at home ec?
Spaghetti Bolognese. (The vegetables were sputtering)
F- Fuh...
Y- // Yes!?
What were you searching for?
T- That... What should I do... You're mistaken! // You see, I'm an adult, so carrying such a thing...
it just got mixed in with my stuff---
I was thinking about Uchida's machine, you know.
Could it be you lost it?

Page 05

I think I have a clue to it's whereabouts.
F- // Fukami-saaan.
S- // Sensei!? (Uwa)
---What a big house... So you're living in such a place, Watarai-san.

Page 06

Watarai-san, I'm---
What do you want?
You're Fukami-san, right? // I can see you.
Was there a printout or whatever?
Sorry when you personally came here and all, but please put it into the mailbox----
could you give back the machine // Uchida built?
----- // *Clatter*

Page 07

She hang up..

Page 08

What's that? She got a different aura around here...?
(*giggle*) You came all the way here for that...? (*giggle*)
Eh? // Ah, yeah...
I don't really want to return it...
It's a different story though if Uchida-kun comes personally here.
He doesn't kn---
Poor Fukami-san.
You're getting used as an errand-girl.
That's right... // what he truly love is
not you, but me.....

Page 09

(That voice...) takaya!?
Hey, hey, what were you resting 3 days for.... // !?
How much do you want for it?
I just got my part-time pay, so I have 40.000 yen at hand.
O- // Ohh!?

Page 10

No, I don't really want money--- // If you tell me your thoughts on it, I'll lend it you whenever.
For real!?
It's still a trial piece at best.
You're such a good guy!
I have my doubts for business, so I pass on getting in trouble by accepting money.
But looking at his reaction, he must have quite the pleasant dream.
Am I the only one having nightmares?
Or am I wrong for using it for erotic dreams?
Hey, takaya. What kind of dream did you have exactly?
Eh? // Do I need to tell you!?
I just told you that's the condition for lending it you...

Page 11

Okay, I'll tell you.
To get my hands on this machine, I don't care about shame anymore!
I have been fucking Kana in my dreams the whole time!!
(My friend!!)
I'm moved!!
Kana is appearing in my dream just like I desire it. // It's so fucking hawt. Shit!
What are you crying for? You don't need to feel sorry for me. // C'mon, I'll tell you all the details, so listen properly.

Page 12

Ah. Ah. No...
First the morning. I imaged one shot about going to school.
Stop it, takaya...
We're going to be found out...
I'm telling you we won't...
AH // Ah----
...Ehm... Aren't you two coming to school by bicycle?
The next one was about skipping class!
...Nn // Nng.
Nn.. // Nn...
Fuah... // wow <3
It won't... // fit in my mouth... <3

Page 13

Then another one as lunch-break on the rooftop.
Ah // Ah
Hyaa // ...Ah <3
My thanks for making me feel good before. // But you were hoping for this, right?
Look you're so wet.
Yaah // Idiot <3
Nn <3 // Nng
Nn--- <3
Then after school in the club room!!
Kana, be a manager solely for me.
Ah<3 // I will
I will be your manager <3
I'll be plenty your manager <3
Don't do it all over the school...

Page 14

And five shots at my room, where we dropped by.
Ah <3 // Ahh <3
Ahn <3 // Hiya... <3
Hah // Good <3 // Takaya... <3 // Ahn <3
Hah // Ah // Taka...
Takaya <3
Takayaa~~~ <3
Kana, // I'm coming.
I'm <3 // coming
AH <3

Page 15

.. // Hah
Ah... Ah.. you came... again... <3
My insides are full of you...... // hah...
There's still space, right?
No, it'll overflow... Ahn<3 // Ah <3
----Well, like that.

Page 16

My only complain about it is that my pants are a mess when I wake up.
Aww~~~ Forget it.
I just can't get enough of it.
Filling Kana's whole body with my semen,
or trying out some amazing positions.
Ah, I was using various tools too.
Hey, Takaya.
For last, I turned into a tentacle monster and in every hole from Kana....

Page 17

I was worried since you were absent, but glad to see you're so energetic!
Oh, Kana! // Hahaha, it's all thanks to you!
That wasn't good, Takaya...
Eh, why.... // AHH
(You're an idiot. And your fetish is too hardcore.)

Page 18

It's your fault, Uchida!
(What? What?)
It was just a vital dream, I mixed it up with reality!!
Ehm, // Takaya-kun?
I give up on reality now!!
I'll live in the world of my dreams!!

Page 19

...Ah, Takaya. // That's a bit...
For now, give me that back.
What are you guys doing?
Eh!? A machine that lets you see dreams!?
For real!?
Here! I want to try it too!!
Takaya got the perverted dreams like he wanted.
That's mine.
...Huh, once should be fine.
Hand it over.
Damn... I want to perfect it and do it with Akari too!!
Guess I need more samples...

Page 20

Okay, I'll make a new one.
That's our Uchida!
I'm first.
What are the boys doing?
Who knows?
I don't quite get it, but something about a machine that lets one see perverted dreams.
I might be interested in that. (ahaha)
(Perverted---<3) Let's check it out.

Page 21

Hey, Akari-chan
just what am I supposed to do?
Smashing that machine and telling him to look at reality...
isn't really something I can do.
But... // it's true that I'm worried about him...

Page 22

I can understand why Kana wants to smash it.
That machine.....
I just might be over thinking things....

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