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Nightmare Maker 5

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Oct 10, 2011 10:07 | Go to Nightmare Maker

-> RTS Page for Nightmare Maker 5

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Nightmare Maker Chapter 05

Page 01

The fifth night: I don't have dreams

Page 02

Fukami-san. // Fukami-san!
I just took a look and it was on my desk
that said machine! (Kyaa <3)
Aw, how I was waiting for this.

Page 03

She wasn't there to the history class in the morning.
Did she come in later?
She didn't look all that willing to return it though.
---I might have worried for nothing about the addiction danger of that machine...
I'm surrounded by "them"
So I can't help but worry too much. I'm sure-----

Thanks, Uchida-kun!

Page 04

My dream was about eating sweets without having to worry about the calorie!
Were you satisfied?
Of course.
I was holding myself back on the cream ones, so I really stuffed myself <3
I was so happy~~ <3
That's good to hear. As thanks, these breasts of yours..
Speaking of, you saw the same dream as me, right You-kun?
(I'm telling you to keep the thanks in your imagination)
Eh? Is that so, Yuuta?
Y- // Yeah

Page 05

Nami was licking happily a lot of cream!!
Fuh <3 // Nn <3
Is this okay? // Yeah... It's good <3
Hah <3 // Hah <3
You see--- If Nami is happy, so am I!!!
I had a gravure idol harem.
Damn. Why didn't I think of that.
I was flying through the sky a whole night. (Well, it was interesting)
I was normally dating the person I love~~ <3
Lend it me for a night again, Uchida!
Hey- It's my turn next---
This girl! // As much as I want with this girl in my dream...!
Going well?

Page 06

Oh, Akari!
It's going well for everyone except me. // I don't know why though.
Maybe I just don't remember it and it only turns into a nightmare shortly before I wake up.
I don't know anymore.
Mhm. // I hope you get a sweet dream soon.
----I have // a favour to ask for that.
Damn, she's so cute today too. // And so small

Page 07

Please check on me one night to see if I don't have a nightmare.
Reality just might be a nightmare like Takaya said...
(Instant reply...)
You're over exaggerating----
Do you want to try it too, Akari? // You can have whatever dream with me you want---
I'll pass.
So you don't want to see a dream with me, huh. (Haha...)
Ah, no. // That's not what I meant.
Even normally, I rarely see any dreams.

Page 08

Even if I see one, if it's a nightmare // I'll just feel bad and if it's a good dream, I'll just be disappointed in the gap to reality once I wake up.
Umm.. Sorry.
Aw, geez. // Why are you apologizing.
Well... I mean...

Page 09

I- Is your father well? // He doing some new novel?
Yeah // At least his body is steady.
He's spending is time well being drunk.
(What you mean novel? Is that eatable?)
And your mother...?
Crazy for clothes as always.
(The pay for the last novel is about to run out)
Gimme that.
Why don't you take a breather?
With this.
I told you I don't want it.
(C'mon) Just try it.
I'm not that worried to need a breather.

Page 10

Instead of me
let the people use it that are lined up. // Okay?
...How tough.
She said she doesn't have a dream she wants to be realized.
Is that realist style her true self?
Though I quite like the gap between her character and her childish look.

Page 11

Or could it be // Akari is forcing herself--
I'm home.
Ah, welcome home, // Akari-chan.
Where's father?
Locked himself in his writing room.
What? // Something on my face?
Ah, no... It's just rare to see you in an apron...
Papa was saying about having come up with a masterpiece---
Did he take all the alcohol that was here with him?
Ah, these? // He threw them all out, together with my western clothes.

Page 12

He said after that his head was strangely clear and he started writing!
And the person from the editorial department was giving his essay a good critic in the morning...
Ah, another call!
For a while now the phone won't stop ringing with job offers----
Dinner preparations!?
Hello, Fukami here. // Ah, thanks for always---
Ah, Akari-chan, Uchida-kun is here. // I let him into your room.
Don't tell me---

Page 13

Yo, // welcome back, Akari.
A dream!!
Is this a dream!?

Page 14

Here are some snacks and tea. // Ah, but don't eat too much, dinner will be ready soon.
If you like to, Uchida-kun, you can stay for dinner.
Okay, thanks.
Okay, have fun.
M- My mother brought us tea... // and is even making dinner....
Normally I have to do all that... // And even father.... impossible.
This is definitely impossible. // Impossible // Impossible.
What are you saying. // This is all inside your head---

Page 15

It's your desire.
If you want proof // look into the mirror.
Eh // EH!?

Page 16+17

But isn't it fine like this. // I love you like that, Akari.
------A dream. // If this... is a dream

Page 18

....then // I can do what I want...... // or...
....is // that not possible...?

Page 19

U- // Uchida!!
If you want to, why not. // Let's do it...
B- But... // I.....
I want to do it with you, Akari.
With you as you're now.
Ah... // Ah.....

Page 20

It's time to go home. // Students still in school, please head home immediately---
(That surprised me...)
Y- // You're awake, huh...
Could it be...
I made you see a real bad dream?

Page 21

Hah // Hah
A horrible nightmare.
Sorry. // I saw you sleeping, so I put the machine...
It was just a little prank. I didn't want you to have a nightmare.
I didn't think you would have one too.... // I'm really sorry.
Are you----
Don't touch me.

Page 22

Could it be, Akari, // you had a perverted dream about me?
Wrong. // I don't really...
Such a....

Page 23

not pessimistic about reality.
I'm living looking at the present only.
----Okay, // let's go home. It's late.
Akari, I'm really...
Let it be. It wasn't anything serious. // Just a dream----
I don't have wishes that won't get granted.

Page 24

don't have dreams.

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#1. by RelaxRelapse ()
Posted on Oct 11, 2011
Things seem to be getting a little more interesting. Thanks for the read!
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