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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Klan 1

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Oct 10, 2011 17:50 | Go to Klan

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Klan Chapter 01

Page 01

You gotta be kidding...
This ribbon should have been tied to wolf....!?
Just who are you----

Page 02

...Geez, you really don't know anything, huh. // Never crossed it your mind that I'm the wolf speaking to you through telepathy?

Page 03

I want some clothes.
As a fellow "Hamlanmul" I want you to help me.

Page 04+05

Through his body
flows the blood
of a proud tiger----
Chapter 01: Escapee

Page 06

H- Hey...
Hidaka? // Hey.

Page 07

Hey, Toranosuke!!
...What's up? Something happened?
Don't "What's up" me. You're frigging weird.
With this amount!
I was hungry and went to the supermarket and it turned out like this.
(W- Wnat some?)
(No, thanks!)
It doesn't turn out like this!! Normally!!

Page 08

I was nearly starving to death there, you see.
What's in that rice ball?
Cod roe. Don't give me that look. I won't hand it over.
Besides we have P.E. next. Don't come crying to me if you puke!!

Page 09


Page 10

So slow!
Eh? But it's 6,02 seconds.
I think that's the average for a high schooler.
Wrong! You see, // I think you can do better!!
(You were holding back, right.)
Ehhh, No way!!
That's my full power, I tell you!! You're just imaging things!!
You sure!?
I wonder what "full power" is.

Page 11

When I think back I never brought out my "full power".
I do everything barely.
Rather then that
it's more like I'm scared of bringing out my full power.

Page 12

But why?
Hey, hey.
Isn't Hidaka-kun cool?
Yeah, he got that mysterious aura around him.
How should I say--

Page 13

It's like he's living in a different world---
Nakajima's "Sangetsuki" projects the uneasiness and self // of modern intellectuals in the Chinese literature world----

Page 14

A foreigner? What's he doing at the front gate?

Page 15

...Hidaka-kun, what are you doing?
(I dropped my eraser...)
I- I'm sorry.
Calm down. I don't know that foreigner.

Page 16

He wasn't calling me. It's just my imagination---
Ahahaha // How funny!!
He reacted to a "Hamul" alright
but after that he was too surprised.
What are you doing, Alesha!!
The orders from the count are to "keep an eye". // Not to reveal yourself!
He didn't tell me "not to greet him".

Page 17

You should know without being told!!
Look here...
Who the fuck you think you are?
I'm a representative for the count....

Page 18+19

I don't accept you as a representative... // though!

Page 20

You're just a normal human and I'm not.
You need to understand that.
Guess you didn't hear me. // But you can't be a representative with such a weak body, you know?
....Now then, guess it's time for the main character to pop up.

Page 21

See ya, Tora!
Yeah, see you tomorrow!
Hidaka Toranosuke-kun!

Page 22

Nice to meet you! Could you spare a moment?
Who are you?
My name is Alesha.
As for who I am... Let's see...

Page 23

How about a "Magician" that will change your life.
What are you talking about!?
Hey, Toranosuke-kun,
Earlier during "P.E." your teacher was saying you weren't using your full power, right.
You haven't bought out your full power until now, right?

Page 24+25


Page 26

I wasn't blown away...!
I jumped on my own?
Oh, nice jump!
Jumping 3metre with a single leap, quite the "full power" you have there.
W- Why do I have such strength---
You screwed up the landing, so I won't give you 100 points, but you did well.
And I'll do one more interesting thing.

Page 27

(Sealing the mouth)
Ah- Ah- test, test.
W- What's that...!?
There's a voice in my head...!
Did I go crazy...!?
It's not ventriloquism or some other trick.

Page 28

This is called "Hamul".
Ha... mul?
Yes. I told you before.
That I'm a magician.

Page 29

My, my. A call. Excuse me.
Renée did?
Sorry for surprising you.
Please take this as an apologize.

Page 30

Diamond Lily
Beautiful, aren't they?
In flower language they mean: // "Looking forward to meet you again"
Don't forget it.
..... // Huh?

Page 31

Feel free to take some. // Diamond Lily
Just what's going on today...
A weird foreigner...my... strength...
----this strange // package...

Page 32

Hey! You boy there!!
...!? // I'm hearing it again....!? Can't be.
I don't get the stuff about hamwhatever...
but I can't hear you!!
You can hear me alright!

Page 33

Can I continue?
I want you to help me.
I'm in a little

Page 34

lend me a hand!!
A... dog!?
How rude! You don't recognize your kin!?

Page 35

M- My kin!?
So you don't know anything, huh.
Whatever. Please help me.
I want to go where no people are.
What you mean?
If I walk alone, I'll get mistaken as a stray dog and caught.
You want me to act as your "master"?
For now, yes.
Ah, then I just have the right thing.

Page 36

People will complain when there's no lash. You don't like it?
Fine, let it be a collar.

Page 37

But I must say you're strangely calm about this.
You don't know anything, right?
Be it about Hamul or Hamranmul.
That Ham.. thing was just told me today by some stranger. // I'm tired of the surprises.
That...! Don't tell me..
Ah, how's this place? Looks like they're building here----- // And no one seems to be around.

Page 38

Ah... Yeah, this is fine.
What now?
You stay here.
I have another task for you.
What you mean?

Page 39


Page 40

Could you stop your staring.
Please get me some clothes!!

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